Description of how to conduct briefings on occupational safetyCompliance with labor protection requirements is the most important factor influencing the proper organization of production and the successful existence of any enterprise. Safety of labor depends on its performance, and conducting briefings is the key to the observance of working technological discipline.


  • 1 What are the safety instructions?
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    • 1.2 Induction training
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  • 2 Primary coaching
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  • 3 Re-briefing
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    • 3.2 Targeted briefing
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  • 4 Unscheduled briefing
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What are the safety instructions?

Safety InstructionsBefore you begin to perform their duties, each employee must receive several types of briefings labor protection: introductory, primary, repeated, targeted and unplanned.

Before admitting a new employee to the workplace, introductory and primary briefings must be communicated to him, as well as defined internship, for a certain number of work shifts, under the direction of the employee appointed by the order.

An employee can be allowed to work independently only after an internship, after passing a safety exam.

Video: Instructing in labor protection and rules for filling magazines

Induction training

Features of introductory safety trainingSuch an event must pass all re-entering the staff, regardless of experience and experience of previous work on position or workplace, education, duration and type of labor agreement between the employee and by the employer.

Introductory briefing conducted labor protection specialist or an engineer authorized by an enterprise order to conduct briefings and to take safety examinations. For the passage of such an event must be developed program and instructions approved by the head of the company.

Passage of induction must be confirmed corresponding mark in the journal registration of briefings, the signature of the instructor and the employee himself, as well as a record with the number of the order for employment.

Video: Introductory Safety Instructions

Primary coaching

This training is carried out with the employees at their workplace by the head of the production unit, prior to the beginning of independent work by new employees. The event is held with the following categories of workers:

  • The nuances of the primary briefing on occupational safetyWith each employee who came to the work unit, including persons temporarily employed for seasonal work, part-time workers, and working at home using the mechanisms, tools and materials provided for this purpose by the employer or your account
  • With employees of the organization on time or on an ongoing basis, transferred from other departments, coming to a new workplace.
  • With seconded workers of other enterprises, students of educational institutions, aimed at practical training.

Primary safety training is carried out on the basis of developed and approved instructions and programs of briefings for the employee to acquire adequate knowledge for the safe fulfillment of his official duties.

The program of such events necessarily provides for:

  • familiarization with the technology of work in the future workplace;
  • studying the design of equipment, high-risk areas and the order of their fence;
  • study of measures in preparation for work (checking equipment, its grounding and switching devices, tools used);
  • rules for the use of safety and protection devices;
  • familiarization with the requirements for overalls and PPE requirements;
  • a description of the characteristic cases of industrial injuries and their causes;
  • study of safety rules in relation to electrical equipment, lighting devices;
  • familiarization with the rules of joint work with others to perform safely;
  • studying the rules for providing medical care and workers' personal hygiene measures;
  • familiarization with the responsibility of workers, in case of non-compliance with safety regulations.

Primary briefing takes place separately each employee with a demonstration of safe labor methods. Accepted employee undergoes internship in the future workplace, determined by legislation, the number of shifts, under the supervision of an experienced worker or his immediate superior.

Upon completion of the internship being tested knowledge and put a mark in the journal of instructions on the admission of the employee to the independent performance of duties.

Workers whose duties do not include the performance of work related to equipment, use of electric tools and storage, use of materials and raw materials may be exempt from passing primary instruction. The list of relevant positions and specialties approved by the chief engineer of the organization.

Video: Primary Instructions on Labor Protection


Description of Repeat Safety TrainingAll workers should receive such training, regardless of the level of education and duration of work, type of duties and qualifications at least once every 6 months.

Workers performing maintenance of equipment related to sources of increased danger receive repeated instructions. every 3 months.

In coordination with the territorial state supervision bodies and the trade union committee of the enterprise, for certain categories of workers set the period of re-instruct once a year.

Repeated safety training is carried out according to the same programs that are designed for conducting the primary briefing, to check the level of knowledge, instructions and safety regulations with each employee individually or simultaneously with a group of employees of one working unit, or profession.

Video: Repeated Instructions on Labor Protection

Targeted briefing

Features of the passage of a target instruction on occupational safetyThis type of training is assigned when performing single work, which not related to official duties employee (putting order on the territory, loading and unloading materials, performing individual orders), eliminating the results of natural disasters or accidents.

Also, holding such an event is necessary when organizing events with the participation of students and minors (sports, hiking, tours, etc.).

Registration of the results of training in the preparation of a work permit is carried out in the attire or in another administrative act on the basis of which works

Video: Targeted labor protection briefing

Unscheduled briefing

Unplanned training is appointed in the following cases:

  1. Reasons for conducting an unscheduled safety briefingApproval of newly developed or processing of existing regulations on labor protection.
  2. Changes in technological processes, improvement or replacement of the means of production, tools, raw materials, materials, or changes in other factors that may affect safe working conditions.
  3. Non-observance by the working labor protection rules that have created a threat or have caused severe consequences.
  4. Receipts instructions supervisory and regulatory authorities.
  5. Interruption of service for up to 1 month when performing work with hazardous factors, for other works - with a break of more than 2 months.
  6. Separate orders of the head or his representative.

Instructing - extremely important eventwhich significantly affects not only productivity, but also the safety of personnel. Despite the fact that the types of safety briefings are different, each of them is undoubtedly important.

Video: Unscheduled Instructions on Labor Protection