Counter day and nightEvery day, thrifty homeowners prefer to install in an apartment instead of standard meters of multi-tariff counterparts, which keep electricity metering at separate rates day and night. They help to carry out accurate control of the consumption of electricity, thereby saving on the difference in the price of the tariff depending on the time of day.

First of all, this is due to the fact that much less electricity is consumed at night than during the daytime, especially during hours when people gather or return from work. Therefore, companies that supply electricity to consumers have the opportunity to reduce the cost of services in the hours when the load is minimal. This trend and takes into account dvuhtarifny electric meter.


  • 1 What is an electric meter day and night?
  • 2 Three phase or single phase design
  • 3 Functioning of a two-tariff device
  • 4 How to keep records of meter readings?
  • 5 Replacing a standard electric meter
  • 6 The benefits of installing an electric meter "day-night"

What is an electric meter day and night?

The electricity meter day and night is a modern electrical metering device for consumed electrical energy. A characteristic feature of this device is the ability to pay for electricity. taking into account night and day rates. At the same time, the price of nightly electricity is much lower, which allows saving on utility bills. Such electricity meters are easy to install and do not require additional permits for use.

To account for consumed electricity using a two-tariff counter, as is the case with a standard device you just need to take monthly indicators and calculate the amount of payment, but taking into account the night and day rates. At the same time, there are no problems with the calculation of residents of the private sector or apartment owners in a standard high-rise building. However, some of the nuances of the operation of such a device and taking readings from it all the same exist and will be considered in more detail.

Three phase or single phase design

Varieties of countersBefore changing your old counter to a new counterpart, taking into account the tariffs, day and night, you need to determine in which electric current circuit it will be used - two or three phase. To do this, you should familiarize yourself with the technical documentation for the electrical supply of the apartment or house of the consumer in which parameters will be specified suitable metering device electricity. If there is no access to such documents for any reason, then you can simply find out the mains voltage.

Standard AC mains are 220 or 380 volts, which can be seen by looking at the scoreboard of the old device. If the electric meter shows only one figure of 220 volts, then it is necessary to purchase a single-phase model. In case if the designation 220/380 is detected on the device, then it is a three-phase electric meter.

Functioning of a two-tariff device

Externally, the meter control of electricity at the rate of day-night nothing no different from standard instrument. But such a device controls the consumption of electricity, depending on what time of day is night or day. To date, there are many models of devices for monitoring electricity consumption while some of them are equipped with a built-in memory unit that performs, hourly control that is very conveniently. In addition, there are more modern digital devices with the ability to connect to a personal computer.

Due to the modern scheme of connecting two-tariff meters it is possible to achieve the redistribution of peak load of power stations, thereby improving the ecology in the country. Therefore, counters of this type not only allow to save on the difference in prices of night and day tariffs, but also help to take care of the environment. In this case, all metering devices can be divided into single-phase and two-phase electric meters with electronic or mechanical design. But the most convenient are electronic devices, as they automatically fix the readings.

How to keep records of meter readings?

How is the meteringToday in many private houses and high-rise apartments three-phase devices are installed, based on the testimony that you can keep track of and pay for the monthly use of electrical energy. In this case, it is the meter that determines the legal consumption of electricity. This metering device can be used not only by consumers of utilities, but also by controllers of energy sales.

The obtained data are taken as a basis for payment of utility services provided for in the housing and communal services sector. At the same time, the two-tariff counter functions in several basic modes, depending on the night and day fare. But it is better if it is an automatic control system. Otherwise, the consumer will have to adjust to the removal of indicators from the device. To facilitate the recording and removal of data from an electric meter, the following will be useful:

  • instruction on the use of electricity consumption meter;
  • a sheet of paper for recording and settlement;
  • ballpoint or any other pen.

To correctly calculate the data obtained by the metering device, you need get the figures for the following indicators:

  • data on the energy consumed in the daytime;
  • electricity used at night.

To calculate the amount of payment of electricity consumed by multiplying the day and night tariffs for indicators, respectively, recorded for the day and night to summarize the figures obtained at the calculation. As you can see, the task is quite simple and therefore no problems should arise.

Replacing a standard electric meter

The procedure for installing an electricity metering device at night and daytime includes several steps. First of all, you need to ask about the tariffs and other nuances of the organization that provides electricity supply services. Samples of the necessary applications for the replacement of the electric meter will also be provided there. But before directly replacing the old device with a modern two-tariff analog, you need to clarify everything Questions related to this procedure:

  • some companies offer discounts in the case of collective replacement of devices where you can save a lot by joining with your neighbors;
  • not all energy marketing companies are involved in the direct installation of an electric meter, and therefore you need to know who to contact in this situation.

The replacement procedure itself will not take more than a few hours after which the electricity will be charged at two rates - day and night.

The benefits of installing an electric meter "day-night"

How to choose a meter for homeBefore you give preference to this device for the accounting of energy consumption, it is important to understand what is the benefit of tariff control at different times of the day. Modern appliances used in everyday life, almost all are electricity consumersTherefore, such a device will help to save, for example, on electric heating or water heating in a boiler, etc.

Significant savings will be felt by those who use appliances that work 24 hours: refrigerators, air conditioners and etc. This option is suitable for those who are nocturnal, sitting, all the time at the computer or tv Naturally, this does not mean that all work should be carried overnight. It is unlikely that someone from the neighbors will like it if the electric drill will work in the house at night.

Of course, not to mention that counter price Accounting tariffs day and night, an order of magnitude higher than the standard analog, but all costs will quickly pay off. It is important to remember that such a device helps to improve the environmental situation in the country. Today, most new buildings immediately install modern two tariff devices for controlling electricity consumption.