Electrical installation services electricianDuring the construction of any home, as well as during repair work, there is always the issue of electricity. Electrician is an integral part in the construction of any residential or non-residential premises.

Usually work on the conduct of the electricians in the apartment turnkey carry out:

  • specialized companies;
  • private qualified persons.

In this case, the owner of the house can always choose the right option for himself to purchase the necessary electrical appliances.


  • 1 Selection of instruments and tools
  • 2 Electric installation work
    • 2.1 Additional electrician services
  • 3 Conclusion

Selection of instruments and tools

Cables, wires and other appliances You can buy in specialized stores or on the market, as well as from a company that will conduct electricity in the house. Acquisition in the market, of course, will be much cheaper, but no one can know for sure that the corresponding instruments that were purchased will be needed to carry out the relevant work. In addition, the quality, for example, of the same switches or outlets purchased in non-specialized stores, can be very low.

When making a purchase of branded material is always a guarantee on quality. Many people think that the wiring in the house is quite easy to carry out either by yourself or with the help of a friend, who more or less understands this. However, it is not, planning and conducting electricity - this is a pretty serious matter, and not everyone can do it.

It should be noted that only in order to conduct a new cable through channels in a reinforced concrete wall without strobing, you need to have special skills, without which you can make a lot of serious mistakes. Therefore, this business should be trusted exclusively to professionals.

It should also be noted that an electrician in a turnkey apartment should be made exclusively according to a correctly and competently designed scheme; Often there are cases when confusing the place of the phase and zero when installing the meter. For example, in the case of AC, this error does not play any role, but from the safety side this is simply unacceptable.

Electric installation work

Electrical installation You can carry out electrical work with the help of qualified electricians who have access to 1000Vthat gives them the opportunity to conduct electricity in the apartment and in a separate building. Indeed, in a separate building, it is necessary to conduct cables not only inside it, but also outside it with the implementation of protective grounding.

Electrical work is carried out in apartments where the replacement of old wires is required, and in new buildings. Today, modern technology of electricity turnkey allows you to carry out all the work without serious damage and in the formation of dust.

Such work is carried out exclusively by experienced and qualified specialists, so everything is done at a high level. For example, the strobing process is carried out with the help of special dusting devices that allow do all the work without the formation of dust, so you can safely change the wiring even in a residential apartment with furniture.

If you need to hold a turnkey electrician in a small apartment, then you can hire a small team or one master who can provide comprehensive installation services. This will help save a significant portion of financial resources. In addition, use the services of a private electrician with a positive recommendation and years of experience faster and more profitable.

Usually conduct electricity in the apartments ordered by the standard plan. The plan includes:

  • How to install electricity correctlyinstallation of electrical wiring in the rooms, in the kitchen and in the bathrooms;
  • installation of several outlets in living rooms for TV and various other types of modern equipment in the kitchen - for the refrigerator, oven, microwave and for many other appliances that are used in modern kitchens. In the bathroom are installed sockets for connecting the boiler, washing machinetelevision antennas, hair dryer and other household appliances.

Modern standard schemes for conducting electrical wiring include the installation of switches in each room of an apartment or house - in living rooms, in the hallway, in the kitchen, in the bathroom and in the toilet for connecting all kinds of technology.

The larger the area in the apartment and the number of rooms, the more appliances you need to install. In most cases, turnkey wiring is used, since this service allows you to high quality wiringwhich will withstand all the loads of various types of household appliances working in the house.

It should be noted that in this case it is necessary to turn only to professional electricians, since here you need to have specific practical skills and knowledge. The electrician in the turnkey apartment is carried out for a long time, so it is not recommended to save on this. It is better to do it once and enjoy the result for many years, than to save money, and after several years repeat it all over again.

In addition, low-quality electrical work may cause fireTherefore, it is recommended to carry out complex works with the maximum level of protection against any fires. Such work can be carried out only by a qualified and experienced electrician who owns all the necessary skills and knowledge for laying the cable and handling the necessary tools and materials.

Additional electrician services

The complex wiring services may include installation of an alarm system for security, as well as a system "smart Houseยป. In addition, in some cases, electricians also install warm floor.

Electricity in the apartmentComprehensive events for the installation and installation, electricians usually start with the determination of cable passage points corresponding to the architectural lines of this building. Then, after determining the method of laying the cable, the chipping of the surfaces occurs, followed by the layout of the wires, which are firmly fixed, so as not to interfere with further work. After this, a switchboard is installed, switching electrical wiring, lamps and sockets.

Service cost holding electricians in a turnkey apartment are different for different companies. Prices are usually determined individually, taking into account the volume and complexity of the relevant work, materials used, time, number of employees and other circumstances.

If you need to conduct electricity in certain areas of the house or apartment, it will be much cheaper. Today it is quite difficult to imagine a more responsible and important part of the construction or repair activities than the conduct of electricity and electrical work.


From the quality of the installation of electrical wiring depends not only its service life, but also general safety and health all residents in this building. Indeed, electrical work can be attributed to the most important types of work during construction or repair, so they can be trusted only real professionals who have all the necessary knowledge and skills in this area to ensure overall safety and efficiency. If these works are carried out qualitatively and competently, then the wiring will serve for many years, complying with all safety rules.