What if the refrigerator does not turn offThe refrigerator for modern people has long become an indispensable piece of household appliances. He is responsible for the freshness of household products, and if suddenly there are failures in the operation of the refrigeration unit, this leads to unpleasant consequences for the whole family.

You can often hear from people that a refrigerator works for a long time in a constant mode without “resting”. On this issue, they often turn to customer service, but this does not always mean that the refrigerator has broken. The compressor can work without shutdown for many reasons, but for what, it will be interesting to learn to most readers.


  • 1 The principle of operation of a typical unit
  • 2 The main causes of problems
  • 3 Recommendations and Tips
  • 4 Conclusion

The principle of operation of a typical unit

The engine that is in the fridge is its main part, it starts the compressor, and it does not depend on the type of motor. Asynchronous motors are equipped with starting winding voltage is applied to it, this task is also assumed by the starting relay. There is also a protective relay, it is designed to protect the windings from burning. Often both relays are interconnected by a single case and then this is called a start-up relay. Such a device can cause the refrigerator to work without shutdown.

The thermostat is responsible for the temperature of the refrigeration device, it controls the parameters of the evaporator of the refrigerating chamber. In modern models of refrigerators with electronic mechanisms, the elements that are responsible for the temperature should change their parameters to the temperature. They can also cause unstable equipment.

Cooling unitt work hours 8 in a row, if the “super-freezing” or rapid cooling mode is set. Usually, all electronically controlled refrigerators turn off after themselves and do not require manual intervention, continue to function normally. If suddenly it happened that the unit is constantly working and can not turn off, then it is necessary to pay attention to the following points.

It often happens that an object placed in a refrigerator, for example, a pan or bowl does not allow the door to close tightly and warm air penetrates inside the chamber. The temperature sensor sends a command to the unit and it continues to work without stopping. In this situation, you need to fix the problem and then the refrigerator will continue to work.

In the hot season with the onset of summer appliances works in enhanced modebecause it has to produce a constant cold, given the temperature difference. In the kitchen, the temperature is usually always higher, since many heating appliances are included, food is cooked on the stove. Because of this, the compressor has to work harder to create optimal conditions for storing food. Experts recommend not to set a lower cooling temperature, the refrigerator should continue to work as before. More airing is needed to improve ventilation.

The main causes of problems

When the cause of the problem cannot be established independently and the refrigerator continues to work continuously, it is best to invite a professional who can establish the exact cause. Before its arrival, the unit should be turned off so that the compressor does not completely fail. May be several serious damagefor which the refrigerator does not turn off:

  • Refrigerator problemsOften the cause of the malfunction is a breakdown of the temperature sensor or thermostat, if it happened, then it must be replaced.
  • Over time, the rubber seal may be damaged on the refrigerator door, resulting in warm air entering the chamber. In this case, you need to replace it.
  • Continuously cooling unit can work when its motor-compressor is old, therefore it cannot provide the specified temperature.
  • Another reason is the failure of the control module, leakage of the refrigerant from the refrigerant circuit, blockage of the evaporator capillary tube. When there is one of these problems, the refrigerator also operates in continuous mode.

All the above malfunctions can be identified and eliminate at home, and do not take the vehicle to the service department. If the control module is out of order, then it is recommended to make a flashing that cannot be done at home. The item is taken to the workshop and there it is repaired, then brought to the address and put in place.

Recommendations and Tips

Specialists who troubleshoot various problems and repair refrigerators recommend check the correctness and reliability of the installation of the units.

  • How to troubleshoot the refrigeratorOften the cause of malfunctions can be improper installation of equipment, when there is no air gap between the wall and the device body. You can not put the refrigerator next to the battery or stove, because the compressor may become hot and will not be able to turn off, will work unstable, especially with the onset of summer.
  • If it happens that the refrigerator does not turn off, you can defrost it completely and then turn it on, can then earn in the usual mode, but if this does not happen, then there are others the reasons.
  • You can not set the lowest possible temperature, because in the future it may cause continuous operation of the refrigerator.
  • Another reason is forced defrost when they try to break off the frozen ice. So you can damage the walls of the chamber, tightness of the casing, after which the leak of freon will begin. It is best to turn off the unit from the outlet and wait until it unfreezes without participation.


Refrigerators of the most famous and best brands may fail, if you do not follow the instructions for their use. If you have tried all the simple methods, and the refrigerator still does not turn off, then you should not test it for strength and wait until it completely fails. It is better to call the wizard, who will be able to establish the reason why the refrigerator does not turn off and fix the problem.