For all the time the car is used, the owner changes a lot in it. This may be a variety of small accessories, as well as more serious purchases. The most important purchase can be attributed to the purchase of car radio. Perhaps now it is difficult to imagine a car without an audio system. Especially it helps when traveling long distances, helps drivers at night not to fall asleep at the wheel.


  • 1 Connections and installation of car radio
  • 2 How to connect the radio in the car or replace it with a new one?
  • 3 Car radio connection: wiring diagram
    • 3.1 Wiring diagram using ignition lock
    • 3.2 Connection diagram directly to the battery
    • 3.3 Connection method using the button instead of the ignition
    • 3.4 Connection method using alarm
  • 4 Speaker connection
  • 5 Antenna connection

Connections and installation of car radio

How to connect the car radio in the carEven with the purchase of a new car, the budget version of the audio system is already installed from the factory, but there are also cars that are not installed. And if you purchased a used car for 10 years, then there certainly is an old radio tape recorder, which does not satisfy your requirements. In the new modern car radio, you can not only listen to music from such media as:

  • optical CD / DVD;
  • SD drives;
  • USB flash drives;
  • support for synchronizing and connecting the phone as a player;
  • aux input

Also in the more expensive models there is an LCD display, support for watching videos, watching TV channels, a navigation system and many more interesting features. Of course, such audio systems are expensive and need the help of experts to make the connection. But many motorists can not afford to buy such a model recorder and choose a more budget option. If you have an idea about the electrical equipment of the car, connecting the wires and a little care in the work, then the power to make the connection with your own hands.

How to connect the radio in the car or replace it with a new one?

How to connect the car radio in the carFor this type of work you will need a screwdriver, pliers, a multimeter, an insulating tape and accuracy when removing the decorative panels and installing the radio itself. When replacing the car stereo with an old one with a new one, there should be no difficulties. The speakers are already installed in the appropriate places, the wires are stretched and connected. You just have to check all the wires for integrity, connecting audio speakers and replace the radio itself in the dashboard.

When replacing It may be difficult to connect a new radio, since the connectors can be different, you will have to buy a special adapter. Today there is a big variety of any adapters in the bazaar, so you will have no problems with it. In most cases, you can buy an adapter in the same place where you bought the car stereo itself. Also comes with some models included. After you have connected the radio tape recorder, you should check everything again and make the first switch-on and check if everything works.

When you connect the radio from scratch you should be more thoroughly prepared. First of all, you should decide on the wiring. It must be specially for acoustics with oxygen-free copper with a section of 2 to 4 mm kV. Install the speakers in the designated places provided by the manufacturer. If there are no such places, you will have to make holes for the speakers yourself. And in the end to make the installation of the car radio in the car panel and its very connection.

Car radio connection: wiring diagram

The circuit connector of the car radioConsider the basic connection schemes car:

  • connection method using ignition lock;
  • connection method directly from the battery;
  • connection scheme of the radio when using the button instead of the lock;
  • wiring diagram through the alarm control unit.

Practically in any radio tape recorder there are two positive wiresThey most often come in two colors, red and yellow. The first wire - the “memory wire” of yellow color, is responsible for the settings and memory of the radio. Usually it is connected to the negative terminal of the battery directly. Red - “power wire” is used to turn on and off the power of the radio. There is also a negative wire, usually it is black, it is connected to the negative, the easiest way to the car body.

Wiring diagram using ignition lock

This method is recommended in the instructions to the car, he is safer according to experts. But there is a drawback in it, you can listen to music only when the ignition is turned on or the engine is running. To connect according to this scheme, it is necessary to connect the yellow wire (positive) directly to the positive terminal of the battery. Connect the black wire responsible for switching on the radio to the ignition lock, and connect the negative wire to the vehicle. With this method, the car stereo does not sit on the battery in standby mode during long-term parking.

Connection diagram directly to the battery

Such the method is most often used when you connect the car. The black wire is connected to the mass of the car, and the yellow and red are connected together and connected to the positive terminal of the battery. With this connection, you can listen to music, even with the ignition off. But this method leads to the discharge of the battery even when the car radio is off. The radio tape recorder consumes in standby mode from 0.2 to 1 A / h. Therefore, if you are not a music lover or you have an old battery, then it is better to refrain from this method of connection.

Connection method using the button instead of the ignition

With this method, the connection is made as the method using the ignition lock. The difference is that the red wire is connected not to the ignition lock, but to the button that connects to the battery plus. The advantage of this method is that you can turn off the power from the radio during long-term parkingto prevent leakage of current in the battery. And you can listen to music with the ignition off.

Connection method using alarm

How to connect the radio to the car alarmOften the driver thinks I turned off the music in the car or not in the parking lot. The principle is that the radio is turned off and on from the alarm. This method also reduces the leakage current, as when the alarm is turned on, the radio tape recorder is disconnected from the power supply. To connect, you need two five contact relays and a pair of diodes. A more detailed scheme can be found on the Internet just for your car, alarm and radio, as different cars have their own color gamut of wires.

In any of the above methods it is necessary to connect a fuse to the circuit 10-20 And if, of course, it is not already provided for when purchasing a radio tape recorder.

Speaker connection

How to connect the speakers to the car radioThis procedure should be treated responsibly and carefully. After all, if the connection is wrong, the sound of the music will deteriorate. At best, the speaker may fail, at worst the radio tape recorder itself will fail.

To connect the speakers, you should choose a special stranded speaker wire with a diameter of 2-4 mm 2. On the speakers, as a rule, there are two terminals: one wider, the other already. The one that goes wider to the plus, the one that is already going minus. Make the minimum length of the wires, as they have a resistance that distorts the sound. Be sure to connect according to the instructions that came with the car radio. Do not make extra twist of wires use special connectors to connect the wires to the speakers. Basically often used acoustics 2x2. That is, two large speakers behind and two small sides in the doorway. With proper connection, you can enjoy the pleasant sound of music.

Antenna connection

How to connect the active antenna to the radioOf course, now the assortment of music is big and some people just don’t use radio. But there are motorists who love to listen to your favorite radio station in the car.

If your car does not have a regular antenna, then the best option is to buy an active antenna, as the installation of a passive antenna will cost you a pretty penny. Installing an active antenna is quite simple. It just need to stick on the windshield of the car. Also, it must be connected to a special wire at the output in the radio tape recorder, usually it is white and has the designation AMP or REM. The active antenna also has a power on and off button on the amplifier. This means that there will be no problems with signals in the city and outside the city.