How to take a meter readingNot so long ago in Russia there were some changes in the field of payment for electricity. These innovations have driven consumers of light into some limits. They must provide monthly testimony to the special services that deal with the metering of electricity consumed. Each region has its own deadlines for transferring the numbers, and the services have different names. But the essence of their work does not change.


  • 1 New conditions
  • 2 Data transfer method
  • 3 Penalties
  • 4 And what controllers?

New conditions

Innovation on electricity payment is valid from 2013. It canceled the obligation of citizens to transfer data from metering devices. from 23 to 25 numbers monthly. Now the consumer can record the readings on a monthly basis and transfer them to the company to the executor. At the same time, the law does not set strict deadlines for the transfer of data on electricity consumed. Simply, the communal service itself coordinates with the residents the reporting date.

Each company has the right to offer its customers to transfer readings for electricity on certain dates of the month. But many of them set all the same dates: from 23 to 25. This is understandable - people are already used to them. And the Guarantee Supplier already collects readings on the 26th and takes them into account when calculating. They have their own procedure for the formation of payment documents.

Data transfer method

Electricity consumers have the choice of how to communicate data. Transmit them can be in several ways:

  • How to pay for the meterThrough paper carriers in the old fashioned way. To do this, some companies hang special boxes at the entrance, where residents on written dates drop the notice in written form.
  • Energy companies keep up with the times and take the indicators of electricity on their sites. You can transfer data in this way at any time of the day, which is very convenient. You can find the address of the site in the office of the company itself or through a network search system In order to use the resource, you will need to register on it.
  • Also, utility companies, as a rule, have a free call center. You can transfer the testimony by calling his number. To do this, you need to set up your telephone set in tone mode and follow the commands of the answering machine. The downside is that the line can be overloaded and will have to wait its turn. But some call-centers are set up so that they take readings only at certain dates or hours for the convenience of subscribers. Questions about the operation of the telephone line can be found in the office.
  • An email can also report electricity data. To do this, the letter is issued in a certain way and sent to a specific box. It is necessary to strictly observe the format of the message.
  • You can send numbers through the sent SMS message. Utility companies have a special service for this. For each mobile operator its own conditions for sending. Naturally, this method will have to be paid at its current rate.

You can transfer data in any convenient way, but impersonal the most convenient of them, since neither have to stand in line.

By the way, modern metering devices can transmit data on their own without the intervention of the host. This is done online. The counter is simply programmed on a specific date.

If you have an old-style device installed, then only one number can be reported, if the new one is two. In the second case, the device separates the tariffs.


What follows for non-payment of billsNo need to shake for compliance with the timing of the transmission of data on electricity, since no penalties for their violation will not follow. If indications do not arrive before the agreed date, the calculation is made at the established average consumption. Later, when the company receives actual information, they will be included in the next account. At the same time, social norms established by law will be taken into account.

It is worth considering that if the consumer does not transmit information within six months, then the bill will be billed according to the full standards of consumption.

And what controllers?

The same Resolution of 2013 obliges residents to ensure access of representatives of the utility company to the meter for recording test readings. Controllers run once a year if the consumer periodically faithfully reports data. In other cases there are two options.

  1. If the metering device is located in an accessible place, for example, on the site, then it is checked at least once every six months.
  2. If the meter is installed in the apartment, the controller has the right to visit, but not more often than once every six months.

The rules for the transmission of electricity consumption data apply to all subscribers of the utility company. Everybody is obliged to submit testimony, regardless of the availability of an individual metering device. This is valid throughout the country. regardless of region, supplier and a supplier of last resort.