Counter replacement Microwave ovens, electric ovens, high-tech washing machines and refrigerators, modern Computer and television equipment - this is not the entire list of household equipment that people today equip their homes. In this case, the entire listed list, now, in any home is a normal phenomenon.

From this it follows that the load on the power grid has increased significantly, and the old electricity meters with an accuracy level of 2.5 are already do not maintain power and can not accurately produce records. Therefore, today, citizens face the urgent question of replacing electricity meters in their houses and apartments.


  • 1 At whose expense is the replacement of the electric meter
    • 1.1 Electricity meters that must be replaced
    • 1.2 Documents required for the replacement of the electric meter
    • 1.3 Required tools and qualification requirements
  • 2 Electric meter installation rules
    • 2.1 Steps for connecting an electric meter
    • 2.2 How to find out the correctness of electricity accounting

At whose expense is the replacement of the electric meter

At whose expense is the replacement of the counterAccording to the law, any homeowner bears all material maintenance costs himself. If the electric meter is located in an apartment, then, according to the law, the owner of the apartment in a high-rise building bears all the material costs for the following items:

  • meter maintenance (calibration, calibration);
  • replacement due to premature failure or end of life;
  • installation of electricity metering device.

All of the above is relevant when housing has been privatized. If dwelling - property of the municipality, then the replacement of the electric meter in the apartment is done for municipal money. If there is a contract with various kinds of management organizations, then all the material burden of maintenance, replacement and installation of electricity meters falls on them.

If the meter is on the landing, then it is the property of the house. And here responsibility for maintenance, replacement and installation must be borne by the governing bodies (this is stipulated in the concluded agreement).

If you need to replace an electric meter in a private house, then all material issues are resolved at the expense of the owner of private property.

Most of the regional companies that supply electricity to users in order to facilitate procurement costs, replacement and installation of new electricity meters, offer consumers the opportunity to install a multi-tariff meter in installments and payments every month for maintenance. The main advantage of this offer is that the user will not pay the full amount for the device and installation (and quite a lot) immediately, and can make payments in equal parts over the course of 5 years, using all the advantages of multi-tariff metering electricity.

Removal of the old and installation of the new device can be made only with the permission of the power supply company. In any region, replacing an electric meter without prior notice is a violation of the law on the supply of electricity and can lead to serious monetary collection. So we answered the question, at whose expense is the replacement of the electric meter?

Electricity meters that must be replaced

Which counters should be replacedIn addition to repairs from tenants and landlords, there are other reasons for the mandatory replacement of electricity meters. For example, now everyone is obliged to change electricity meters with an accuracy class of 2.5, since they were removed from the registry by a government decree and banned for use. You will also need to say goodbye to the instruments, which have overdue calibration time.

It is obligatory to replace the metering device:

  • which rotates irregularly or does not rotate the disk;
  • there are mechanical damages on the device;
  • counting mechanism does not work.

Do not use a device that has a damaged sight glass or leakage, or calibration error more than 2.5%.

The use of electricity meters of inadequate quality can lead to the fact that consumers overpay for electricity. Network companies that provide power supply services suffer huge losses, which as a result will still be a burden on ordinary users. The use of old electricity meters does not allow the use of a multi-tariff plan, which allows users to reduce the amount of money that goes to electricity charges.

Documents required for the replacement of the electric meter

In the housing stock energy research is constantly carried out with the assistance of skilled craftsmen. In the process of these raids, old metering devices are revealed that must be replaced. The rules for replacing an electric meter in this case imply submitting an application from a homeowner to a company that serves housing electricity.

In a statement fits the addresses of the owner and objectIn which a replacement is needed, the data on the old counter and the requirements for a new one. By all means enter the data of the contract on energy supply. In addition to the application, the owner of the property must have with him documents about the right to own real estate, which will change the meter and passport with registration. If the owner of the property does not apply for the replacement of the counter, then a power of attorney is required from him.

Required tools and qualification requirements

How to set the meter yourselfThe replacement of an electric meter must be made by a professional electrician who has the appropriate education and electrical safety clearance of at least 3 groups. Those who wish will be able to get this knowledge in the centers of knowledge and training. By and large, if a person has graduated from an appropriate university or technical school with an electrical engineering bias, then this knowledge is enough to do all the work on removing the old metering device and installing new. Otherwise, it is worth apply to housing office or to the same company that supplies electricity to users.

If the qualification is in order and the work on replacing the meter is done by hand, then the procedure for replacing the metering device implies the presence of a certain set of special tools. It is imperative that you have a digital multimeter or a low voltage indicator. The set of tools is specific, but quite simple: pliers, pliers, screwdrivers. Electrical tape and marker will also be helpful.

Electric meter installation rules

Replacing a metering device at whose expense it would not have been done always implies compliance with certain rules. The device must be installed in the place where it will be available for reading, maintenance and technical inspection. The room must be dry, and the temperature should not fall below zero in winter. It is allowed to install metering devices on plastic, metal or wood panels. The optimum height is 1.6-1.8 meters. In the event of an emergency, you must be able to turn off in time. Power supply to the device is done using any switching equipment, whether it is a switch, circuit breaker or packet switch.

The order of replacement of the metering device in the apartment is such that, together with the installation of the meter, and installation of circuit breakers that distribute the power lines of the electrical network within apartments When choosing machines need to focus on electric line load indicators.

Steps for connecting an electric meter

Installation of electricity meterIndependent replacement of the metering device begins with the installation of the meter on the shield and its secure fastening. Regarding the vertical, the device should not deviate more than one degree.

Then, if there is an electric stove in the apartment, then the jumper from the phase is moved to the input terminal of the machine that feeds it. If there is no electric cooker, jumper connected to the switchgearwhich is closest on the shield. For supplying the phase to the input contact of the device, as a rule, use blue or red wire. The same wire phase down from the output contact of the counter at the input terminals of any machine.

The wires during these works are stacked clearly vertically or horizontally. Wires with brown-red insulation are fixed with one end to the contact of the meter, the second - to the terminal of the machine. The contacts of the entrances of the remaining automata are connected by bridges of the same color and are carefully fixed.

For wiring "zero" choose a wire with blue insulation. It happens in this way: the “zero” bus and the “zero” contact of the electric meter are connected by a piece of wire and are carefully fixed.

If the counter mounted on a steel shieldthen the shield body must be grounded by a conductor connected to the grounding bus, and the free end connected to the “zero” bus contact. If the shield is plastic, the ground wire is connected directly to its contact plate.

How to find out the correctness of electricity accounting

How to check the counter for accuracySo, the replacement of the electric meter in the apartment or private house made. But suddenly the landlord notices that the cost of payment for the electricity consumed has increased, although in practice it should be the other way around. Doubts begin as to whether the electric meter was rightly chosen and whether it is as good as the company representative or the seller praised him where it was bought.

There are ways to check with which you can find out the accuracy (or, conversely, inaccuracies) of accounting. The simplest is to disconnect the house or apartment completely from the power supply. And electric meter must be live. Then it is necessary to note the time and observe the indicator light of the electronic counter or the disk of the induction device. For 15 minutes at the induction counter the disk should not make more than one lap, and at the electronic indicator it should not show more than one pulse. When the “activity” of the metering device is much higher, it means that the so-called self-propelled device is located, and the landlord pays for the “air”.

A slightly more complicated option is to find out the error with which the electric meter works. Why turn off all electrical appliances in the apartment. As a template, choose a device with a known power (for example, a bulb 80 W), turn on and with the help of a stopwatch count the time of one pulse or one rotation of the disk. The error is determined by the formula:

E = (Pхtхn / 3600-1) х100%, where:

  • n - gear ratio (most often located on the display of the electric meter, and is mandatory in the passport of the device);
  • t is the time of one impulse or revolution;
  • Р - power of “template” in kW.

If this error is determined with a “-” sign, then this means that the meter works with the advance effect. If the error is positive, the counter slows down. To be sure, you can do calculations with several "templates" and determine the average value. A tolerance of 10% is normal.

The third test option is to simply call the master from the company supplying electricity. In this case, the work will need pay from your wallet. The results of the audit are recorded in writing. If it is determined that the device is malfunctioning, then the replacement of the electricity meter can be challenged, which will allow you to demand that another electricity meter be supplied instead.