Electrical wiring in the houseSummer houses and country houses are most often built of wood. This building material has many advantages. It is distinguished by naturalness, environmental friendliness and relative cheapness. However, the tree has a serious drawback - it is easy to catch fire. According to statistics, more than half of cases of fire associated with improperly selected or conducted wiring. In order to avoid trouble, it is recommended to give preference to retro wiring, which is perfectly suited for wooden buildings.


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  • 2 Pros and cons of retro wiring
  • 3 Retro wiring in a wooden house - the choice and installation
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Decorative retro wiring - device and photo

Vintage wiring wires consist of two or three wires twisted together and decorative exterior insulationcreating the effect of retro style.

  • The number of conductors depends on the presence or absence of grounding in wooden house.
  • Insulation is made of silk impregnated with non-combustible composition.
  • Electrically conductive wires in retro wiring are usually copper, with additional protection from PVC insulation. The cross section lived from 0.75 to 2 mm2.

Quite often on sale you can see the wire, which is covered with a wrinkled cloth, paper, fiberglass or even silk. You should not be afraid, as the manufacturers provided for everything and under the coating laid a reliable insulation.

Pros and cons of retro wiring

Before proceeding with the installation of open wiring, you should weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of this option.

Technical and aesthetic benefits:

  1. Retro wiring perfectly fit into the interior of the house, designed in styles such as retro, vintage, loft, country.
  2. It is convenient to mount open wiring where it is difficult to carry out the hidden one. To hide the electrical wires in a wooden house, you should carry them through metal pipes, which should be tightly connected to the distribution boxes. This work is rather laborious.

Has such wiring and its disadvantages:

  1. The cross-section of its wires does not exceed 2.5 mm2, and this is not enough to connect powerful electrical appliances, since the conductors will not withstand high loads.
  2. The main disadvantage of retro posting is its rather high cost. Especially expensive are products from manufacturers Bironi and Fontini.

It can be concluded that in case the wiring will not be used to connect to it powerful household appliances, and with sufficient funds, this option for a wooden house would be the most reasonable and original.

Retro wiring in a wooden house - the choice and installation

In order to do electrical wiring in a wooden house, should be purchased:

  1. Posting in the house under the retroCables of the desired section.

  2. Porcelain insulators.
  3. Distribution boxes.
  4. Sockets and switches of laid on type.
  5. Wood screws.

Selection of parts and photo retro posting

All these parts are sold in different colors. But, you should know that they can vary considerably in price. For example, the switch in the color of gold It is much more expensive than the same brown switch.

  • Fittings and wires are purchased in Italy. The most popular Italian company is Fontini, which produces junction boxes for various wiring, various switches, rollers and much more.
  • All items are made of porcelain and run antique. Details are made in accordance with fire safety regulations.
  • Cables should be chosen according to the color of the sheath to the room design. You can choose a calm tone or bright, contrasting. Under the color of the conductors are selected rollers, boxes, switches, sockets.
  • Since vintage wires are expensive, then part of the wiring can be done in the style of "retro", and part of the hide behind the skin or in the cable channel to the color of the surface.

After all the finishing works have been completed and the necessary materials have been acquired, can start installation vintage electrical wiring.

  • First of all it is necessary to draw the scheme in which it is necessary to mark the places. installation of switches, sockets, fixtures.
  • In accordance with the scheme sketches are transferred to the surface. At the same time with the help of level it is necessary to check the horizontal position of all lines.
  • Porcelain rollers are installed along the markings with the help of screws on the wood, the distance between which should be fifty centimeters.
  • There should be at least five centimeters between the first roller and the switch or socket.
  • According to the scheme, junction boxes, switches and sockets are installed.
  • An electrical wiring is drawn between the insulators, the wires of which are fastened together by means of terminals or soldering. In wooden houses, twisting conductors is not recommended for safety reasons.
  • The wires should be tightened so that there is a gap between them and the surface, not less than one centimeter.

How to make stylish retro wiring. A photo

For vintage handmade wiring, you will need to purchase:

  • Retro in electricitysingle core cable of required length;

  • junction boxes;
  • special insulators.

From several conductors will be required twist one harness. If the wooden house is earthed, then you can connect three cables, if not, then the harness winds out of two.

  • In selected locations, insulators are attached to the surface. They are installed by sticking or using a drill.
  • A heat-shrinkable tube is attached to the wires to match the color of the cable. It guarantees long cable life and durability.
  • Wires are put on rollers or insulators.

The remaining installation conditions are the same as when wiring specialized retro cables.

It is possible to install retro wiring not only in wooden houses, but also in modern apartments, if it fits the interior of the room. Vintage lovers will definitely appreciate its presentability. Unfortunately, materials, even those made in China, are quite expensive.

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