Portable battery for charging gadgetsTo date, all sorts of modern gadgets and mobile devices are fully equipped with many useful features and applications. In addition, a variety of popular mobile games amaze with ever-expanding capabilities and increasingly complex graphics. Because of these and similar offers, almost any smartphone sits down during the day. This disadvantage can be solved with the help of an external battery for the phone. All you need is to learn how to choose the best and most powerful battery and not to make silly mistakes.


  • 1 The reasons for the rapid discharge of the battery
  • 2 Types of batteries
  • 3 A few tips on choosing charging
  • 4 Selection features
  • 5 Operating rules
  • 6 Ways to make a battery yourself

The reasons for the rapid discharge of the battery

Iphone portable chargerFirst you need to deal with the fact that your phone began to discharge so quickly. Having dealt with the main reason, you already then will be able to find the best way to resolve this problem. One of the possible reasons may be:

  • not quite rationally distributed regarding energy consumption settings;
  • internal charger or external battery.

If your tablet or smartphone is almost just bought in a store and, being completely new, it is discharged very quickly, and at the same time the instructions attached to it indicate a much longer duration of operation, then, most likely, the matter is settings. The advice in this case can be very simple. Try to adjust the brightness. This can reduce power consumption. But generally phones usually have power settingsBy adjusting which you may very well be able to increase the operating time without charging.

Another thing that can have an impact is applications. Try to view their entire list and if you don’t need one of them, just turn it off. Each application running in the background gradually eats up part of the charge on the phone.

There is also another, more familiar situation. Your phone was purchased a long time ago, it worked quite well for a long time, but then, for some unknown reason, it began to discharge very quickly. Obvious solutions to this problem, such as manipulating the settings, do not give an effect, and you may not understand what the matter is. But the matter is rather in the interiors of the phone. Most likely, you began to fail the internal charging device (well, or an external battery). In this case, the fastest solution is to replace this item.

Types of batteries

Consider the classification of external batteries. Phones and tablets are extremely popular today, however, with all their development, so far there are only three types of batteries. It:

  • lithium ion;
  • lithium polymer;
  • cadmium nickel.

Battery Charging GadgetsLithium-ion, perhaps, perhaps, one of the most common external batteries that help in charging the phone. Many such elements are endowed with a “memory effect” and are rather slowly discharged. Their ratio of energy intensity, safety and durability is one of the most optimal. One of the rather significant disadvantages of this type is that such portable batteries quickly age, and even in the case of continuous operation.

Lithium-polymer - much cheaper, at the same time more advanced modern external batteries. Similar elements, taking over all the positive aspects of the previous samples, have also become more environmentally friendly.

The third kind, nickel-cadmium, recognized as the most environmentally unsafe and harmful elements, and as a result, safely withdrawn from production. They were used only in one of the very first devices because of its low cost. But they also had another uncomfortable moment of use. The higher their energy intensity, the greater was their physical size. This could be called another influential minus, which forced manufacturers to abandon the production of nickel-cadmium external batteries.

A few tips on choosing charging

Portable top device battery for iPhoneIf you choose charging for the phone, then you should take into account when choosing the material of manufacture, also the manufacturer, but in addition to this and many other factors. It is possible to distinguish several basic parameters by which chargers are distinguished. Using this information, you can choose the most appropriate option for you.

An external phone battery may have an indicator - a battery indicator. Such a pretty necessary the item is extremely necessary for the user in daily use of the phone. The indicator can display the value in color, which is convenient enough so, but it can also be done using numbers. The digital display is extremely convenient, and beyond that it is also accurate, but it costs more for the price.

Depending on whether you will only charge your tablet or smartphone from this charger or You plan to charge on it and other equipment, you should carefully consider the strength of the current, which is indicated on the product in the store. For normal use of an external battery for your smartphone only, you need a device with a current of only 1 A. If you want to use the battery to power not only the smartphone, but also anything else, then use devices with a current of 1 - 3 A.

Of course, the most significant parameter in a long-lived issue without charging a tablet or smartphone is the power consumption of an external battery. Your free time will depend on this parameter. As a rule, 4000 to 6000 mA / h will be enough for you.

When you choose a device, better take a closer look at the gadgetwhich is able to recharge from multiple power sources. If you can use both an ordinary power supply network and a USB input as sources, then this is already a quite good option.

If you have such a need as the simultaneous charging of several devices at once, it is worth turn out to be prudent and when choosing an external battery choose the gadget with the most ports. Still, as a rule, in everyday life it is rarely necessary to charge a large number of devices at once sharply and irrevocably, so almost two or three ports will be enough for everyone.

Selection features

Portable gadget batteryTo prevent the ingress of water or large amounts of dust on your device, you should choose equipment with a special coating and body. Yes definitely it will cost you a little more, but the large amount paid may well be money saved for you. After all, then your device will last you longer.

There is such an interesting functional thing on the phone batteries as the solar battery. True, it really can be very useful. In the summer, some people may not always be near power supplies. And with such a functional thing you can recharge your battery for the phone directly from the sun.

When choosing a battery, we advise you to pay attention to the fact that its power button does not stand out too much against its body. If you press it accidentally, for example, in a bag or, say, in your pocket, then you will be presented with a very unexpected and sudden surprise in the form of a dead battery.

If your device has a flashlight that will make it easier to search for this gadget in the dark, you can say that it will be a useful bonus to the general background of the purchase. Therefore, it is advised to pay attention to the presence of a lantern.

On some batteries, there are a number of many pleasant innovations of the modern world that many people may well need. This is a Wi-Fi, NAS Server. With the help of them you can distribute the Internet freely, as well as use it yourself. You can also save various data on a special memory card.

Your device may be the same company as the phone. This will definitely be better, since in this way the chance to encounter low-quality goods will be much lower. Also, in principle, and devices from one company better and better fit each otherTherefore, this moment should be taken into account, but it is not inevitable to adhere to it, going to extremes. Remember that if you find the same battery does not work, then it is quite possible to take another, but only suitable for the inputs. Much worse, they will not work from this.

In the store, read the rules or immediately find out whether the return of the purchase is possible. Because, based on the previous paragraph, it may be that your device simply does not fit the phone and it should be changed.

Well, also, of course, you should take into account that your device is easy, convenient and compact so that it can fit in your bag and not cause discomfort with the distribution of things.

Operating rules

Xiaomi phone batteryThere are a few simple rules that you need to follow in order for your battery to remain intact and to strictly observe its working potential.

Of course, try to avoid physical damage to the battery. It should neither overheat nor overcool or wet the device. These gadgets absolutely can not stand the frequent fall and punches. It is not recommended to charge the battery for a long time. Charging more than a day is already considered quite long and unacceptable. Replace or recharge the external battery for a mobile phone when the phone is turned off.

For the sake of curiosity, no matter how interesting it is to you, you should not open these batteries yourself. If it is completely unbearable and you are torn from the desire to find out what is inside the battery (and this desire is often observed in young adolescents), then you can advise you or your child to watch a video on Youtube about how are doing.

It is also important to remember the general rule - the more often and longer your battery is used, the better, the more actively it keeps itself in working condition.

You should be aware of the fact that external batteries should be treated as consumable and once a year they have to be changed somewhere. The fact is that for the year of operation the capacity of the battery is reduced by about 80 percent of the initial nominal.

Most of the batteries sold in Russia cost 2-3 thousand rubles at the moment. This range includes fully functional batteries with a capacity of 4000 mA / h. If you need a battery twice the capacity, then the price will be a half to two times higher. To buy such gadgets for such a price or not is up to you, but you should also remember that you can always turn to overseas online storeswhere you can find devices for a cheaper price.

Ways to make a battery yourself

Portable rechargeable battery for charging phonesIf you have straight arms and a certain design creative vein, then it is not necessary to buy an external battery for the phone. And you can make it directly with your own hands.

The most common homemade products are divided into two types:

  • battery charging;
  • charging from the sun.

For the first case, a resistor is needed, as well as a fairly suitable plug. It will take four batteries, as well as a special box for them. The principle on which this device works is quite simple. The resistor must connect the nutrients to the plug, and then transfer the charge to mobile devices. Of course, the batteries you have to periodically change.

For solar recharging, you can buy special sun-charging lanterns. After, take the items you need from there. Next, with the help of a diode to connect the circuit, and then the design is charged in some box. So, through an uncomplicated mechanism and own enthusiasm you may have a pretty nice device, made in their own style and do it yourself. And in the case of a solar battery is also quite unusual.