Purpose diode IN4007The diode IN4007 is a very powerful semiconductor device that is most often used in power supplies, namely, in their rectifier part, that is, in a diode bridge. The main task of such semiconductor elements is that they are involved in the conversion AC to DC, since it is at this voltage that almost all microelectronic Components.

IN4007 diode with non-flammable plastic housingThe principle of operation of such a diode is quite simple and consists in the following: it is open in one direction, which allows the signal pass through it, but in the case of a change in polarity, the diode is closed, which makes it impossible for any momentum.

Such a diode is manufactured by companies based in Taiwan. In the production they use production facilities of such companies as Rectron Semicondactor and Diodes. Of course, diodes can be found on the market, which were also produced by other companies, but they are very rare.


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Diode IN4007 Characteristics

What are the characteristics of the diode IN4007After a few words have been entered into about the purpose and the subject itself, which may be of interest to the user, you can go directly to the characteristics of the aforementioned diode itself. Knowledge of his characteristics will help any master to use the diode more intelligently and more productively for its intended purpose.

So, the diode IN4007 has the following characteristics:

  • the weight of this element used in power supplies is only 0.35 grams;
  • 250 degrees Celsius - this is the soldering temperature of the device and this is assuming that the time limit of 10 seconds is not exceeded;
  • the cathode on these elements is indicated by a special ring, which can be observed on the body;
  • the maximum voltage for an element (also called “peak”) cannot exceed a value greater than 1000 V;
  • the element has its own operating temperature range, which is between the following temperature indicators: from -55 to 125 degrees Celsius;
  • You also need to monitor the maximum current that can flow through this device. This indicator should not exceed 1 A;
  • with an open p – n junction, the maximum voltage drop cannot exceed 1 V with a current of 1 A.

A closer look at the attached characteristics of this diode, you can see, the fact that it is quite a powerful element that will be able to work with 220 V and 380 V. Therefore, analyzing these indicators, it can be understood that These diodes were created specifically for power supplies. Most often, this detail can be found in the rectifier part of the circuit.

Video: Diodes IN4007 1.0A 1000V with Aliexpress


What is the best laser diode IN4007 for?After consideration of the main characteristics of this diode, it is possible to designate the purpose of this element so that a user who is not yet familiar with it can better understand how to apply it in the future.

The main area in which these devices are used is, of course, diode bridges. This was indicated at the beginning of the article. Further, as another area of ​​their application, but less demanded, you can specify the power electronics. In this area they used as various analog amplifiers. In the case of the introduction of such diodes in a particular device, you can significantly improve the existing characteristics.

Also, the diodes IN4007 proved to be excellent in the case of their incorporation into regulated power supplies. According to experts, these diodes are the most preferred option for devices of this type, so it is recommended to use them.

IN4001-IN4007 Device Series

Diode IN4004 CharacteristicsIt should be remembered that the presented element IN4007 is only one of the representatives of a rather large family of devices of this class. In addition to this model, there are others whose names vary from model IN4001 to IN4006. What other models are in the presented range can be easily guessed, since only the last index changes in this whole series. By the way, by the way, you can learn more about the device itself. The fact is that the smaller the last index in the name of the diode, the smaller the semiconductor element used in the device.

Representatives of this family of devices, in the course of their operation, have demonstrated an interesting property, which is that they are able to change their capacity. The the indicator depends on the magnitude of the reverse voltagethat was attached to the device. Based on this interesting quality, the masters came to the conclusion that these elements can be used as temporary substitutes for varicaps.

By the way, by the way, IN4007 can be used as a substitute for all previous devices of this series, since is the most powerful of these, which can be determined by the highest latest index. Therefore, in the absence of diodes in this series, but with a different index, you can easily get out of the situation by replacing them with an IN4007 diode, which is the most universal.

Analogs diode IN4007

Diode CD 258d - analogue diode IN4007You can, by the way, mention the analogues that exist on the market and which are able to replace this element if necessary, and in the case of its absence at hand.

If the user is alien to all foreign developments and is at heart with a domestic manufacturer, then he has reason for joy, since There is a domestic analog diode IN4007which completely corresponds to it in all characteristics - the KD258D model. They are not inferior to the foreign counterpart, so that in the case of acquisition, the user does not risk losing performance.

In addition, the following models of different manufacturers have similar characteristics:

  • Diotec Semiconductor - models IN3549, IN2070 and 10D4;
  • Thomson - BYW27-1000, BY156;
  • Philips - BYW43;
  • Motorola - HEPR0056RT.

Here it is necessary to point out the fact that these are not all the existing analogues of the device in question, but they are certainly the most popular.

Video: LED power from 220 volts


The diode IN4007 is very often used for different versions of power supplies. This semiconductor element can be called simply indispensableif the creation or repair of such devices is required. Moreover, due to its versatility, the IN4007 can replace any model from its family.

The diode IN4007 proved to be a very reliable, versatile device, and it is relatively inexpensive, which makes it quite accessible to any user. Taking into account all the above advantages, it is not surprising why this semiconductor element is so popular.

Video: 1N4007 diodes from China