Which digital multimeter is betterFor many years, experts used several instruments for electrical measurements, each of which performed its function. With the advent of the multimeter, everything has become much easier, the multifunctional device combines various necessary functions.

Novice instrumentation experts often have questions about working with such a device, so I would like more learn in detail about the advantages of multimeters, their main functions and what to look for when choosing it.


  • 1 Purpose of the device and its main functions
  • 2 How to choose a multimeter?
  • 3 The appearance of the multimeter and its manufacturers

Purpose of the device and its main functions

The multimeter is a combined electrical measuring instrument that combines several important functions necessary for the work of an electrician, an electronics engineer, and other specialists. Exists two types of devices:

  • Analog - the reading of measured values ​​is made on a special scale.
  • Digital - the digital display displays the measurement result.

This small portable device allows you to make basic measurements, as well as to identify minor faults. There are more complicated stationary devices that have a number of possibilities. With this device you can:

  • Measure resistance and voltage
  • Determine the capacitance of capacitors
  • Measure frequency
  • Check semiconductor diodes, transistors
  • Measure the level of light and noise coming from some devices
  • Establish connection quality and network break.

For many years in life and at work, many experts used analog, but with the advent of digital everyone understood that they are much more convenient and as easy to use as analog ones. Digital have some advantages in relation to analog devices, the most important of which is more accurate measurements.

Analog devices are more difficult to use, especially for those who have vision problems. Such a device is suitable for home use. Digital models are much more convenient, so you should read them in more detail.

How to choose a multimeter?

Before buying it is important to determine for yourself what the device is for. If it is necessary for domestic needs, then you can choose the simplest multimeter in which there are only the most necessary functions. When it comes to professional devices, they are designed to work, so they must have a whole a number of additional features.

  • Multimeter modelSemiconductor testing
  • Generation of various signals
  • Backlit display
  • Power on timer
  • Measuring range in automatic mode, which greatly facilitates the work
  • Calculate the RMS value of the signal
  • Fixing the current measurement values.

Before choosing a multimeter you should familiarize yourself in more detail with its main characteristics. The most important include:

Accuracy of measurements - the most accurate devices show an error in the range of 0.025-3% of the current reading. For work, it is better to use a multimeter that shows the most accurate units of measurement, and for household purposes the instrument with a higher accuracy is quite suitable.

Measurement limit - shows the range and within it the measurement of parameters from the smallest to the maximum value. Testers are with manual and automatic setting of the range.

The measurement width - this indicator helps to determine the number of decimal places. The most common models of multimeters have indicators with an accuracy of 3-4 decimal places, professional devices can show measurements with an accuracy of up to 6 decimal places.

The appearance of the multimeter and its manufacturers

Where is a multimeter usedIn the manufacture of devices used reliable specialized chipsthat provide stable multimeter functionality. Chinese devices from unknown manufacturers in the near future can often upset in the process of work, because their switches are not quite convenient.

Multimeters, which are protected from moisture, dust and mechanical damage, are considered convenient and reliable. Ergonomics and ease of use of the device will make it comfortable to use, and the measurement results will be as accurate as possible.

Important is the electrical safety and protection of device inputs, in the instruction manual or passport of the device all electrical safety data must be indicated. It should be written there, in what conditions it is allowed to work with a multimeter. It is good if the protection of the inputs is equipped with an electronic type of protection, since it is more efficient than conventional fuses.

According to the type of power, multimeters can work on battery, but there are also devices with batteries, for production conditions, a rubber shoe is needed.

In devices for automobiles, it is important to take into account the measurement limit β€” the maximum allowable value of voltage, current, resistance, which the device can display.

After buying a multimeter is worth take care of the accessories for him, pay attention to the cords so that they fail as little as possible. Best of all, when the cords are as flexible as possible.

A quality device must be certified, usually the Rostest logo is applied on its back, and this means that products can be sold on the territory of the Russian Federation, which is a guarantee of quality and reliability goods.