We develop executive documentationFor electrical work during the construction of new facilities, overhaul and reconstruction of old there are standard requirements for registration and maintenance of documentation. The same approved procedure is envisaged for the preparation of executive acts for the examination and acceptance of work, individual sections of power supply in engineering and technical networks.

Standard requirements and the list of documents applies to the design of preparatory production processes, monitoring the progress of electrical work and at sites of use energy of the atom. The composition of the documentation package establishes the requirement for the composition of electricity, the content of the acts of acceptance of construction.


  • 1 Determination of as-built documentation
  • 2 Documentation Requirements
    • 2.1 Preparatory documentation
    • 2.2 Standard Permit Requirements
    • 2.3 Allowing documents for work
    • 2.4 Control documentation of wiring
    • 2.5 Executive documentation of quality control of electrical work
    • 2.6 Requirements for execution of executive documentation
    • 2.7 Video: Electrical work: executive documentation

Determination of as-built documentation

In the standard descriptions of state standards and specifications in accordance with the laws of the Federation of Russia The following terms are introduced:

  • Electrical work is usually carried out by electricians.external documentation is created and developed by general institutions that are not part of the organization, for example, technical characteristics, literature, reference books;
  • the contract and subcontract defines the rights and obligations of the general contractor, the contractor and the customer regarding the implementation of processes, supply of materials and wages;
  • the concept of a document determines the amount of information recorded on a tangible medium stored organization or person to confirm the fact of production or legal commitments;
  • input control documentation records the conduct of control checks of working documents, parts, materials, etc .;
  • executive documents of the control of performance of work contain relevant information;
  • production documentation contains information on the course of electrical repair processes;
  • executive schemes depict an object in axonometry using conventional lines and graphic images;
  • regulatory documents establishing regulations and rules that are mandatory in the construction and reconstruction of electrical networks;
  • The principle of accountability is the responsibility of individuals or organizations for actions during construction and reconstruction;
  • the protocol is intended to record questions and discussions at meetings, meetings and meetings;
  • Acceptance documents contain executive and permitting acts and protocols.

Documentation Requirements

Preparatory documentation

The composition of the documents of preparation for the production of electrical work and the construction of nuclear facilities The following sections are included:

  • permits;
  • a package of documents that represents the installation company for the preparatory work;
  • technological and organizational papers that are developed directly by the executive contracting organization.

Standard Permit Requirements

When the need for electrical work arisesBefore the start of assembly work, the organization takes part in the competitive selection and provides for this to the customer a set of papers for consideration, which is prepared in accordance with the Civil Code and the Federal by law. These documents are drawn up by the installer and transferred to the customer or the general contractor. Initial is certificate of admission to a particular typewhich may affect the safe operation of other capital construction projects.

To obtain such a certificate, the company must have a license from the environmental, technological and nuclear supervision on the possibility of performing work. A permit will be required from the Ministry of Civil Defense and the state of emergency for the repair and maintenance of fire safety equipment. It is necessary to obtain a license from the Federal Service of Russia for carrying out work processes related to the use of information of state importance and constituting state secrets.

Additional documents are submitted, such as an extract from the registration and state registry and permission Federal Service, confirming the organization’s right to issue permits for works that affect the surrounding objects. Availability of such documents checked by the installer during the preliminary inspection before the competition or during the external and internal audits.

Allowing documents for work

To start work, the installation company has a general contract with the customer, who can negotiate with another specialized organization after customer approval. A company that has expressed willingness to perform electrical work, provides documentation packageconfirming its ability to produce:

  • Additional Documentationa quality assurance program by an organization for review by the customer, designed according to its requirements (mandatory for all participants);
  • certificate of registration of the enterprise in the Federal Service Area.
  • Documents for the production of electrical work
  • The contract defines deadlines for the company to provide the customer with executive working documentation:
  • POS - construction organization project;
  • schedule of works with reference to calendar data and coordinated with the plan for the supply of materials and equipment;
  • for installation of working equipment, drawings from the manufacturer, diagrams and installation instructions are required, all documentation is translated from a foreign language into Russian.
  • a list of particularly difficult installation sites for the organization of work which requires the conclusion of contracts with specialized firms;
  • the project of organization of work with lifting automobile or tower cranes;
  • flow charts for basic electrical work;
  • instructions for welding technology;
  • drawings for installation and installation;
  • flow charts for quality control of installation work.

All working documents are drawn up, signed and agreed in accordance with the procedureoperating in the enterprise.

Control documentation of wiring

For quality performance of production processes The following controls are provided:

  • control of the input materials, equipment and parts;
  • operational control of selected stages of production;
  • inspection of the previous stages of electrical work, the results of which will be hidden after the subsequent operations;
  • test results of technical instruments and devices.

The admission control procedure is standard, unless otherwise provided in the PRD, and is governed by the relevant provisions of the customer. STO 95 137–13, which determines the procedure for the quality control of equipment and materials supplied by the customer or general contractor.

Based on these standards, the installer develops its own instructionsagreed with the customer, approved by the head of the company and put into effect by the order of the organization. According to the results of the check at the entrance, the staff draws up an acceptance act, which records the fact of compliance or non-compliance with the stated requirements.

Information on the operational control performed by the installation organization is described in acts or effective protocols. For operational control of the customer, state inspection documents are used. The operational control documents include the log of supervision, cable installation, installation of cable sleeves with voltage above 1 thousand. volt.

The results of the examination of the hidden works are recorded in the acts in accordance with the provisions project and regulatory documentation. In the SNIP developed special lists of electrical work, subject to activation for hidden work.

Executive documentation of quality control of electrical work

Wiring documentationAll stages of the inspections and quality checks of the production process are documented by representatives of the company or curators of the general contractor. All discrepancies with the technological maps, leading to a deterioration in the quality of the processes, are necessarily recorded in relevant acts at all stages of electrical work, ranging from input control to the final acceptance

If necessary, if technological processes are roughly violated, the work process is stopped until troubleshooting. Inconsistencies are recorded in general or special journals, the results of reworked work or replacement of poor-quality equipment and materials are also reflected there.

Requirements for execution of executive documentation

All documentation is reflected on paper or electronic media and is stored by the installation company. The design takes place on A4 paper. Electronic display of documents for reproduction and transfer to all interested parties is recommended. For executive documents that are signed by the general contractor or the customer does not allow corrections.

Documents must contain signatures of responsible persons, if there is no certain number of signatures, then the documentation is considered to be not executed. When compiling a package of documents, a list of papers included in it is required.

Executive documentation is an important accompaniment of electrical installation work in new construction, reconstruction and major repairs.

Video: Electrical work: executive documentation