Vacuum cleaner functionsEvery dwelling needs regular quality cleaning. For this purpose, you need a good technique. Naturally, it is not easy to choose the optimum vacuum cleaner, because today there are many models on sale that are distinguished by their device and functionality. To make the right choice, you need to understand some technical intricacies.


  • 1 Type of cleaning and dust collector
    • 1.1 Dry cleaning
      • 1.1.1 Vacuum cleaner with dust bag
      • 1.1.2 Vacuum cleaners without dust collector
      • 1.1.3 Vacuum cleaner with aquafilter
    • 1.2 Wet cleaning
  • 2 Filtration
  • 3 Power
  • 4 Nozzles
  • 5 What to look for when choosing a vacuum cleaner?

Type of cleaning and dust collector

First of all, decide if you need an ordinary dry or wet cleaning. This is a very important factor that will help to narrow the number of suitable models and make the right choice.

Dry cleaning

Vacuum cleaner with dust bag

Such a device is considered the most common. It is convenient to use and inexpensive. Most consumers choose disposable paper bags. They are removed after filling in order not to breathe dust. Fabric bags are used several times, but they will have to be periodically drained and even washed. Naturally, this option is not suitable for allergies.

It is worth noting that disposable paper bags have their drawback. So, you will have to once a month or a little less. buy a new product. And not every store you can find the right size.

The operation of such vacuum cleaners is possible due to the presence of an electric motor that starts the fan. The result is a rarefied atmosphere in the housing where dust enters through the hose. In this dirty air is passed through several filters, which helps to clean it from dust and other impurities.

Vacuum cleaners without dust collector

Wet vacuum cleanerThis technique suggests use of cyclone system. The development of such a device involved a British specialist J. Dyson. Thanks to its opening, the air, along with dust, is sucked in by a vacuum cleaner, and then gets into a special cone-shaped tank. Here the air moves in a spiral, rotating quite quickly. As a result, dust particles are pressed against the walls, and then fall to the bottom.

In modern models, the principle of double cyclone is applied. In other words, large debris is sorted first, and then fine dirt and dust. After the end of cleaning it is enough to shake out the container. It also needs to be rinsed from time to time.

The advantage of such devices is that the vacuum cleaner thrust is not weakened, as is the case with models with a dust collector. Naturally, cyclone has drawbacks. For example, when emptying a container, you will be in contact with dust. Moreover, air filtration is imperfect. So, only 97% of dirt remains in the device.

Vacuum cleaner with aquafilter

To combat dust, water is poured into the appropriate filter of such a device. In the process of cleaning the air along with the dust enters here through a hose and mixes with water, resulting in the formation of bubbles.

Many people choose this technique due to the constant suction power. After cleaning, during which an optimum microclimate is created in the apartment, it is enough to remove the filter and pour dirty water down the toilet. Naturally, every time you have to thoroughly wash the container. It is worth noting that these vacuum cleaners take up a lot of space, so before buying you need to decide on storage space.

Despite all the advantages of vacuum cleaners with an aqua-filter, you may be dissatisfied during the operation, therefore Only modern models should be chosen, in which, in addition to the aqua filter, a place is provided for the usual dust collector.

Wet cleaning

Types of vacuum cleanersToday, vacuum cleaners are becoming increasingly popular, which can be cleaned not only dry, but also wet. In this case water is sprayed gently on the surfaceand then sucked. Thanks to this function, you can clean the floor from dirt and spilled water. Moreover, such devices help to clean tiles and carpets, and in the presence of a special nozzle will be able to wash the glass.

In general, household cleaning vacuums provide high quality cleaning. They can be used only once a week. At the same time, the room will be much cleaner than with the daily operation of a “dry” vacuum cleaner.

At such devices there is an additional functionality:

  • possibility of cleaning large wet debris;
  • air purification and moistening;
  • cleaning clogs in the sink and bath.

Naturally, washing models There are a number of disadvantages.

  • Many people are in no hurry to choose such a device because of its cost. Vacuum cleaners that support wet cleaning will cost 2-3 times more than devices designed for dry cleaning.
  • Parquet and natural nap carpets can lose their appearance after such a cleaning.
  • The device is very bulky, which means that the child is unlikely to be able to clean the apartment.
  • After each cleaning will have to disassemble the vacuum cleaner, wash and dry.
  • We should also mention the significant consumption of electricity and household chemicals.

Vacuum cleaners come with two containers. The first is for clean water and detergent, and the second for dirty liquid. Water enters through the hose and is sprayed on the floor with a special nozzle. During the suction process, the dirty liquid enters the second tank.


Everyone knows that dirty air gets into the vacuum cleaner, is cleaned, and then comes out. Accordingly, it is very important that it is really clean, because the sprayed particles of dirt are more dangerous than the dust that lies on the shelves and floor. Due to dirty air, irritation of the mucous membranes and the development of an allergic reaction occur.

Modern models of vacuum cleaners hold 97–99% of dust. This is possible due to the presence of several filters. Ideal - HEPA filter. He is able to pick up the smallest fragments of dust, as well as allergens and bacteria. If you use a water filter, you will be able to hold 99–100% percent of the dust.


What power the vacuum cleaner should beMany consumers choose appliances for the home, paying attention to power. It is believed that the higher this indicator, the better. In fact, it is necessary to remember that There are 2 types of power: consumed and suction power. On the case indicate the first option, which determines the noise level, as well as power consumption. Accordingly, a more powerful vacuum cleaner will make a lot of noise during cleaning, and the quality of cleaning the apartment will not increase.

Experts recommend to pay attention to the power of suction. In the absence of children and pets, as well as in the presence of linoleum, carpet or laminate enough power of 300 watts. More powerful vacuum cleaners will be useful to those people who have cats or dogs in the apartment, and also have carpets with a long nap. In any case, models with a capacity of up to 250 watts should not be chosen.

It is important to take into account the fact that the suction power decreases when the dust collector is full. Naturally, this does not apply to models with aqua filter.


Vacuum cleaner typesTo use a vacuum cleaner to clean various surfaces, it is necessary use the appropriate attachments. Thanks to them, it will be possible to remove dirt from a smooth floor, shaggy carpet and upholstered furniture.

  • The crevice nozzle is a flat tube with a narrow slot at the end. It comes complete with any model of vacuum cleaner. Thanks to it manages to get rid of dust on baseboards and behind the batteries.
  • Round nozzles with a long pile are designed for cleaning carved furniture, books and other products with a relief surface.
  • A hard oval short-haired brush is used to process upholstered furniture, carpets that hang on walls, and heavy curtains.
  • Turbo brush - an indispensable attachment for pet owners. This product helps to remove wool from carpet and upholstered furniture. Also, a turbo brush will be required by needlewomen, as it will help to collect pieces of thread from the floor.
  • A power brush is a kind of turbo brush, but it will work much quieter. The disadvantage of this nozzle is a significant weight. Also, the electric brush is not suitable for cleaning carpets whose pile length is 1.5 cm or more.
  • A natural bristle brush is suitable for smooth, expensive coatings. It is about parquet, natural stone, granite and laminate. Thanks to this nozzle on the surface will not remain scratches.

What to look for when choosing a vacuum cleaner?

  • Selection of vacuum cleanersAn important factor is weight. Compact models weigh 4 kg, and full-size - 5-6 kg. The second option is suitable for regular cleaning of a large apartment, because here the volume of the container for dust and debris is quite large.
  • You can store the vacuum cleaner vertically or horizontally. In the first case, you will have to put the device on the front side, and in the second - in the working position, which means that the equipment will take a lot of space.
  • Most models have nozzle compartment. In some vacuum cleaners, a similar mount is located on the handle. In the process of cleaning such a panel is carefully removed, and after completion of work they put it on again.
  • A very important feature is overheating protection. In its absence, the engine may fail. The cause of overheating is filling the bag or clogging in the hose.
  • Blocking a false start is considered indispensable for vacuum cleaners with a dust collector. If you forget to put a new paper bag, the device will not turn on.
  • On many models there is an indicator that is responsible for the state and performance of the vacuum cleaner. If it is not available, you will have to open the case from time to time to make sure everything is in order. It is best to choose a vacuum cleaner with indicators of overheating, contamination of the filter and filling the dust box.
  • The range of the vacuum cleaner depends on the length of the hose, and the mobility is dependent on the length of the cord. Most models have a cord winder function, and in the most modern vacuum cleaners there is a function auto reverse, thanks to which the cord is unwound automatically when removed from the outlet, and then wound up.
  • Should pay attention to device wheelsbecause it is maneuverability that depends on them. The movement will be carried out only in a straight line, if the wheels are mounted on the sides. If they are located on the bottom, the equipment will be able to move in any direction. It is better to give preference to models with rubberized wheels, due to which scratches will not appear on the floor covering.
  • In modern devices provides a protective bumper located around the perimeter. Thanks to him, you can not be afraid that in the process of cleaning furniture or corners will be damaged due to accidental impact.

Choosing a vacuum cleaner is necessary pay attention to technical parametersBecause the functionality of the device and the quality of cleaning depend on them. You should also consider the size and design of equipment. In addition, it is necessary to determine in advance the frequency and purpose of cleaning, as well as the amount you are willing to pay for a vacuum cleaner.