Today it is difficult to imagine humanity without a mobile connection. Portable phones are used everywhere, manufacturers compete with each other in improvement of devices, offering to the attention of consumers universal gadgets that contain a lot of work functions. Many still remember the simple, resembling toys, Motorola zero. But the very first mobile phone in the world was created much earlier.

Creator of the first mobile phone


The beginning of this technology was given by Soviet scientists

The history of mobile phones begins with the days of the Great Patriotic War. And this is absolutely true. Soviet scientists were faced with a difficult task: to create a monaural - a portable communication device that can work without interruption in automatic mode.

For those years, this task seemed fantastic, but, despite the difficulties in technical support, the Soviet scientist Georgy Babat offered to the attention of the top management the first drawing of the device. But the realization of the idea took many years.

He continued the work of Babat by another Soviet scientist, Leonid Kupriyanovich, who in 1957 significantly improved the apparatus. The phone could work without a wire, like a walkie-talkie, but with better communication quality. The device, known in narrow engineering circles and kept secret for a long time, received the code name LK-1.

In 1946, Soviet scientists G. Shapiro and I. Zakharchenko offered to organize a radio telephone communication system, in which the device for receiving and transmitting voice should be placed in cars.

Appearance and functions

Kupriyanovich and LK-1

The solutions used in LK-1 were patented on November 1, 1957.

LK-1 was a fairly overall portable device weighing 3 kg in the form of a box with a disk, toggle switches and a telephone receiver. The battery charge was calculated for 25-30 hours of work.

The phone operated within a radius of 20-30 km.

The first step was taken, but Kupriyanovich was not going to stop there. A year later, he presented a new version of the monophone, which weighed 2.5 kg, to the attention of the top management; The first device was too uncomfortable to use - it had to be either held with two hands or put on table. The cost of the first mobile phone was like a TV. And for those times it was a very serious amount.

Along with the development of Kupriyanovich, the creation of mobile devices involved scientists around the world. But if the scientists of the USSR started, then the Americans were engaged in mass production. In the early 70s, the world recognized the first phones of the Motorola brand, which ceased to exist only in 2011.