Many modern laptops have rather compact and thin keyboards with very fragile keys. A broken, dropped or torn button on the keyboard is one of the most frequent reasons for contacting modern service centers. Is it possible to fix the button on the laptop myself and how to do it?


  • 1 Causes of failure
  • 2 How to fix broken keys
    • 2.1 Physical damage
    • 2.2 Spilled liquids
    • 2.3 Repair non-folding keyboard
  • 3 Complete replacement of the keyboard with your own hands

Causes of failure

Broken button on a laptop

Before you start repairing a button, you need to understand exactly how it disconnected.

The most common causes of laptop buttons breakage are:

  • strong physical impact;
  • spills;
  • sticky keys.

Depending on the cause of damage to the keys, a different approach to their repair is required.

How to fix broken keys

Physical damage

Torn out button on a laptop

If the broken key is properly installed, a slight click will be heard.

If for some reason the key flew out of its place, it is worth returning it there. To do this, you need to prepare a seat for the button, removing all dirt and dust, as well as wiping the contacts and rubber gasket with alcohol.

It is strictly forbidden to use acetone.
When the alcohol dries, you need to set the key back. There are two types of laptop buttons falling out:

  • the key falls together with the "rocker";
  • the key drops out, and the "rocker" remains in place.

In the first case, you first need to set in place the "rocker", and only then the button itself by placing the projections in the slots. If the key cannot be fixed evenly, then its attachments may be irreversibly damaged. In this situation, you must contact the service center.

Spilled liquids

Coffee spilled on the keyboard

If liquid is spilled on the keyboard, especially sweet and sticky, it must be disassembled and cleaned thoroughly. For disassembly use a plastic card or a small spatula, which gently remove the keys in the affected area, prying them from the bottom.

Then, using a cotton pad with alcohol, the board and pads are wiped, and the keys are wiped with wet wipes. After drying all the details, the keyboard is assembled in its original form.

When installing large keys like the space bar, you should bear in mind that there is a special metal stabilizer bracket under them. Before installing it must be inserted into special slots.

Installing a broken backspace key

Carefully insert the bracket into the special grooves.

Repair non-folding keyboard

Disassembled keyboard

Experts recommend replacing the non-folding keyboard in special centers

Non-split keyboards, from which it is impossible to remove the keys at home, are installed, for example, in some HP laptops and modern MacBooks. And if the sticking of keys, caused by the ingress of crumbs or dust, can be eliminated by blowing the inactive zone out a bottle of compressed air, only a service center or a complete replacement of the keyboard will save you from spilled liquid on a new one.

Complete replacement of the keyboard with your own hands

If the keys are damaged irreversibly, you will have to change the keyboard unit completely. Each manufacturer has a different method of fastening: grooves around the perimeter or bolt-clamps below. To change the keyboard completely, you must perform a certain sequence of actions:

  1. Take a plastic card or spatula and pry the keyboard from the top edge.
  2. After the area rises approximately 10 cm, hold the card around the perimeter, without making much effort.
  3. With high resistance, you should check the bottom of the laptop for the presence of a screw with a keyboard icon and unscrew it.
  4. Separate the keyboard from the case.
  5. Pull out its cable from the connector on the motherboard.
  6. Install the new keyboard in the reverse order.

If you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to contact the service center.

Repairing a faulty laptop keyboard is a rather complicated process for the average user. Therefore, it is better to preserve it initially: do not expose the keys to strong pressure, refrain from eating food at the computer so that repair of the buttons is never required.