When it’s hot outside, it's hard to think about anything but coolness. To maintain a comfortable temperature in the house allows modern appliances, you just need to choose and install it correctly. Not many people understand what a split system and air conditioning are, what's the difference.


  • 1 Pros and cons of air conditioning
  • 2 Advantages and disadvantages of a split system
  • 3 What is better to choose

Pros and cons of air conditioning

Monoblock air conditioner

Hose-duct mobile air conditioner has a diameter of about 100 mm, for its output on the street you need a fairly large hole

In a standard air conditioner, all the nodes are located in the same housing; in a split system, the components are placed in 2 different blocks. This is the main difference between designs.

Monoblock air conditioners have such advantages:

  • they can be moved around the room within the length of the hose;
  • no need to perform professional installation work;
  • if necessary, they are easily dismantled and transported to a new place;
  • have compact dimensions.

The most frequent maintenance of monoblock air conditioners is cleaning the filter and emptying the tanks for condensate. These works are simple, they can be carried out independently.

Among the minuses:

  • high noise level in the room;
  • relatively high price;
  • the need to constantly monitor the level of condensate;
  • requires a hole for the duct.

Advantages and disadvantages of a split system

Split system

The price for a split-system installation service can reach one-third of the cost of the installed unit.

Split system compared with monoblock air conditioning has the following advantages:

  • almost silent;
  • there is a winter-summer mode, which makes it possible not only to cool, but also to warm the space;
  • excellent efficiency and efficiency (especially in the inverter split system);
  • no additional space is required, only in the case of a column device;
  • feature set is more extensive.

The disadvantages of a split system can be called its higher cost compared to the price of a conventional air conditioner and the need to perform installation work.

In all other respects, split systems benefit from monoblock devices.

What is better to choose

Girl ponders contingents

If your house is recognized as an architectural monument, then you are unlikely to be allowed to hang a split system on its wall.

It is preferable to purchase a split system, because it creates a comfortable environment in the house. In almost all respects, a split system is better than a monoblock conditioner. It has a large set of functions, can heat the room, works silently, has high efficiency.

At the same time, a mobile air conditioner will be appropriate if you need to create your own microclimate in different rooms.

Comparison of both devices according to important consumer characteristics suggests that split-systems deserve more attention of customers due to its efficiency, quietness and economy.