Advantages and disadvantages of electric grillsAbout 30 years ago, such an amazing device as an electric grill appeared on the Russian market and during this time it has gained immense popularity. There are a large number of different models of this device with a wide price range, so that everyone can choose for themselves such a device that will appeal to them. Many are deeply mistaken that electric grill can be used only for frying meat and vegetables.

In reality it is a multifunction devicewhich can even replace a microwave. Electric grills are very much loved by housewives, because the dish that is being prepared does not in any way contact with the surface of the heating device, and there is absolutely no need for oil.


  • 1 Purpose of electric grill
  • 2 Varieties of electric grills
    • 2.1 Video: Electric grill in work
  • 3 Advantages and disadvantages
  • 4 The choice of electro grill based on design features
    • 4.1 Shape and size
    • 4.2 Housing
    • 4.3 Other selection criteria

Purpose of electric grill

Features of the choice of electric grillsA modern manufacturer offers the consumer a wide range of these devices, so it is quite difficult to immediately make the right choice.

The main task of the electric grill - heat treatment of products using infrared heatingPowerful miniTENS or quartz lamps. The first bring the temperature of the working surface to 700 degrees, and quartz lamps maintain it at a level of 1000 degrees. These heaters are located at the top or side, and also at the bottom or back of the device.

For the manufacture of virtually all parts using such high-quality materials such as:

  • stainless steel;
  • ceramics;
  • plastic.

Apply this device for heating, baking, frying and stewing.

Varieties of electric grills

Buyers, choosing such a device, are often interested in which model is best and what differences can be between them? All grills that are powered by AC, are contact and contactless. They, in turn, are divided into subgroups.

Purpose of electric grillsContact types of devices are used to fry dishes that lie on the embossed ceramic well heated surface. There are open and closed. Such a device is well suited for those who like to participate in the process, who like to keep under control the degree of roasting, as well as those who prefer to have roasted fish, meat or vegetables stripes.

Contact grills are:

  • unilateral;
  • bilateral;
  • combined.

Varieties of electric grillsMore recently, this group of electric grills was supplemented by another representative - rakletnitsey, which is a multifunctional device that is used in daily cooking.

Contact grills have one distinct advantage - they are equipped with a special palletfilled with water, in which excess fat flows. This is very convenient, since different recipes can be used.

What is an electric grill?Non-contact devices have a completely different design: the ingredients used are placed on skewers or spits and twisted with heated air inside the device. They are suitable for those who prefer healthy food, since the meat does not come into contact with the surface, as a result of which carcinogens are not formed. Besides, contactless grills are likely to appeal to supporters of classic kebabs on skewers, because the meat in the end turns out the same as when frying it on an open fire. Such devices are much more contact in size, so it’s best to install them in spacious kitchens.

Contactless grills are divided into the following types:

  • planetary;
  • carousel;
  • vertical;
  • skewers or skewers.

For electric grills of this group, different recipes are used, so be sure to consider the height of the product used.

Depending on what method of fastening was used, the grills are divided into recessed, table and floor grills.

Which electric grill to choose - the rating of the best modelsOutdoor view is great for cooking fish or meat in the open air. Its easy can be taken out on the balcony or in the garden, then enjoy the cooking process, without polluting the air with smoke and combustion products. The only thing - an extension cord is needed.

The built-in device is used for cooking your favorite grilled chicken. It has large dimensions and requires adequate space in the kitchen.

How to choose electric grill for homeThe best option for both the apartment and a private house is considered to be a floor grill, which is powered by AC power. Such devices are not only compact in size, but also remarkably meet the needs of family members. The main advantages of the device are:

  • absence of smoke or smell during operation;
  • low power consumption;
  • silent work.

Using the outdoor grill, you can cook meat, scrambled eggs, fish, toast, pancakes and other dishes.

Video: Electric grill in work

Advantages and disadvantages

Each device has its pros and cons. Electric grill is also no exception.

Advantages of the device:

  • How to choose the electric grill for the house, not overpaying for extra functionspreparation of dietary and lean dishes without the use of oil and other fats;
  • small time spent on cooking;
  • the presence of the same functions as the microwave oven;
  • the absence of smoke and odor during operation of the device;
  • the ability to use the device not only in an apartment or house.


  • for proper performance, a certain line voltage is required;
  • steamed vegetables may not boil thoroughly;
  • This device does not replace all kitchen appliances.

When purchasing a grill, it is necessary to take into account the design features of the device, which must fit the specific selection criteria.

The choice of electro grill based on design features

Shape and size

Why do you need electro grill?To prepare a dish that will satisfy a famine to a family of five, you should choose a device with an area of ​​its working surface of at least 500 cm2. By choosing a double-sided grill or a closed-type appliance, you can greatly simplify the cooking process, as well as reduce the cooking time.

Among a wide variety of bilateral electric grills it is best to purchase a swivel model between the plates or with the ability to adjust the height of the lid for more convenient cooking of large pieces of meat, steaks, whole vegetables. An important role in the preparation of hot sandwiches is the height of the legs, because the "lid" needs a horizontal position, and the slope is used for fatty meat or fish.


A closed electric grill or grill press does not dry the meat so much and can roast it on all sides at the same time.Electric grill is placed in a housing made of metal with a special non-stick coating. it allows cooking without the use of oil, and also greatly simplifies the care of the device. This characteristic is extremely important for people who adhere to a dietary diet. It is undesirable to stop the choice on the grills equipped with stainless steel or enamel.

The most durable and functional devices are considered to have a non-stick coating. To save finances It is best to choose an electric grill in a plastic case, but always with a heat-resistant coating.

Other selection criteria

In addition to the design features, the following points should be considered when choosing an electric grill:

  • Electric grills can be used permanently or as portable equipment.Power. It largely affects the speed of cooking. A single model with a power of 0.8 kW is quite suitable for a lonely person. For a large family will need a device with a power of 2 kW.
  • Surface area A large family or lovers of guests is best suited device with a large area of ​​the working surface.
  • Readiness indicator This is a very convenient feature for those who practically do not know how to cook.
  • Auto shut off. Such a function is useful to forgetful owners.
  • Delayed start.
  • Thermal insulated handles that will save from burns.

Thus, when choosing an electric grill for a house, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of its design and the corresponding characteristics. Also should take into account the size of the kitchen and the number of people living in the apartment people. A large family will require an electric grill with a large surface, and a small family should opt for a compact device.