How to hang a chandelierStretch ceiling system today is in high demand among the lucky owners private houses, apartments and other real estate. Besides, stretch ceiling often installed in office space. At the same time, the correctly chosen lighting plays an important role in any design.

Even taking into account the variety of models of ceiling lights, the chandelier is still one of the most popular devices, with the help of which the possibility of high-quality lighting and design decoration of any premises. But before proceeding to the installation work, you need to figure out how to hang the chandelier on the tension ceiling system.


  • 1 Chandelier mount on the stretch ceiling
  • 2 Preparation of the hook under the chandelier
  • 3 Mortgage installation under the mounting rail
  • 4 Features of fixing the chandelier to the stretch ceiling
  • 5 Chandelier mount with a longitudinal strap
  • 6 Installing the chandelier on the cruciform bar
  • 7 How to hang a chandelier on a suspended ceiling on the hook
  • 8 Features mounting chandeliers on the ceiling

Chandelier mount on the stretch ceiling

Surely every homeowner understands that it will not be possible to fix a heavy chandelier on the film base of the stretch ceiling. Therefore it is necessary build a structurelocated between the film and the main ceiling, which will be a reliable basis for mounting a decorative light source.

The type of fastener will depend on the type of fixture. In this case, the chandelier can be mounted with a hook or mounting plate. Based on the fixing design and the basis for the installation of the chandelier is made. Also, when constructing a suspended ceiling, it is important to consider that the wire coming out of the concrete slab may be short to connect. Therefore, it must be lengthened in time, paying close attention to the quality and safety of the connection.

Preparation of the hook under the chandelier

Chandelier MountsIf the gap formed between the main and stretch ceiling turned out to be large for the installation of the chandelier bar, you can perform lengthening old hook do it yourself For this most often used steel wire or chain with steel links. If a hook was not provided at the base of the ceiling, you can fix it yourself at any convenient place.

To do this in a concrete base using a perforator a hole is being drilled required diameter, which is inserted into the dowel. Then the hook for the chandelier is fixed with the help of an assembly screw. In this case, the electrical wire to the light source can be laid from the nearest outlet in the corner plinth.

Mortgage installation under the mounting rail

In order to reliably fix the mounting bar, you need a strong base, placed at the level of the film ceiling. At the same time for its production exists Several variants.

  1. From a bar of wood. But do not use the first available wood. The material must be dried out with high quality and opened with an antiseptic. The beam is grinded to a thickness that will correspond to the distance from the concrete surface to the film of the suspended structure. In the center of the mortgage bore hole for wires. The die is fastened to the supporting base using self-tapping screws.
  2. Plywood mortgage - reliable material that can withstand a sufficiently large weight of any lighting device. It is better to use moisture resistant plywood.

Mortgage installation is performed when the frame under the suspended ceiling is fully constructed. This allows you to accurately measure the height and horizontal of the base for mounting the lighting device. For this, it is best to use a laser level.

In the process of drilling better familiarize yourself with the wiring diagram in the house, since wires can pass through the ceiling. It is important to follow all safety regulations and use glasses and non-conductive gloves.

Features of fixing the chandelier to the stretch ceiling

Chandelier on the stretch ceilingAfter the fixing hook or mortgage will be installed, as well as the film is mounted, it remains to hang the chandelier on the tension ceiling system. To prevent the film from rushing in the place where electrical wiring and fastener studs pass through it, use special plastic ring.

The ring is glued in place of the future hole and does not allow the material to burst under the action of increased pressure, which is caused by the tension of the web. At the same time, depending on which cross or longitudinal bar is used, the method of fixing the chandelier to the stretch ceiling will differ.

Chandelier mount with a longitudinal strap

In order to fix the chandelier on the stretch ceiling, you can use the bar of the longitudinal construction, which is attached to the embedded element. In most cases, such fastening systems are used for hanging lighting devices with low weight.

Mortgage mounted immediately after the construction of the ceiling frame of metal profiles. In the horizontal plane of the latter, the mortgage will be fastened. In this case, the lower part of the mounting platform should be a couple of millimeters above the level of the ceiling film. This is necessary to ensure a good fit of the web to the mortgage without any deformation. Hang the chandelier on the suspended ceiling should be in the following sequence:

  • the outline of the mortgage is drawn along the canvas;
  • a plastic ring is glued along the contour;
  • the film is cut on the limiter;
  • fastening studs performed on the bar with the observance of the alignment of the holes on the base of the chandelier;
  • wiring is passed through the mortgage and inserted into the corresponding hole of the mounting bar;
  • the bar is screwed to the mortgage;
  • wiring and insulation is performed;
  • the chandelier is installed on the studs with a base and fixed on them with the help of decorative plugs.

If the base is heated by light sources, then between it and the ceiling material is placed plate of heat-resistant material.

Installing the chandelier on the cruciform bar

DIY chandelier mountCruciform bar used in the case of hanging heavy chandeliers. Therefore, the load is better distribute not to 2, but to 4 pins. In this case, very often the base of such a fastener, which is large enough and it is not possible to find a suitable thermal ring. The only sure way out of this situation is to mount the mortgage on top of the stretch ceiling film, for which you need to perform simple manipulations.

  • after mounting the structure under the stretch ceiling, assemble the mounting platform;
  • A paper template, created according to the size of the base of the chandelier, is attached directly to the canvas and mounting holes are marked;
  • in the planned places the overlay is glued, which does not allow the fabric to tear;
  • after the glue hardens, the material is cut from the lining;
  • electrical wiring is pulled in the central hole;
  • cruciform bar is applied to the canvas and screwed with screws to the mortgage;
  • the electrical wiring is connected, which is qualitatively connected according to the scheme and is insulated with electrical tape;
  • the base of the chandelier is mounted on the studs and fastened with hardware, complete with lighting fixture.

Mortgage should be sufficiently thick to withstand the large weight of the chandelier.

How to hang a chandelier on a suspended ceiling on the hook

Fixture for chandeliers on the stretch ceilingThis way to hang a chandelier on a suspended ceiling is the easiest and suitable for doing it yourself. In this case, all Works are performed according to the plan..

  1. The location of the hook is marked on the stretch ceiling film. In this place a plastic ring will be attached to protect the material from breaking. Its dimensions should not exceed the dimensions of the decorative chandelier cap.
  2. The protective plastic ring is glued to the surface of the film. At the same time it needs to be centered relative to the previously planned place.
  3. The material inside the boundary ring is carefully removed with a construction knife.
  4. Electrical wiring is displayed outside.
  5. Light fixture hanged on the hook.
  6. Connect the chandelier conductors to the central electrical network. All joints are qualitatively isolated. Wires should be carefully put in a protective cap.
  7. Carefully push the cap along the rod until it touches the web and fix it with screws.

Such a variant of fixing a chandelier on a stretch ceiling is convenient, first of all, in that the resulting construction easy to dismantle if necessary, and in its place you can install a new lighting device.

Features mounting chandeliers on the ceiling

To film over a suspended chandelier last as long as possible, you need follow simple recommendations.

  1. Acquire only high-quality lighting. Cheap incandescent lamp it is very hot, thereby leading to burnout of the canvas.
  2. If the lighting device is equipped with shades, then the latter should be placed in a horizontal position. This will avoid overheating of the film and will create an interesting visual effect from the reflection of the lamp in the glossy surface of the stretch ceiling.

Thus, to figure out how to install a chandelier on a suspended ceiling is completely easy. In this case, all installation work can be done by hand.