How to connect a trailer to the car.It is widely believed among motorists that connecting a tow bar is not that difficult, and any newcomer can handle this job. In principle, if we talk about connecting the trailer to the car, then here, however, there will be no difficulties. However, if we talk about connecting the trailer electrics, this may confuse many car owners. And often to bring things to the end requires a connection diagram of the tow bar.

Here we will not consider the feasibility of having a tow bar on the car, since in such cases this hitch is vital. Most often they have a special platform where the tow bar socket is located. AND this outlet has a special capwhich provides protection from negative factors.

What is a hitch - a visual scheme.Most often there are sockets that are equipped with 7 or 13 contacts. Cars that drive on Russian roads are usually equipped with 7-pin devices. As for the sockets with 13 contacts, they are more common in cars used by residents of Europe and the United States.

These sockets differ from each other in terms of using additional contacts. With the help of the last

Additional accessories such as fog lights and other electrical stuffing for trailer houses can be used.which are often found in western countries.


  • 1 How to connect the tow bar socket
  • 2 First way
    • 2.1 Connection technology
    • 2.2 Video: Connecting the outlet for the trailer
  • 3 Second way
    • 3.1 Important nuances

How to connect the tow bar socket

Faced with the problem of connecting sockets, the owner can consider one of two methods:

  • standard;
  • universal.

A tow bar is a special drawbar equipped with a number of contacts.The first method can be considered only under the condition that the tow bar, like the trailer of a passenger car, has corresponding connectors that allow connection. Then the owner can do the work without even having a wiring diagram for the trailer.

Indeed in this case all actions will be reduced to combining the outlet with the socket. Often information about Pinout of the towing socket can be obtained from the instruction manual of the car. This is the way to do it, because the owner will not have to change the electrical system of his car in any way.

However, most often it happens so that the owners have to resort to using the universal method. However, to obtain a more complete picture of the features, both of these options will be considered further.

First way

The design of the car does not provide a modern electronic control unit. This allows you to connect electrical wires with existing electrical circuits, without resorting to any splitters. In other words, all work will come down to connecting the wirescoming from the connectors to the rear lighting.

Connection technology

How to connect the TSU correctly - a visual scheme.The first thing to do here is to familiarize yourself with the socket wiring diagram. Next, you need to connect the outlet to where the harness pads of one of the car's rear lights are located, using suitable connectors for this.

With careful examination there may be a technological window: manufacturers make it deliberately, so that the owner does not have problems in case of replacing burnt out light bulbs. However, you should immediately prepare for the fact that there will be an extra wire, since we will have to connect a second direction indicator.

This problem can be solved as follows:

  • by connecting to surround clips;
  • You can first clear the wire from the insulation, then connect it to the wire that goes from the outlet, then fix the connection using soldering.

Video: Connecting the outlet for the trailer

For such cases, it will be useful for the owner to have a wiring diagram for the car. If you have to do this work for the first time, then will not hurt first to get acquainted with the videoso you know exactly how to do it right. When you begin to independently carry out this work, you should always be guided by the connection scheme of the towing socket.

Second way

Wiring and pinout wiring.Owners of modern cars with a rather complicated electrical electronic filling should not use the first method of connecting a trailer. One of the functions of the control unit is constant check of the state of the rear optics. At the moment when it turns out that the current consumption rate is increased, the corresponding error signal will be received.

In such a situation, specialists usually resort to using a device called the “matching unit”. It is also used when you need to configure the transmission of control signals using a multiplex bus.

  • The first thing that needs to be done here is to connect the matching unit to the standard electrics of the car. Then a block is included in the work, from which the corresponding signals to the trailer lighting engineering will be received. Now the vehicle control unit can no longer recognize the device, due to which the owner will be able to easily connect the tow bar.
  • If during the inspection of the machine you find a connector that has a slightly different design than the one that used on a trailer, it is best not to try to solve this problem on your own, but to seek help specialists. Of course, you can always do everything yourself, but for this you need to have on hand a circuit for connecting sockets and pinout contacts. Quite often, owners who possess certain skills are able to solve this problem without outside help. The same scheme is used to connect the cargo trailer.

Important nuances

The main thing you should keep in mind is that connecting a trailer electrics is a mandatory procedure. Therefore, one should not underestimate the importance of this operation, thinking that other road users will be attentive while driving. If you decide to neglect this, then this can be the basis for imposing a fine on you. Therefore, whenever you are ready to go, take a couple of minutes to make sure that the trailer lights are working.

Connecting the tow bar sockets - diagram and sequence of actions.If you are the owner of a car that you use with a trailer, then you should take care of connecting it to the electricians. If you wish, you can do this work yourself, it’s enough to find an outlet, and then, focusing on the wiring diagram, you can complete the job quickly and cost-effectively. But if you will be engaged in this work for the first time, then you will certainly You will need an outlet connection.

Special attention should be paid to the fact that there are different methods of performing this operation, which you should be aware of even before you begin to solve this problem. Therefore, the first thing you should theoretically prepare for connecting the outlet, so you do not waste your time and effort.