Recently, 220 V LED lamps are being increasingly used in everyday life. According to the technical conditions, lamps of this type should work for 15000–100000 hours, but due to the poor quality of production, some of them fail much earlier than the stated period. In such cases it is possible to repair a 220 V LED lamp with your own hands.

LED lamp interior

LED lamp circuit

If you find out how the bulb looks inside, it becomes more clear what could be the causes of failure

The LED lamp (SL) for voltage of 220 V consists of the following elements:

  • enclosures;
  • cap;
  • drivers;
  • radiator;
  • boards on which LEDs connected in series are placed;
  • protective cap or diffuser.

The base is designed to connect the lamp to the network cartridge. Together with a protective cap, it is attached to the body of the light bulb. The board with diodes is installed on the radiator, which is responsible for the heat removal from the LEDs. The driver serves to ensure the operation of the LEDs and converts AC voltage 220 to DC.

Depending on the design, a current stabilizer, voltage stabilizer or a simple rectifier can be used as a driver.

In the most high-quality and expensive lamps used current stabilizers using the chip. Such drivers provide the best LED performance. In low-cost products, such as Chinese-made lamps, an AC bridge rectifier with a smoothing capacitor and a ballast resistor is used. The disadvantage of this power supply is the dependence of the output voltage and current on the network jumps, which is a bad influence on the operation of the LEDs.

Ways of repairing a 220 V LED lamp

LED lamp disassembly

The most affordable way to dismantle the LED lamp - unwinding with a screwdriver

There are several different types of SL designs. Depending on their type, different ways of repairing the lamp are used. In order to get to the electronic filling of the lamp, you must first remove the protective cap.

Cap can be fixed using:

  • thread;
  • snaps;
  • sealant.

To remove the cap, different methods are used - unscrewing the threads, detaching the latches with thin tweezers, softening the sealant with a solvent or a hair dryer.

In order to dismantle the LED lamp, you must perform a sequence of actions:

  1. Perform a visual inspection of the electronic components. If the driver or LEDs have an abnormal appearance (swollen or burnt out), then they must be replaced with serviceable elements of the same type.
  2. Visually inspect rations and connections.
  3. Perform "dialing" diodes with a tester. To test the switch device is set to dial. When the red probe of the tester is closed to the anode, and the black to the cathode of the diode, the latter should glow. When changing the polarity of the probes on the screen of the tester should remain the number 1. Otherwise, the LED is faulty and needs to be replaced.
  4. Ortremontirovat driver. If a simple type driver is used in a lamp, it can also be repaired. To do this, you need to check the health of the fuse, rectifier diodes, smoothing capacitor and replace faulty circuit elements.

Due to violations by the manufacturer of the manufacturing technology of LED lamps or improper operation, early failure of the light bulbs is possible. In most cases, these lamps can be repaired with your own hands.