Types of power outletsMost of us hate extension cords and disentangling the wires of a huge amount of equipment available in the apartment of any modern person. On this basis, it is necessary to approach the placement of outlets with full responsibility, taking into account the necessary number of them in each specific case and room.

According to the latest statistics, one person uses at least six electrical appliances daily and is increasingly faced with the problem of desperate search for free space for the plug of one of the devices. Also, the number of various gadgets, electrical appliances and, consequently, wires distributed throughout the apartment, without which it is difficult to imagine your life, also increases annually.

The situation is similar with switches, which are often insufficient or located in an uncomfortable place. How to properly place in your home switches and sockets for comfortable use?


  • 1 The location of the outlets. Optimal layout
    • 1.1 Features placement of the outlet for the air conditioner
  • 2 Connection of the conditioner to the power supply network
  • 3 Proper cable routing
    • 3.1 Tips for properly connecting wiring to the box
  • 4 Conclusion

The location of the outlets. Optimal layout

How to install a socket for air conditioningWhen buying a new apartment, it would be advisable to hire a professional designer interior, which has considerable experience in determining the number and location of outlets for a specific customer. At the same time, it is imperative all agree in advance and all wishes to express before the approval of the individual project.

If interior design is carried out independently and does not provide specialist assistance, first queue, should focus on the design and function of the room, be sure to consider the placement furniture. Only after careful planning of the interior is it necessary to proceed to the choice of the number and location of sockets and switches. It should be noted that their installation, as well as a change of location, implies at least redecoration in the room in question.

Advice from a professional! It is necessary to calculate the approximate number of appliances that will be regularly used in each room and add two more sockets for possible additional electrical appliances.

Features placement of the outlet for the air conditioner

Nowadays, there is no strict standard regarding the number and location of outlets on each specific area of ​​the room. Usually the socket under the air conditioner is placed at a distance of about 30 cm from the ceiling.

Connection of the conditioner to the power supply network

Installation and connection of the conditionerInstallation and connection of the air conditioner includes several working steps, one of which is the connection of this home appliance to the electrical network. Proper installation of electricians and directly connecting the air conditioner to the electrical network, in particular, is the key to a long service life of the device.

Rated power consumption - this is a specific indicator for each specific air conditioner, from which you should make a start when installing, to save wiring from the occurrence of an emergency mode and to ensure reliable power supply of this household device. Usually this value, which differs depending on the mode of operation, is indicated in the data sheet for the purchased air conditioner. However, when calculating the wiring line, which is intended to connect the air conditioner, select the highest power consumption potentially achieved by the air conditioner in the process work.

As a rule, the power of a non-production air conditioner varies depending on the area of ​​the cooled space. ranging from 800 to 1800 watts. Based on this, it is necessary to make a simple calculation, thanks to which you can find out the load value corresponding to the above power ranges, namely 3–10 A. This means that to connect an air conditioner used in everyday life to an electrical network, a standard-type receptacle with a rated load of about 16 A will suffice.

The exception will be extremely high-capacity air conditioners designed for installation in rooms with a large area. Then the standard socket designed for 16 A most often does not withstand the actual load of the air conditioner connected to the mains.

Next you should proceed directly to issues relating to the connection of the air conditioner to the mains.

Proper cable routing

How to connect the air conditioner to electricityAir conditioning consists of two blocks:

  • external, which is mounted outside the room;
  • internal, mounted in the room of a house or apartment.

The household appliance is connected to the room wiring using a cable (cord), which runs from the indoor unit of the air conditioner, while the external unit receives power from it.

A cable designed to electrically connect the indoor and outdoor units of the air conditioner, and a cord to connect the device to the household electrical grid included with the purchased air conditioner, and the socket for connecting the air conditioner is installed independently already, in close proximity to the device (namely, to the indoor unit).

If the wiring line for a powerful electrical appliance was provided in advance, the connection should not cause absolutely any difficulties. If initially this line was not provided, you should pay attention to one of the following connection methods.

  1. One of the easiest options is to connect the outlet to power the air conditioner directly. in junction boxin which you plan to install it. However, this seems possible only in the case when the wiring from the junction box to the electrical switchboard of an apartment or house, it can withstand the load of all devices simultaneously connected to the power grid, in particular, and air conditioner.

    To determine the possibility of a safe connection to this junction box, it is necessary to calculate the total load of all available electrical devices connected to this box, and then compare the figures with the load capacity of the wiring line, where it receives power directly from the switchboard at home or apartments

  2. In a hidden way, you can lay the newly installed line wiring. For these purposes you need pierce the wall, route the cable, connect it to the junction box, then to the previously installed power outlet, and finally plug the strobe.
  3. You can also install a new line of wiring in an open way from the junction box directly to the outlet for the air conditioner, using a special plastic cable channel.

Tips for properly connecting wiring to the box

What should be the outlet for the air conditionerIf the junction box is located at an excessively large distance from the place where the installation of the outlet for the air conditioner is planned, or if it is not in the room, the outlet can also be plug in from any other nearby outlet that feeds a relatively small load and is connected to an electrical line with a high load capacity.

When laying the wiring line that feeds the socket for the air conditioner, it is imperative to ensure that a highly reliable contact connection is ensured. For connecting or branching the cable, experts most often use reliable, compact and easy-to-install terminal blocks, which are especially relevant when connecting the outlet with a cable.

To the line from which the socket for this household appliance is connected, or to the line supplying it for additional protection of electrical wiring, you can install a special safety device or plain circuit breaker in the distribution box.

When choosing such protective devices, it would be advisable to build on the actual load of electrical devices, as well as on the permissible load for all elements of the wiring. All these devices will provide the most reliable protection not only of electrical wiring, but also of household appliances connected to the network.


A prerequisite for the normal life of the air conditioner is the correct choice of sockets for its power. When choosing an outlet, one should make a start not only from its quality, but also from compliance with the specified nominal load. Plug connectors Such sockets should be obligatory to ensure as safe and safe a contact as possible with a household appliance, in particular, with an air conditioner plug. Attention should also be paid to the contact connection and the design of the clips of the socket itself, to which the cable of a certain wiring line is connected. Thus, knowing the nuances described in the article, you can easily install an air conditioner and choose the right outlet for it yourself.