How to prepare for the Olimpox examEvery person who is trying to get training on the Internet without interrupting production has fallen into the new program, which is called OLIMPOX. Today, this is the best program that allows you to pass certification for industrial workers on the job.

What is OLIMPOXSo, OLIMPOX is a system whose task is to train and control knowledge. This system has been developed by the famous company Thermika. The main purpose of the OLIMPOX program is to automate processes, training and knowledge testing on the job. So, to go through such training or testing on this system can be done on the Internet. And for this at all do not need any additional programsand access is a search in any browser.


  • 1 General characteristics of OLIMPOX
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  • 2 Registration and tuition fees in OLIMPOKS
  • 3 Instructions for working with the training and supervising program
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General characteristics of OLIMPOX

Olympus OX section electrical safetyAutomated system for training and testing tries to use all the possibilities offered by the Internet. Advantages of Internet technologies for automated training and knowledge testing:

  1. The ability to simultaneously engage a large number of users.
  2. Conducting training and testing of those users who live too far and they do not have the opportunity to undergo such training on the spot.

The OLIMPOX system is necessary in order to both educate and control security knowledge. This training and controlling system is widespread in both territorial and sectoral commissions of Rostechnadzor of Russia.

There are two forms of learning with this system:

  1. Individual training.
  2. Group (in groups there may be thirty people or more).

If there are more than thirty students in a group, then there are discounts on training. This system works around the clock. The following categories can be students and appraisers of this system:

  1. Leaders.
  2. Specialists.

Instructions for working with the training and controlling systemPre-certification training includes knowledge in the following areas:

  1. Industrial Safety.
  2. Industrial electrical safety.
  3. Labor protection in industrial production.

When the distance learning course is completed and the testing is also well delivered, the system issues all the documents.

Video: OLIMPOKS SCORM operation

Registration and tuition fees in OLIMPOKS

How is the Olympus OX test?If a person wants to go through such training and testing on his own, then he will have to pay. Payment occurs in the system immediately upon registration. If students and testers are sent from production, then the contract is first concluded and Enough to start learning to make an advanceequal to 50% of the total amount specified in the contract.

The total cost of such training will depend on how many applications will be filed. If more than thirty people pass from the enterprise, then a discount system is in place, allowing you to pay fifty percent of the total amount.

After perfect payment, it is worth entering the training and controlling system and filling in all the fields that will be indicated. It is worth remembering that should only indicate the real information about yourself, as in case of any problems the technical service will not be able to help. The email address should indicate the same as during registration.

Independent preparation for the delivery of the Olympos EzamenTen to fifteen minutes after filling out the questionnaire, you should go to the e-mail address of which was specified. This should already come letter-notification, which will be specified login and password. No one should ever report this data.

It should go back to the catalog, there will already be available courses for selection, which must be selected. But, choosing a course, you must choose a tariff plan. Access will be active only after payment.

After payment, the same email address will receive a login and password to enter the training and control system. It remains to go into your personal account and start learning or testing. It takes only ten minutes to activate the system after payment. If suddenly there is something incomprehensible, then it is worth using tipsthat constantly appear.

Instructions for working with the training and supervising program

In order to properly undergo training or testing, it is necessary to learn how to properly use the training and control system. It all starts with the fact that you should press the button, choosing between “Preparation” and “Exam”.

Online access to the program OLIMPOKSThe menu will open immediately. Suppose you choose test preparation. Accordingly, the menu will need to select the group that fits by name. After that, a window appears in which you want enter username and passwordwhich will be known to the learning person after payment.

A window appears in front of the student who lists all the topics you can choose for your studies. One has only to point the mouse pointer on the topic and click it, as soon as it opens. Before the eyes of preparing specialists and managers for testing will open the entire list for study. Again it is worth pointing the mouse and clicking on the topic you choose. Now opens the material for study.

As soon as the study of material on one topic will be completed, it will be possible to test your knowledge by passing a small test on this topic. Opening it, a person studying this topic will see the question number at the bottom and the total number of questions will be immediately indicated.

If the answer is given correctly, then there is a green check mark in front of itand if the answer is incorrect, then a red exclamation mark. If the question is difficult, you can resort to using the "Help to question" button. If the student wants to answer the question that was answered incorrectly, then for this there is a button "Answer again."

Registration card of the training and control systemWhen the “Help to Question” button is pressed, the theoretical material is opened, which is offered for review. If you read it carefully, you can find the answer to a difficult question.

When the test is passed, the system will issue a report where you can see both your positive answers and those answers to which errors have been made. If you suddenly failed to pass the test the first time, then you can make a second and third attempt, but only after a day.

OLIMPOKS training and supervising program automated and works twenty four hours a daytherefore, at any time you can get access to the test that is needed. The exam is activated quite quickly and does not take much time.

Video: OLIMPOX Air Navigation