How to choose a bespereboynikAt the moment, it is almost impossible to imagine your life without the existence of such a brainchild of technical progress as a computer. Over the past twenty years, personal computers have changed a lot, becoming much more productive and stronger. Older computers have given way to powerful new devices, allowing for much more work than ever before.

But no matter how powerful a personal computer is, it will still remain dependent on electricity. Since there are a number of factors that can interfere with the operation of a computer, and with it entail the loss of important user data, there is a need to create uninterruptible power supplies.

If the user is working at his personal computer, and several applications are open on the desktop at once, performing a huge the amount of work, then in the process of activity dozens of important files can be created, which later will have for the user a large value. But in the midst of work, an unforeseen event may occur - any kind of power failure and the computer will turn off. Of course, many files that have a self-saving function will remain in the system and will be used by the user, but most of the data will be irretrievably destroyed.

Electricity can not be called perfect. At any moment, a power failure can occur in any house, in any apartment, which will entail certain consequences. It is impossible to predict and prevent the occurrence of another failure that can cause personal data problems user

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS, UPS, bespereboynik for computer) - a very interesting device that can extend computer operation, to prevent the occurrence of breakdowns and the "filtering" of voltage (in some cases).


  • 1 Possible power problems
  • 2 Types of bespereboynik
  • 3 How to choose a bespereboynik for computer
    • 3.1 Example of selection of a bespereboynik for the computer
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Possible power problems

In order to decide for yourself whether you need a bespereboynik or not, you should carefully think about what power problems may occur when working on a computer:

  • Power supply for computerprobability of voltage failure
  • the probability of a sharp increase in voltage
  • frequent stress reduction
  • appearance of radio frequency and electromagnetic interference
  • probability of high voltage pulses
  • problems during switching processes
  • probability of distortion voltage sinusoidal.

Types of bespereboynik

All existing bespereboynik for computers are divided into three groups. Bespereboyniki from different groups differ in some properties, the presence or absence of certain functions, etc.

  1. Types of bespereboynikBespereboyniki with switching. These bespereboyniki are in great demand among users of ordinary home personal computers. They are the simplest and cheapest types of uninterruptible power supplies for computers. Low price, small size and very simple design make them popular. But you need to understand that such bespereboyniki can not stabilize the voltage. The operation of such a device from batteries can last from 5 to 7 minutes, after which the load is immediately disconnected. The principle of operation is that if there are any problems with the power supply, this type of bespereboyny switches the personal computer to battery power.
  2. Line Interactive No-Breakersinteracting with the network. These UPS models are already somewhat more expensive than bespereboyniki, belonging to the first group. Most often used for home or office LAN. In such bespereboynik the function of stabilization of alternating voltage will be held in steps, due to the presence of an autotransformer. The range of operation is already significantly greater than that of the devices mentioned above. This means that line-interactive bespereboyniki able to operate at high input voltages. Switching to rechargeable batteries is not required. Models have a beautiful design and rather small dimensions.
  3. Also have industrial types of uninterruptible power supplyused on an industrial scale - On-Line UPS. These devices are equipped with an interesting technology of double voltage conversion and belong to the maximum level of protection. They are used to power workstations and servers, which place very high demands on network quality and eliminate any possibility of power failures.

How to choose a bespereboynik for computer

Bespereboynik deviceAfter the user has learned about the existence of such devices and got to know them better, he may want to buy a bespereboynik. But in order to buy, you must first carefully weigh the pros and cons" and decide whether this device really needs the user. After a positive response, you should understand better bespereboynik, so as not to get into an unpleasant situation or in vain to spend more money than originally intended.

To pick up the necessary model of a bespereboynik, it is necessary to know the main characteristics on which distinguish the UPS. PC user when choosing a bespereboynik should Take into account the following characteristics:

  • output power
  • claimed battery life
  • the cost
  • device dimensions

The most common reason that users buy uninterruptible power supplies for their personal computers is the occurrence of electrical problems. In this case, most often such problems are associated with the disappearance of voltage. Also, many users of personal computers acquire bespereboynik to ensure that all operations performed while working on their PC will be completed to the end. Everyone knows that problems with power supply can lead to damage to data stored on your computer, and in some cases to damage to the operating system. Here the problems may already be more serious.

On the market there bespereboynik from different manufacturers. This can create difficulties, but they can be easily avoided. The fact is that this factor does not matter much. Almost all bespereboynik for a computer with similar characteristics will cost about the same, even if they are made by different manufacturers. So it is better not to create unnecessary difficulties for yourself and not to pay attention to the UPS brand. It is better to study the characteristics to find a device that will fully meet all user requirements.

UPS should be purchased in those stores where this warranty will be at least a year. Also, do not forget that the price of a battery pack includes the price of rechargeable batteries and makes up about half of the total cost. In most cases, batteries last for an average of half a year, maximum a year.

Home PCs supplied with off-line UPS structures, and local area networks of office or home scale - line-interactive UPS.

In order to choose a bespereboynik for your computer, you should use a special ratio: the nominal load must be multiplied by 1.2.

Also, the buyer should pay attention to the availability of the bespereboynik several useful parameters, which not all models have. These parameters are: the “cold start” function - a function that, having a uninterrupted power supply, can be switched on when the voltage is turned off electrical network; the ability to self-replace the battery or add additional ones; the presence of power filters that suppress pulse surges in electrical network.

Another important factor that should be paid to the buyer when choosing a bespereboynik is his time to switch to the battery and back. It should be remembered that the smaller this value is, the better, since a long switching time (15 ms) can provoke a malfunction of the personal computer.

Example of selection of a bespereboynik for the computer

Uninterrupted power supplyFor example, you need to protect the device, the total whose power is 440 W (implies power supply and LCD monitor). As the value of the minimum power UPS, you can take the value of 630 VA.

We must not forget about the recommended reserve of 20% and the fact that there is a possibility of increasing the load in the future, so you should use the UPS 800 VA.

How now to translate active power (W) to full power (VA)?

The power of the uninterrupted power supply (VA) must be equated to the connected load (BT) and the resulting value is divided by 0.7.

It is very important to note that sellers can confuse VA and W, which can provoke a discrepancy in the calculations of the buyer and the recommendations of the seller. If we assume that the buyer will go about the seller who made such a common mistake, he will have to be content with the source of uninterrupted power supply, which will be significantly less than expected by about 1.4 times, which can later cause problems, not to mention spoiled mood.


Uninterrupted deviceUninterruptible power supplies are devices that can help users in their work on personal computers. In addition to the function of maintaining power, some models bespereboynik carry out the control function over voltage and warning breakdowns. It can be stated that bespereboyniki can extend the work of a personal computer and protect it from the adverse effects of power problems.

No one is immune from the unpleasant effects of various power failures. This can happen to each of the users of personal computers. But problems can be fixed by having a bespereboynik, which perform security function and get rid of trouble.

It is not so difficult to choose a bespereboynik, but this process cannot be called unequivocally easy. The fact is that all characteristics of uninterruptible power supplies are not so easy to fit in your head, and not everyone can figure it out. But in principle, if you remember the main important functions of bespereboynik, then you can choose a device that will suit exactly a particular personal computer.

Acquiring a bespereboynik for your personal computer will allow the user to avoid problems that most often are associated with disruptions in power networks. If a problem arises, the UPS will be able to switch to battery power, which will prolong the work of the computer. This will allow the user to avoid probable problems with data damage or loss.

It is enough manufacturers of bespereboynik for the computer, but to break the head and choose the device of a certain producer from all expanses of the presented range does not cost. This does not justify the expended power and nerve. There is no need to carry out a deep comparative analysis, since in fact all models of bespereboynik, which have similar characteristics are the same and work about the same.

Bespereboyniki - indispensable assistants to users who perform a huge amount of work and whose activities are inextricably linked with the computer. You can hope for the illusory quality of the power supply networks and their uninterrupted operation, but it is better to do practical and once again to insure.