Any production company in the process of carrying out activities uses a variety of electrical installations. In order to avoid traumatic situations, its maintenance should be handled by electrical personnel who have undergone special training. However, nowadays, knowledge of the handling of electrical equipment can non-electrotechnical personnel who have to be in one way or another contact him.


  • 1 Electrical Safety Training
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  • 2 Non-Electrical Personnel Training
    • 2.1 Training procedure
    • 2.2 Video: Electrical Safety Instructions
  • 3 Electrical Engineering Training
    • 3.1 Training procedure
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    • 3.3 Video: Electrical Safety Approval

Electrical Safety Training

The frequency of training on electrical safetyRegardless of the type of electrical equipment used in production, its owners should be aware that These installations pose increased danger to people.who are in contact with them in one way or another. If during the work the safety precautions are not observed, then this can be fraught with electric shock, which can lead to very serious consequences.

The basis for working with electrical equipment is a group of admission. In total there are 5 electrical safety qualification groups. After passing the training, which provides for the standards of a group, the staff gets the opportunity to perform strictly defined work with electrical equipment.

  • Electrical safety trainingFirst qualification group. It receives non-electrical personnel. These are employees who are in the process of their work do not interact directly with electrical installations, but are at risk of electric shock in case of equipment failure or other emergencies. The right to receive the rest of the admission group has only electrical personnel.
  • Second group. It can be assigned only to specialists who have to ensure the operation of electrical equipment, but ineligible on their own to connect installation to the network.
  • Third group. It can be received by employees who are empowered to independently connect and maintain electrical equipment.
  • Fourth group. It can be obtained by specialists who have extensive experience in electrical equipment service and are empowered to instruct.
  • Fifth group. It is assigned to engineering and technical personnel who have to deal with devices operating under voltage conditions exceeding 1000 V.

The right to approve the list of professions and positions in the enterprise, which must have a certain group of admission on electrical safety, has only a manager. At the same time, the list of these professions is formed and transmitted by the responsible person. The duties of the latter also include:

  • drawing up a training program for electrical personnel;
  • keeping a log of assignment of qualification groups.

Video: Staff training to work in electrical installations

Non-Electrical Personnel Training

All employees representing non-electrical personnel are eligible to receive the first qualification group on electrical safety.

Training procedure

Training for this group of employees does not look like a test, but as a simple instruction, which is most often carried out directly at the enterprise. During it, workers will find out:

  • Non-Electrical Personnel Trainingwhat effect an electric current can have on the human body;
  • what kind security measures must be strictly observed while working at a particular site or with a certain type of electrical installation;
  • What first aid should be provided in case of electric shock.

The briefing is completed by a control survey: depending on its results, a decision is made about assigning a qualification group to an employee. This information should be mandatory reflected in the “Register of assignment of group I for electrical safety to non-electrical personnel”. It should be noted that this fact is not confirmed by an appropriate certificate.

The right to conduct instruction has only an employee who must have a minimum electrical safety classification group III. Most often, this job is received by the person responsible for the electrical equipment of the organization. Mandatory for the staff of the I qualification group of the event is regular knowledge testwhich is carried out once a year.

Video: Electrical Safety Instructions

Electrical Engineering Training

There is another training program for electrical personnel, including an advanced course, where there are many additional materials, which must be given at least 72 hours. As a venue for such classes, completed by taking the test online, should be a specialized training center.

Training procedure

Training and certification of electrical personnel for group 4 on electrical safetyIf an employee has attended the course “Norms and rules of work in electrical installations”, then he still does not have the right to assign him the II-V electrical safety clearance group. is he must prove his knowledge in the form of passing the test online for tickets to the Rostechnadzor Attestation Commission. If among the participants of such a course there are employees who have a secondary or higher electrical engineering education in the specialty, they can get a second group of admission without passing the test for tickets online.

If the test results for the employee's tickets turned out to be good, then this gives him the basis for obtaining a certificate of the established sample. Each employee who has been assigned the second qualification group has the right to increase the category of admission by passing the test for tickets. Practically, this is implemented in the same way as for primary education. If, after completing the course at the training center, an employee shows a good level of knowledge while taking a ticket test, he will be assigned a new qualification level.

Video: Electrical Safety Lecture

Video: Electrical Safety Approval

The owner of any industrial production should take care of the safety of personnel who have to deal with maintenance of electrical installations. To do this, employees must undergo training and at the end of it receive a certain group of admission. It should be noted that such training, which ends with the passing of tests, should pass those workers who do not have to directly interact with electrical installations.

However for them such knowledge will be usefulbecause it will avoid the risk zone if you are close relative to electrical devices. If employees regularly confirm their knowledge of electrical safety by taking online ticket tests, this will help minimize the number of accidents at work.