How to choose the best fridgeModern kitchen is difficult to imagine without household appliances, and such a thing as a refrigerator is simply indispensable. Freshness of home-made food products depends on its quality and reliability, so many are interested in the question of which brands of refrigerators are considered the best.

The refrigerator is not purchased as often as many other pieces of household appliances and it is worth taking it more seriously to purchase it so that such a device functions long and smoothly.


  • 1 Criterias of choice
  • 2 Top best refrigerator manufacturers
  • 3 Conclusion

Criterias of choice

When buying a refrigerator you should always pay attention not only to the brand, but also to the convenience of its use. The main criteria in choosing are:

  1. Unit size and volume
  2. Number of cameras and their purpose
  3. Freezer and refrigerator
  4. Defrost system
  5. Additional functions
  6. Noise level
  7. The cost of the product.

Top best refrigerator manufacturers

The rating is most often compiled according to customer reviews and testing of the aggregates; based on the studies, they are included in the list of the best. AT

rating of the best refrigeratorsIn the opinion of the sellers and specialists in the repair of this technology, the following brands are included.

  • Refrigerator manufacturersThe first position in the ranking is headed manufacturer LiebherrThis German company is the leader among manufacturers of refrigerators. The equipment is expensive, but its quality justifies the price, the units do not emit noise during operation, which is also of great importance and this is one of the main features of the brand of the refrigerator. Those who have already appreciated the work of technology, characterize it as very reliable and high quality. The model range has a great variety and a wide range of prices, there are options for low-end models. Products can work smoothly up to 25 years, they rarely break.
  • Swedish company Electrolux. took the honorable 2nd place, products of this brand are known worldwide for their low power consumption and very quiet operation. Refrigerators are assembled at factories in Sweden and other European countries - Hungary, Poland, Slovenia. Products of the Swedish brand are expensive, the average cost is from 35-40 thousand. rubles, the price is obviously tied to the build quality of the unit.
  • Refrigerators showed themselves on the positive side German company BoshThe company produces a wide range of refrigeration units from small portable to embedded and large models. Products are of high quality and modern design, powerful freezers. Regardless of the room temperature, the temperature inside the unit remains stable. Modern Bosh refrigerators always look stylish, energy-saving appliances are reliable and of high quality, the consumer always has the opportunity to choose a suitable option.
  • The fourth position in the ranking of refrigerators in terms of reliability and quality is korean brand samsung, the company produces a wide range of models of refrigerators. They are distinguished by stylish design, good quality and reliable customer service, all this attracts the majority of buyers. In the manufacture of technology used the latest technology, they are multifunctional, many of them have a built-in protection system against voltage surges. The advantages are stable temperature, low noise level in operation, ease of defrosting, fast cooling rate.
  • Fifth place is Atlant brand, refrigerators from the Minsk manufacturer are famous for reliability, durability and inexpensive repair in case of breakage. Pricing is also attractive to most consumers, and their excellent quality can be equated to many European brands, since they are also high-quality and reliable.
  • Units from Italian manufacturer Indesit, took the 6th place, they all differ in affordable prices and impeccable quality. The price depends on where they collected the refrigerator, if it is assembled in Italy, then it will cost more. Currently, the assembly is made in Russia, such models are cheaper, but they also differ in quality. All models are convenient in carrying out business tasks, they have an optimal price-quality ratio.
  • The seventh place in the top of the best refrigeration units is brand stinolthey fall into the category of economy class. Some models in their characteristics and design are not inferior to foreign counterparts. Despite the reliability, sometimes there are failures in the work of the domestic brand refrigerators. Buyers are offered a wide range of products at an affordable price.
  • Which refrigerator is betterEighth place in the list of the best brands allotted Candy, the units of this Italian brand look very stylish, but they are expensive. In addition to the high cost, it is worth noting their equally expensive service.
  • On the 9th place is company from Ukraine NordThe aggregates of this brand have always been distinguished by their quality and reasonable price, therefore they were very popular. In recent years, the brand has begun to disappoint customers, as products with marriage have often come across.
  • Refrigerators from the Turkish manufacturer Beko closes the top ten most popular refrigeration units. There are several models from this company that, in the opinion of buyers, work silently, are very reliable and functional. The average cost is 17-20 thousand rubles.


When choosing a refrigerator for your home, you can not give preference to only the most famous brands, because their products also break. Buying equipment you need to know about the availability of service, which will be located nearby in the city. Determining the choice of the most reliable refrigerator can help statistics statistics and consumer reviews, which does not make sense to advertise low-quality goods.