Technical description of how to repair microwave ovens do it yourselfAn unexpected failure of the microwave oven can upset any hostess. And when such a trouble arises, I want to immediately give the broken device to the nearest workshop or service center. If the warranty period for the device has not expired, then this solution will be the most correct. Otherwise, you need to be prepared for the fact that repairs will require certain costs.

If you focus on practical experience, then most often you have to deal with fairly simple problems. Therefore, if a person managed to get acquainted with the features of the operation of the furnace, then he will not be difficult to repair the samsung microwave with his own hands. To simplify this task, it would be useful to first familiarize yourself with the principles of operation of the microwave.


  • 1 Rules for using the microwave
    • 1.1 Why the microwave does not turn on
    • 1.2 The backlight is on, the table rotates when it starts, but the stove does not heat
  • 2 When to ring a transformer
    • 2.1 Lock system check
  • 3 Control unit faults
  • 4 Useful tips

Rules for using the microwave

List of microwave safety guidelinesMost often, the microwave oven fails due to non-compliance with the rules for using them or neglect. For the most part, the owner detects factory defects even during the period when the warranty is valid.

For this reason, he can contact the service center, where he can repair the faulty microwave samsung for free.

However, even before the start of finding out the causes of problems with the microwave and choosing a method of repairing a microwave oven with your own hands is useful read the security requirementsthat must be followed while using the microwave.

  • It is unacceptable to start the device magnetron when the door is open, there is a malfunction in the camera or waveguide.
  • It is forbidden to connect the magnetron in the case when it is removed from your workplace. Neglecting this advice, you are creating a threat to your life!
  • It is unacceptable to turn on the microwave in which the fan is faulty. If you try to turn on the device, it may be causing a magnetron breakdown.
  • Before you do anything with the elements, you must first de-energize the device and make sure that the high-voltage capacitor is discharged.
  • If you decide to install a new item instead of a defective item, then you need to use parts of a similar design.
  • When all the work is completed, you should make sure that there are no foreign objects in the waveguide. For this it is necessary to examine it most thoroughly.
  • You should not include a microwave oven, without placing in it a dish that must be cooked or reheated. Moreover, it must be remembered that it is allowed to put into the chamber water containers made of any materials, with the exception of metal.
  • Having started to disassemble a microwave oven for repair, it is desirable to capture the whole process on the camera from the first stage. This will help to further understand exactly how and where the dismantled elements should be installed.

Why the microwave does not turn on

The reasons that the microwave does not turn on and how to repairThere are several reasons that can lead to a similar fault. The first thing to do is measure supply voltage, which should be fed to the network filter board.

To do this, first remove the casing and begin to discharge the high-voltage capacitor. Then a multimeter is taken and they begin to ring the power cord.

A similar procedure should be applied to each of the three wires that run from the socket to the terminals. It is considered normal if the ground terminal on the outlet ringing on the body home appliance.

If no damage to the wire has been detected, then you should continue network fuse survey. Usually, it is allocated a place on the power filter board.

If it is found that it is not complete, then you should purchase the same part and install it in place of the damaged one. It should be remembered that a certain reason associated with overloading the device contributes to the safety of the fuse.

Therefore, in order to avoid the repetition of such troubles should examine carefully internal knots of the microwave oven. This operation must be performed with a flashlight and magnifier, examining one element after another.

The backlight is on, the table rotates when it starts, but the stove does not heat

Instructions on how to repair your own microwave oven that does not heatIf you are faced with a situation where, when starting a microwave, it does not cope with its task of heating, then the cause of this may be a high-voltage circuit failure or magnetron.

However, even before inspecting these items, make sure that there is no camera malfunction. Examining it, you should be interested in any pollution, signs of abraded enamel and burned holes. All this should be absent in it.

Pay attention to the left part of the camera, there is a rectangular window, made on the basis of a radio-transparent dielectric. You need to remove this disc and study it thoroughly from all angles.

First, remove any contamination found on it using alcohol. Then check that there there are no burned holes or dark spots caused by interaction with electrical discharges.

If your fears are justified, you must first install a new one in place of the defective item. Detection of such a fault suggests that the microwave oven most likely turned on without load or put it in metal objects or for a long time did not support it in a clean condition.

Considering the high-voltage circuit of the magnetron, it is necessary to take into account that its design contains quite significant elements:

  • transformer;
  • high voltage capacitors and diode;
  • safety diode.

The last element is quite vulnerable, since very often its ignition occurs in a situation when the device is used in modes not intended for this. Understanding where it is located is quite simple: as a rule, space is reserved for it. near the transformer, and he himself is usually enclosed in a special container.

Already by its appearance one can understand whether it is in working condition. If it becomes necessary to replace it, then when choosing a new safety diode it is necessary to pay attention that this part has the same rating.

When to ring a transformer

Description of the nuances of tinkering transformer microwave oven do-it-yourselfIt is necessary to resort to ringing a high-voltage transformer only under the condition that the load and the primary winding were disconnected. The shutdown procedure itself is performed as follows: this will require pliers with which the terminals are removed.

The normal indicator of the resistance of the primary winding is a value of 1.5 Ohm. As for the secondary high-voltage and secondary windings of incandescence, for them such indicators would be 110–120 Ohm and 0.1 Ohm, respectively.

If during the execution of such a test it was not possible to ring one of the windings, then this is a clear sign that transformer out of service and it needs to be replaced.

The design of the magnetron has a connector used to connect it to the transformer. Pinging resistance between the terminals and the housing is performed by pre-disconnecting the terminal.

If the operation was successful, it indicates that there are damages to the pass-through capacitors in the filter. In such cases, you can purchase a filter assembly or limit installing a new capacitorwhich must have a suitable value.

After removing the magnetron from your workplace, you can understand the condition of the antenna cap. If there are signs of combustion, it also need to find a replacement. Choosing a new part, it is necessary to take into account that it corresponds in size to the failed element.

You can also define magnetron insulator resource. If the antenna and its case are damaged, then this is a hint that the magnetron also needs to be replaced. If the microwave oven has been in operation for quite a long time, then such a solution will require a significant investment.

Lock system check

Sometimes even these measures do not allow the microwave oven to return to working condition. In this case, conduct a diagnosis of the system lock.

  1. The method of checking and repairing the locking system in the microwave ovenFirst of all, you need to inspect the oven door and determine how tightly it is adjacent and whether it is securely locked. For this purpose you should use a sheet of writing paper.
  2. Having placed inside the paper and having closed the door, it is necessary to make sure that the sheet is fixed along the entire perimeter of the door. At the same time in order to extract it from the camera, it is necessary to make considerable efforts.
  3. If in the closed state the sheet freely enters, then in order to bring the device to the working state, it is necessary to adjust the door.
  4. To configure, perform manipulations in two places: in the loop area and the lock. The main goal is to make the door fully and tightly adjacent to the base. Otherwise, the radiation generated by the furnace will begin to spread outside the instrument.
  5. Further, attention is paid to the microswitch in the open and closed states. You need to take a tester and ring them. When detecting malfunctions in the operation of at least one of them, it is imperative to change both of them, since their operational resource is the same.

Control unit faults

Expert advice on how to find faults in the microwave power supply and fix themSometimes the proposed measures do not allow the microwave oven to work when connected to the power circuit. In this case, the diagnostic activities continue and inspection of the control unit. To do this, you must remove the control board and carefully examine it with a magnifying glass.

Many types of boards are equipped separate fusewhich may burn during use.

A signal that it is not all right, will be a change in the state of the tracks, the formation of burning, traces of bulging capacitors, damage to diodes and zener diodes. To perform a paging procedure with a power transformer, it is necessary to unsolder it from the board.

It must be remembered that each model of the microwave oven provides its own scheme, which is why it is useless to give further recommendations on the repair of the control unit.

In either case, appropriate actions should be taken, and in the absence of understanding from the owner, as it is necessary to proceed, it is advisable not to engage in such a useless exercise, but to entrust this work qualified professionals.

If you do not have the slightest experience in repairing a microwave oven with your own hands, you must immediately understand that you cannot do as hard a job as repairing a microwave oven. Therefore, it is desirable to take it to the service center at the first signs of a malfunction.

Useful tips

With the microwave in your kitchen, you should handle it very carefully and accurately. follow all recommendationswhich are given by the manufacturer in the instruction manual of the device.

You can do the troubleshooting yourself if you have the necessary knowledge in electrical engineering and electronics.

Having decided to repair the furnace with your own hands, it is imperative to remember safety requirements, given that you will have to deal with increased voltage and microwave radiation.

If the malfunction of the microwave oven that you have been operating for the past 5 years is due to magnetron, here it is necessary to think not about replacing it with a new product, but to start looking for a new model Microwave ovens.