In the conditions of the modern world, when energy resources are constantly becoming more expensive, many people turn their attention to opportunities to save your money by using any alternative sources electricity.

This problem occupies the minds of not only homegrown inventors who are trying to find a solution at home with a soldering iron in their hands, but also real scientists. This is a question that has been discussed for a long time, and various attempts are being made to find new sources of electricity.


  • 1 Is it possible to get electricity from the air
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Is it possible to get electricity from the air

Perhaps many may think that this is frank nonsense. But the reality is that getting electricity from the air is possible. There are even schemes that can help create a device that can literally get this resource from nothing.

The principle of operation of such a device is that air is a carrier of static electricity, just in very small quantities, and if you create a suitable device, it is quite possible to accumulate electricity.

Experiments of famous scientists

How to make a device with your own handsYou can turn to the works of already well-known scientists who in the past tried to get electricity literally from the air. One of these people is the famous scientist Nikola Tesla. He was the first person to think about the fact that electricity can be obtained, roughly speaking, from nothing.

Of course, at the time of Tesla, it was not possible to record all of his experiments on video, so at the moment specialists one has to recreate his devices and the results of his research according to his records and the old testimonies of his contemporaries. And, thanks to the many experiments and research of modern scientists, you can build a device that will allow for the production of electricity.

Tesla determined that there is an electric between the base and the raised metal plate. the potential, which is a static electricity, he also determined that it can accumulate.

Subsequently, Nikola Tesla was able to design such a device that could accumulate a small amount of electricity, using only the potential that is contained in the air. By the way, Tesla himself assumed that the presence of electricity in its composition, the air is due to the sun's rays, which literally share their particles when penetrating space.

If we turn to the inventions of modern scientists, we can give an example of the device of Stephen Mark, who created toroidal generator that allows you to hold a lot more electricity, in contrast to the simplest inventions of this kind kind of. Its advantage lies in the fact that this invention is able to provide with electricity not only weak lighting devices, but also quite serious household appliances. This generator is able to carry out its work without water for quite a long time.

Simple schemes

There are fairly simple schemes that will help create a device that can generate and store electrical energy that is contained in the air. This is facilitated by the presence in the modern world of many networks, power lines, which contribute to the ionization of airspace.

  • This is one of the simplest schemes, thanks to which you can build a device for getting electricity from the air with your own hands. In principle, nothing complicated about it. The earth can serve as a base, while the antenna can be a metal plate that is placed above the ground. This allows the device to accumulate the contained electrical potential in the air, which can later be used.
  • It should be remembered that the creation of such a simple device with your own hands, even according to such a simple scheme, may be associated with certain risks. The fact is that during the operation of such a device, the principle of lightning is created, which can pose a certain danger when working with such a device.

Create a device that receives electricity from the air, and you can do it yourself, using only a fairly simple scheme. There are also various videos that can become that necessary instruction for the user.

Unfortunately, to create a powerful device with your own hands is very difficult. More complex devices involve the use of more serious schemes, which sometimes makes it difficult to create such an instrument.

You can try to create a more complex device. On the Internet are more complex schemes, as well as video instructions.

Video: homemade free energy generator