Multi-tariff electricity meter makes it possible to save.Unfortunately, energy tariffs increase with an enviable consistency, for this reason, energy efficiency and energy saving are becoming increasingly important. One of the easiest ways to save electricity is to install a multi-tariff meter.


  • 1 The principle of multitariff electricity metering
  • 2 How to save money with a multi-tariff electricity meter?
    • 2.1 Accounting system operating using two tariffs
    • 2.2 Accounting system that operates using three tariffs
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The principle of multitariff electricity metering

Residential buildings and industrial facilities during the day very unevenly consume electrical energy. At night, its consumption is minimal.Since most people sleep, almost all offices are closed, and there are not so many enterprises operating at full capacity in three shifts.

By morning, the picture is changing - people have woken up and are about to leave the house, turning on the lights, electric stoves, hair dryers, boilers, irons, toasters, multicookers and much more. In the offices, computers are turned on, machines are started up at production facilities, and public transport is being intensified, operating on electricity. By evening, people who came from work include even more electrical appliances, street lighting is lit, and entertainment facilities are opening.

The two-tariff counter allows to count day and night tariffs separately.As a result, during the day, the level of electricity consumption may vary significantly, causing peak load on the grid, which requires the provision of a certain power reserve for the entire power equipment.

In this regard, it seems reasonable to introduce separate tariffs for energy consumption accounting for day and night hours. Indeed, in this case, the consumer changing your daily routine could save a lotby reducing power consumption during peak hours.

It would all be unequivocally advantageous if the companies selling electricity set the tariff for night time lower than for day time. However, not everything is so simple, the energy companies not only reduced the night tariff, relatively one-rate, but also increased the daily rate. How to save under these conditions?

How to save money with a multi-tariff electricity meter?

The metering equipment consumed electricity, operating in several tariffs, may be different. There are both two and triple counters. For them developed separate tariff grids and, before buying such devices, you should carefully examine the prices of electricity at different times of the day and calculate which system of accounting will be more profitable in this region.

Accounting system operating using two tariffs

 A single-phase digital meter is configured for the desired number of tariffs.First, it is necessary to understand the principle of operation of the two-tariff counter. This equipment divides the day into two zones:

  1. Daily (from 7 to 23 hours).
  2. Night (from 23 to 7 hours).

Let's do a simple calculation. We take as a basis the single-rate tariff of 3 rubles / kWh, the daily rate - 3.30 rubles / kWh and the night tariff - 1.80 rubles / kWh. With this ratio in order so that in terms of expenditures a multi-tariff counter is at least equal to one-partIt is necessary that for each spent night kilowatt accounted for no more than 4 day. Therefore, the threshold of night consumption should not be less than 20%. However, for different regions of the Russian Federation, local administrations have established different ratios of tariffs for respectively, the threshold value will be different, for example, for Moscow it is 0.9%, and for Rostov the region - 27%.

But, nevertheless, for most Russian regions, this figure varies from 26% to 31%. Electricity trading companies set such a threshold after monitoring consumption, which showed that night hours account for between 25% and 31% of electricity consumption.

Accounting system that operates using three tariffs

The meter is programmed by a service specialist who sells electricity to you.Counters, in the work scheme of which three tariffs are laid, divide the day into the following zones:

  1. Night (from 23 to 7 hours).
  2. Half-peak (from 10 to 17 hours and from 21 to 23 hours).
  3. Peak (from 7 to 10 hours and from 17 to 21 hours).

Oddly enough, but the counting system with three tariffs is not much more complicated than with two. It happened because electricity companies equalized nightly rates 2 and 3 zonal meters, and the semi-peak tariff was at the same level as the usual one-rate tariff. Due to this, the semi-peak zone is simply not taken into account when calculating.

For example, in the Rostov region such tariffs work:

  1. The peak zone is 3.58 RUR / kWh.
  2. The semi-peak zone is 3.23 rubles / kWh.
  3. Night tariff - 2.68 rubles / kWh.

With this ratio, the electricity consumption at night should be at least 39% of the total per day. And, tariffs are calculated on the basis of average electricity consumption in the region. Respectively, average consumerBy setting yourself two or three tariff meters and continuing to consume electricity in the old mode will not receive any benefit.

Is it possible, in principle, to save money when installing multi-tariff metering devices for consumed electricity?

The easiest way to find out whether the transition to a multi-tariff accounting system is warranted can be special log of power consumption and enter the meter readings there at 7 and 23 hours for the device, which takes into account the two tariffs and at 7, 10, 17, 21 and 23 hours for the three tariffs for one month. Then carry out a simple calculation and make a conclusion.

As a rule, for an average tenant who does not have a large number on his square meters programmable household appliances, which will be included in accordance with the set schedule, payment only will increase. But who may receive small savings if desired, and the ability to turn on their equipment at night, these are owners of a large number of powerful electrical appliances:

  1. Bread makers
  2. Dishwashers.
  3. Boilers.
  4. Washing machines and so on.

Although in this rhythm of electrical equipment, there are also some disadvantages:

  1. The modern multi-tariff digital meter Mercury 200 is also used in apartments.Constant monitoring of the correct operation of the equipment at night leads to disruption of the daily rhythm of sleep and wakefulness of a person, and, consequently, to problems with his health.
  2. Leaving electrical appliances without control can cause a fire or flooding in the event of a breakdown.
  3. Noisy household appliances, for example, a washing machine operating at night, can provoke a scandal with neighbors.

Is the potential savings worth such sacrifices? You can calculate and draw a conclusion. The average energy consumption per family is about 300 kWh per month, and so, podnapryagshis, using all the possible benefits of the night rate, man achieves savings of 50%. And this is just a great result, to achieve which you will need to radically change your habits. In monetary terms, it comes out in the conditions of the Rostov region is 52.50 rubles. And the price of a simple counter operating on two tariffs is 1,500 rubles. Consequently, it will pay off for almost two and a half years.

Video: Multitariff counter

But there are also "pitfalls" of electricity metering:

  1. Reprogramming of the counter, which is necessary to produce in case of a change in the metering of electricity or the time account (borders of day and night tariffs may change, and also transitions to winter and summer time may be introduced or canceled time). The cost of the procedure for equipment operating on several tariffs ranges from 400 to 500 rubles, because of which it will pay off later for another 10 months.
  2. Regular calibration of meters, the cost of which may vary in different regions of the Federation.

In order to install a multi-tariff meter in an apartment, a specialist will be required.Considering all the positive and negative factors of replacing the counter working with one tariff for a multi-tariff unit, it can be concluded that this way to save money on electricity suitable only for households equipped with truly powerful consumers. Such as the lighting system of a large yard or greenhouse, borehole or sewage pumps, air conditioners or electric heating systems. In addition, all this equipment should work around the clock, or even better - at night and, most importantly, autonomously, without human intervention, so as not to turn all his free time into a race for savings.