From the consumption of electricity by household appliances directly depend on the cost of meters. How does the technique affect the total amount in the receipt?


  • 1 Basic household appliances that people use
  • 2 The amount of energy consumed
  • 3 How to save electricity

Basic household appliances that people use


At present, it is difficult to imagine your life without appliances such as a refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, television, etc.

Every day we use in the home a lot of equipment that works from the outlet. To have breakfast, you need to boil a kettle, get food from the fridge and heat them in the microwave. After eating the plates behind us, the dishwasher is cleaning, and dust from the carpet collects a vacuum cleaner.

In addition, to make our clothes look good, we use a washing machine and an iron. Well, leisure spend at a computer and TV.

The amount of energy consumed

Each of these devices has an average value of electricity consumption per hour. These data are reflected in the table.

Name of technology Consumption (W / h)
Washer 2500
Electric kettle 2000
Dishwasher 1200
A vacuum cleaner 1000
Microwave 1000
Hair dryer 500
Iron 500
Computer 200
Fridge 55
Television 50

How to save electricity

How to save electricity

One way to save is to buy energy-saving household appliances.

There are several simple methods by which you can reduce the amount in the receipt for electricity:

  • If you do not have a two-tariff counter, be sure to unplug all the main devices from the outlet at night, and remove the chargers for the gadgets immediately after the end of the equipment.
  • Do not put in the fridge hot dishes. Make sure that he is away from heating devices and periodically defrost it.
  • Do not overload the washing machine with things, it increases the power consumption by 10%. Also use medium or low temperature. Washing at 30 degrees allows you to spend 35% less energy than 40.
  • Clothes that require low temperature ironing can be treated with an iron after it is turned off.
  • Stop using the standby mode in TVs, computers and other equipment, it will save up to 200 kW per year.

Any household appliances consume a lot of electricity. Now you know the specific quantity for each device and can use this information to reduce costs.