Cable characteristicTo evenly distribute the electric current between each consumer, you need special wires. Today we will tell about the features and cable specifications cable VVGNG LS. Due to its voltage, weight, diameter, and other characteristics, the VVGNG cable LS and other cables of the VVGNG series can be installed in industrial and domestic conditions.


  • 1 General information about cables VVGNG and VVGNG LS
  • 2 Characteristics and meaning of abbreviation VVGNG
  • 3 Types of cable VVGNG, which means LS
  • 4 Overview and characteristics of the wire VVGNG LS

General information about cables VVGNG and VVGNG LS

Cable under the brand VVGNG is outdoorIt is used to provide power:

  • stationary electrical appliances;
  • mobile devices

VVGNG wire and its type LS in particular is universal and is able to work in different conditions. Key features of LS and other types such a The cable is as follows:

  • the cord can be laid in places of high humidity, for example, in the bathroom;
  • it is also laid at height, so this cable can be used when laying electrical networks in a mine or underground;
  • the cable is fire resistant, is not able to spread fire and does not smoke under the influence of an open fire;
  • technical characteristics allow the use of VVGNG LS in the enterprises of the chemical and petroleum industries.

Each type of cable in this series has different technical parameters. For example, the permissible current should have a voltage of up to 0.6 Volts maximum, but the cable certificate, depending on the type, may indicate that it is capable of great performance. The service life of cable VVGNG LS and other types of this series is about 20 years, but more often sellers declare a much longer period of course, if, of course, it is safe to use a cable and every few years check your communications for violations in isolation.

Most often such wire is used in rather dangerous conditions where the probability of ignition is very high. It is distinguished by its flexibility and durable insulation, which can hardly be damaged. A distinctive feature of OWGNG LS and other cables of this series is that they are not influenced not only by moisture, but also by vapors and aggressive gases.

Characteristics and meaning of abbreviation VVGNG

What does cable wwgng meanAny cable of the VVGNG series, including such type as LS, is powermade of copper, can have from one to three veins. Two-core models are very common for wiring in houses or apartments. Also, the number of cable conductors used directly affects its dimensions.

Any electrical products of the VVG series are equipped with a minimum residential cross-section of 1.5 square millimeters. But the cable itself can be large and have a much larger section, in particular, up to 230 square millimeters. If the cable is equipped with two conductors and more, then the number of its sections is 50 square millimeters maximum.

The size of the zero conductor depends directly on the main current-carrying conductors. For example, with a current-carrying core in sizes from 1.5 to 2.5, a zero cross section will have a cross section of 1.5, respectively.

The abbreviation VVGNG stands for:

  • In - a vinyl cover;
  • G - bare cable;
  • NG - nonflammable material.

Accordingly, the cable has a "bare" core, which is protected by double PVC insulation. The letter A is not in the title, respectively, the wire is made of copper, as we have already mentioned. And this is what the last Latin letters LS mean in the name WGNG LS, let's find out too, and also find out what other cable types exist.

Types of cable VVGNG, which means LS

Cable series subdivided into the following types:

  • Power cableAVVGNG-LS (or frls) - this wire is analogous to the standard VVG wire, but, unlike it, does not propagate current. Similar technical characteristics has also a model WGNG LS. The abbreviation LS means low smoke, that is, it is unable to burn. The letter A at the beginning says that the wire is made of aluminum, not copper;
  • VVGNG LS - a similar copper wire;
  • AVVGNG - has similar characteristics of the previous model, except that it does not have a low level of smoke. NG stands for incombustible;
  • VVGND - PVC cable, equipped with double insulation. The letter D in the name means double;
  • AKVVGng-LS (SLTX) aluminum control cable equipped with PVC insulation, unable to distribute smoke and fire. An analogue of this model is KVVGNG-1.5 or KVVGNG-2.5 and other wires with the letter K (control);
  • PVVGNG - the conductors of such a wire are covered with insulation based on thermally cross-linked polyethylene. This wire is flat, it is used for electrical wiring in industrial premises. Not able to burn.

Almost all types of cable brand VVGNG very rarely used for ordinary postings. Most often they are used in places of increased security, for example, in manufacturing or in wooden structures.

You can purchase any type of VVGNG anywhere, the cost of a meter of wire depends on how many lived on it and what is their section. The most common models are three-core with three-phase voltage.

Overview and characteristics of the wire VVGNG LS

Cable descriptionSuch a wire as VVGNG LS is equipped with single-wire or multi-wire cores having a circular or sector shape.

VVGNG LS is used for the purpose of transmission and distribution of electricity in fixed installations of nominal alternating voltage from 660 to 100 V, taking into account the frequency of the current 50 Hz maximum. VVGNG LS can be used for installation in public and industrial buildings, where there are increased requirements for fire safety. With by this it is not recommended to be used underground without means of special protection, for example, a metal hose, thanks to which the wire sheath will not be damaged and to keep its characteristics as long as possible time.

Wires of this brand should be purchased at verified retail outlets and make sure with the purchase that the product meets all required fire safety standards, and all certificates are attached to it quality.

So, key applications WGNG LS products are:

  • transmission and distribution of electricity in stationary installations;
  • installation and use on industrial buildings and high-rise buildings with a higher safety class;
  • installation at nuclear power plants of classes from 2 to 4 according to the classification of OPB-88/97;
  • use in any dry and wet rooms;
  • laying in the air.

In addition, the wire VVGNG LS may be used for group laying in special bundles so that it does not propagate burning. In order to improve the technical and operational characteristics of the product, it is possible to use a filler from a special fireproof and self-extinguishing plastic compound based on PVC. With its help, the space is filled with thin-carrying insulated conductors and the outer sheath of the wire.

Components of wires VVGNG LS these are:

  • Cable mark wwgngCopper thin conductor of 1 or 2 classes according to GOST;
  • PVC-based plastic insulation, which has a reduced fire safety level. If the cable has many lived, then it has a distinctive color or special marking;
  • insulated conductors twisted among themselves;
  • PVC filling with plastic;
  • PVC-plastic shell.

Wire brand VVGNG LS can be used at a temperature of from 30 to 50 degrees. The power cable can be used at a temperature of 35 degrees inclusive and with a humidity of not more than 09 percent. To install and run a wire without a pre-heating procedure, the maximum temperature should be no more than 15 degrees.

The minimum bending radius in the absence of a violation of the integrity of the cable in the presence of single-wire cores is 10 external diameters. If the wire is equipped with stranded conductors, then such a radius should not exceed 7.5 external diameters.

The maximum heating temperature at which the structure is allowed to operate is 70 degrees, and here is the temperature limit for cable cores is 400 degrees, provided there is no fire

Under the right conditions of use, the service life of the AWGNG LS may be about 30 years old and even more.

So, you have learned what the wires of the VVGNG series are, and also got acquainted with their technical characteristics and areas of application.