Bright light LED lampRecently, lighting devices with LED lamps, which have low power consumption, long service life and reliable operation, are gaining more and more popularity. Such devices include LED lamp with built-in motion sensor.


  • 1 LED lamps - the appointment and principle of operation
    • 1.1 Types of LED lamps
    • 1.2 LED Lighting Designs
    • 1.3 Installation and adjustment of lamps
  • 2 LED lamps for lamps
    • 2.1 Important factors for choosing LED lamps
  • 3 Reviews of LED lamps for apartments

LED lamps - the appointment and principle of operation

The work of such a lamp is controlled automatically, without human intervention. To turn the device on and off, you must create certain conditions.

  • LED lights are often equipped with motion sensors.Diode lamps are used in various areas. They can be installed in apartments, private houses, industrial buildingsx, office space or apply for street lighting.
  • Principle of operation device is based on his auto power on signalcoming from the motion sensor, which responds to the appearance in its area of ​​action of a moving object. If there is no action in the sensor area, after a certain period of time the lamp turns off.
  • As motion sensors are used passive infrared devicesWith excellent sensitivity, good performance and low cost.
  • The principle of operation of sensors is based on polyelectric effect. The sensing element of the device responds to changes in temperature when moving objects with a certain body temperature and a certain volume appear.
  • The lamp with which the lamp is equipped consists ofLED matrix with radiator cooling, optical diffuser and electronic unit. All elements are combined in a common building.

To provide energy savings lamps with motion sensors and LED lamps are able, thanks to two circumstances:

  1. Turning on the device only for the time when moving objects appear in its zone.
  2. The use of LED lamps with low power consumption.

Types of LED lamps

Lighting lamps may vary in color radiation.

  • LED lamp is an economical solution for lighting.Elements of white glow intended for street lighting.
  • Neutral White are applied in production shops and office rooms.
  • Yellow light bulbs need for domestic lighting.
  • For decorative lighting are made lighting elements of multicolored glow.

LED Lighting Designs

Products are made in several forms:

  1. LED lamps with a built-in motion sensor are used in apartments, houses, and entrances instead of ordinary and fluorescent incandescent lamps.
  2. LED spotlights are used for directional lighting inside or outside the premises.
  3. LED lights with motion sensors are installed in parks, squares, along streets and in certain parts of the area.

Motion sensors can be built into the luminaire housing or located in a separate housing that is attached to the luminaire or installed separately.

Installation and adjustment of lamps

You can install, connect and adjust the diode lamps yourself. The method of their installation depends on the design of the device.

  • Device with built-in, or mounted on the body of the sensor is installed in the right place of the device.
  • Separate motion sensor and the lamp can be installed at a distance from each other, connecting them with wires.

According to the scheme, which is specified in the instructions for the device, the devices are connected to the mains.

After connecting all the elements, their adjustment is required. You will need to adjust the luminous flux in the desired direction and adjust the sensor parameters for sensitivity, lamp on time and light level. Some instruments require a viewing angle setting.

LED lamps for lamps

In everyday life, LED elements have appeared quite recently, but their popularity is growing every day. This is due to the many advantages that these products have.

  • The main advantage of such lamps is low power consumption. They consume electricity several times less than incandescent bulbs.
  • The service life of LED products reaches fifty thousand hours. This is about ten years of continuous work. The average lifetime of energy-saving lamps is ten thousand hours, and incandescent lamps have to work for one thousand hours.
  • Lamps with LED elements can be used as the main light in desk lamps, night lamps, flashlights, to illuminate the interior.
  • LED lamps do not contain toxic and harmful substances to humans and the environment.

The only drawback of the item is its high price.

LED are produced standard socket lamps, so you can screw them without the help of an adapter in the usual cartridges. The devices look attractive on suspended and stretch ceilings.

Important factors for choosing LED lamps

Voltage and power

  • Lamps should be selected such power, which is already installed in the apartment. If it is not enough, then items with high power consumption are purchased.
  • For safe lighting of premises with high humidity should select lamps operating from 12 V. They must be connected with a special step-down transformer.

Base Type

For LED lamps, a large number of types of caps are used. It is worth considering only those that are most often used in apartments.

  • LED lamps for the home may have a white or yellow light.The E14 is a small base screwed into a cartridge with a small diameter.
  • E27 is the most familiar base for a standard cartridge.
  • T8 base is available for elements that replace fluorescent tubular lighting. Lamps are sixty to one hundred and twenty centimeters long.
  • G 9 are two arc-curved pins. Products with such a cap are designed for decorative point devices.
  • GU 5.3 base consists of two pins and is inserted without any rotation in the spotlights.
  • GU 10 can be compared with the previous base. They differ only in the thickness of the pins.

Therefore, the lamp should be selected depending on the available cartridges in the lamps.

Manufacturer's Warranty

LED lights can be very attractive.There is no way to ignore this selection criterion, since the quality and durability of the product depends on the manufacturer. LED lamps are quite expensive, so it is recommended to choose an element for which a longer warranty period is given. For such lamps, the maximum guarantee is given by the Chinese company Maxus.

And, although LED lamps are quite expensive, their technology continues to evolve. Experts believe that the products have many prospects and the future for them.

Reviews of LED lamps for apartments

At an exhibition in Moscow three years ago I bought such a lamp. Another gave a gift. Work until now. Turns on instantly, the light is pleasant, bright and not rippling. The economy of electricity is noticeable. I decided to change all over the house and in St. Petersburg I bought five more. I have been given guarantees for ten years. I hope not to be needed.

Gennady, St. Petersburg

I want to leave a review about the LED lamp, which my friend advised me to buy. In my room a single Ilyich light bulb burned out, to replace which I purchased a novelty of artificial lighting. It was written on the box that it has a cool glow color. I did not notice this. It seems to me neutral and very pleasant. The whole room is lit evenly and brighter. The lighting is very pleased. Sometimes I even forget that the light is artificial and the window is dark for a long time. After a while, a very pleasant surprise happened when I received a receipt for the payment of electricity. After the calculations, I decided to buy five more such bulbs by winter. Of course, they are expensive, but they will pay for themselves in six months.

Evgenia, Moscow

Two years ago I visited the exhibition of Russian nano-products in LenExpo. There was a rack LED light bulbs. I had never heard of them before, I used bluish energy-saving paws-spirals. And then I believed the reviews of girls behind the counter and bought one with a power of 11 watts. It shines perfectly, just like old 100 volt incandescent bulbs. The light from it is more pleasant than from light bulbs.

It is already two years old and does not cause any complaints. By the way, when I screwed it in, I dropped it, but it didn't break. I was particularly impressed by the fact that in the spring during a thunderstorm, my good TV burned out, and the “beauty” still shines, and did not even blink. After that, gradually buy LED bulbs and install them throughout the apartment. And one more pleasant moment is that the warranty on it is ten years, which means it is possible to change the lamp at any time.

Maxim, St. Petersburg

Read about LED bulbs reviews. There are only positive. No wonder in Russia adopted a program for their production. After all, all modern car models are equipped with such lamps. And the resource is quite significant, and evenly and brightly shine, and economically. Even Chinese LED lamps of average quality in energy saving have left an ordinary incandescent bulb far behind.

Alexander, Volgograd

In our house, the kitchen is the main habitat of my family. Therefore, the light is almost always there. Every month we had to change incandescent bulbs that we used before that time. And with the chandelier itself something is not, apparently, because of the large number of lamps that are installed in it.

Two years ago, I accidentally read reviews about LED lamps and started buying them one by one. Now I come to the chandelier only once a year and then to wipe off the dust. I want to screw the same light bulb on the landing. Another advantage is that now you do not have to strain because of the high power consumption. A chandelier with five horns consumes as much as a single bulb in a 60-watt corridor. At the expense of shades of color and light I want to say that the kitchen is as light and comfortable as it was when incandescent lamps were burning.

Ksenia, Moscow

I believe that LED light bulbs are indispensable for spotlights. Probably, many have already regretted that they installed lamps with halogen elements that heat up so that they burn plastic and some types of stretch ceilings. They are inexpensive, but their average service life is only about a month. But the LED heating have no, and you can install them anywhere. They have a long service life and low power consumption. All this is necessary for everyone. I can’t say anything bad about them, my reviews are only good.

Boris, Krasnoyarsk