What to look for when choosing input automationThe vast majority of buyers do not have sufficient knowledge and often believe the words of sellers. Those, in turn, benefit from this and offer switchboard and electric generator low-quality equipment that can even pose a health risk people. So that sellers are not misled when buying a generator with automatic, the following information will be useful to you.


  • 1 What is the automatic transfer of a reserve?
  • 2 How does AVR work?
  • 3 How to choose automatics for the generator?
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  • 4 What is fraught with the use of inexpensive AVR?
  • 5 Automation without controller
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  • 6 How should I choose ABP?
  • 7 Conclusion
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What is the automatic transfer of a reserve?

How does ABP workFirst, it does not hurt us to find out what is meant by this abbreviation. For professionals, it means like reserve transfer switch (AVR), but its consumers associate with an automatic device for switching the main circuit to the power station and back. This adaptation is characterized by a rather simple principle of operation.

How does AVR work?

Features of operation AVRThe main role in the operation of this switch is assigned to the contactor group. This is a group of contactors, which, in fact, represent the elements that control the presence of light.

If the light disappears, the corresponding signal from the contactors comes to the control mechanism. The latter is the controller. Commands are already coming from him further, and they become the basis for switching to the generator power supply and turning it on. At that moment, when the main network starts working, the controller switch back to the networkas a result, the electrical installation is disconnected. This is the essence of the operation of the automatic switch.

Having figured out how the ATS works, you can pay attention to the features of the choice of automation, which will help avoid problems when using this switch. Most consumers do not consider it necessary, when choosing a generator, to pay attention to automation for power plants. And in this they are mistaken. The fact is that in case of using low-quality automatics, the latter, after 6 months of work, begins make an unpleasant noise, it becomes overheated in a year, against the background of which the probability of occurrence increases fire And this is already poses a serious danger not only for devices and devices installed in the building, but also for people living in it.

How to choose automatics for the generator?

Automation for the generator is presented in 2 versions:

  • Automatic input of a reserve (AVR) - the method of protection intended for uninterrupted work of a network of power supplyBox with contactors. If we are talking about industrial-type power stations equipped with an automatic panel, then it is not necessary to use a full shield for them. The fact is that the electric generator already has everything you need: a controller; circuit breakers, etc. For this reason, power plants of this type are usually equipped with a box with contactors and an emergency shutdown button. There is no great need to dwell on this type. The only thing you should pay attention to when choosing - purchased contactors should not be made in Chinaand the device itself must be equipped with an emergency shutdown button for the electrical installation.
  • Full board AVR. They equip portable equipment with a manual panel. It is most often associated with him with a large number of cases of consumer fraud. Despite the fact that such products do not meet the requirements that must be met with respect to such devices, however, they are asking for a lot of money.

Video: AVR for the generator

What is fraught with the use of inexpensive AVR?

Features selection AVRSometimes you can find such sellers who offer automation units that are not actually such. For example, there are many sites on the Internet where stores sell automation for 8-12 thousand each. rubles, and the price of some models may be even less - 3500. However, you should not have high hopes in relation to the switchboard equipment market. What, then, does a consumer get when he purchases products from a seller called an automatic start unit? Products, on which the seller has set a price of 12 000 p., Is just a parody of the management of the power plant.

To connect here a special Chinese connector is used, which is mounted directly in the panel. At the same time, there is no talk about any functions of real automation here. But the most important thing here is that to control the work of the generator with the help of such a unit, not electromechanical elements designed for continuous operation and overload, and electronic Components. This creates a serious threat.

If the mains voltage "jumps" strongly, then:

  • automatic does not work, producing an instant blackout.
  • appliances (refrigerator, TV) and wiring is deprived of protection against combustion.

This leads to the fact that she herself burns. Similarly, work and automation offered for 5500 p. They are equipped with just a fee, and the responsibility for disconnecting and switching on is assigned to electronic components that operate on the principle of “weak point”. Such products not only can not effectively cope with the task assigned to them, but can also create a serious danger. The real automatic input of a reserve is offered at the price of 30-40 thousand. rub. at 25-63 A.

Automation without controller

The principle of operation of ABPEnough in large quantities are presented in stores modifications AVR, offered at discounted prices. What does a consumer get by choosing similar automation? This product will fully meet all the requirements that apply to it. However here there is a serious flawwhich is the absence of some controls. For example, individual models may be deprived of a controller. Could this adversely affect the operation of the device? Naturally, since it is the controller that determines the parameters of the electrical installation control.

Automation in a similar embodiment can not turn off the network at low and high voltageas well as monitor the parameters of the power plant, record important events and errors, based on which diagnostics will be performed later.

In practice, the operation of the ATS unit will be as follows: one or two LEDs will act as informing elements, and According to the instructions, one blinking will correspond to one situation, double blinking will correspond to another situation, and if there is a pause between blinking - the third situation. If you entrust the installation of this device to the master, then do not be surprised if he refuses to work with this parody or requires you to increase the payment for the work.

Video: AVR the simplest scheme

How should I choose ABP?

So that when you purchase an automatic start unit for an electric generator, you are not disappointed with your decision, you need to adhere to the following rules:

  • AVR (automatic input of a reserve) for the generatorThe AVR unit must be equipped with ABB / Schneider Electric contactors.
  • The DATAKOM / DeepSea controller must be present on the shield.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the front panel of the shield, where the following items must be present: emergency shutdown button, ammeter, voltmeter, light indication of the network / generator, device for switching to manual mode, manual mode control.
  • For a unit designed for outdoor installation, the presence of an IP44-65 protection cabinet is mandatory.
  • Elements located in the cabinet must be labeled in accordance with the scheme.
  • For the cabinet must be provided instructions for use, which should be supplemented by the scheme ABP.

Do not be shy require the seller all these items and then the automation will simplify for you the task of controlling the power plant.


What is automatic transfer of reserves?Automatic input reserve requires a competent approach to his choice, since the quality of the generator depends on a quality product. Given that the majority of consumers do not know how this device should look, they often take for it products that are not.

As a result, having bought an inexpensive ATS unit for 5-10 thousand, they expect that the electric generator will work for the duration stated by the manufacturer. However, in practice everything happens quite differently. Therefore, in order to prevent such an error, you should not rely on your own knowledge when choosing such a complex device as an automatic transfer reserve. This should be done at least in the presence of a qualified professional.

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