Patch cord, he is a twisted pair - a rather fragile thing that loves careful handling. Today we will figure out how to fix the Internet cable, if something happened to it.


  • 1 Causes of breakage or fracture
  • 2 How to fix the wire
  • 3 Connector repair

Causes of breakage or fracture

The cable cores are made of an alloy containing aluminum. This makes them resistant to stretching, but very fragile at break. Therefore, the main causes of breakdowns are associated with twisted pair bends in a certain place. Also often connectors made of brittle plastic fail.

Damaged twisted pair

The main reason for wire breakage: careless handling

How to fix the wire

Repair the damaged twisted pair is easy, for this we recommend performing a simple sequence of actions:

  1. Find the fracture site by visual inspection and cable groping.
  2. Using nippers, remove the damaged area, stepping back from the break by 3 centimeters in each direction.
  3. Strip the outer insulation carefully. It is necessary to release about 10-15 mm of each core. You can do this with a stationery knife.
    The main thing,Do not damage the inner cores!
    Twisted pair

    It consists of several pairs of insulated conductors, twisted among themselves and covered with plastic sheath.

  4. Connect the wires by color: blue - with blue, orange - with orange and so on. Distribute them so that it is convenient to work with them, as shown in the example.
    Twisted pair without insulation

    After cleaning lived it is best to arrange the two parts of the wire opposite each other and distribute the wires to colors

  5. Using a pipette, apply a drop of flux to the two soldered wires (ZIL-2 grade recommended). Dip the soldering iron in the solder with rosin and, by connecting the stripped aluminum parts of the cores, heat the connection.
  6. Close the soldering spot with a small piece of electrical tape. It is important that the insulation is as thin as possible.
    Twisted pair connection

    This procedure should be done for each pair of single-color wires.

  7. Repeat steps 6–7 for the remaining pairs.
  8. Wrap the resulting construction tightly with tape. Done, the wire can be used.

Connector repair

For this operation, you need to buy several RJ-45 connectors and a special tool - crimping shears. You can find these things in any store for electricians.

Algorithm repair:

  1. Cut a small section of the cable with a broken connector. Use wire cutters for this.
  2. Remove 10–15 mm of outer insulation using a stationery knife.
    Cutting twisted pair with nippers

    Another effective way to work with wire

  3. Arrange the inner conductors in a row by color and trim the length with nippers. You do not need to clean them. The most popular crimping pattern is shown in the picture.
    Pinout twisted pair

    This is a schema needed to understand the order of the contacts.

  4. Insert them inside the new connector. Ensure that the wiring sequence does not change. If everything is in order, with a slight pressure on the cable, insert the wires into their slots up to the stop.
    Twisted pair and connector

    Connector must be positioned so that the plastic latch is at the bottom

  5. Insert the connector into the appropriate crimping nest and squeeze it several times.
    Crimping Pliers

    A tool without which it is impossible to properly crimp a twisted pair

  6. Pull out cable from crimp. Assess the strength of the connection.

As you can see, both methods of cable repair are quite simple, especially if you already have experience with soldering irons and wires. If you took up the repair of a twisted pair for the first time, do not worry, just follow the sequence of actions and show some patience.