How to choose an electric tengAny heater would be a completely useless object without such an important element as an electric heater. At first glance, a seemingly insignificant detail determines the entire activity of the water heater. In this article we will consider the features of these devices.


  • 1 Electric heaters
    • 1.1 general characteristics
    • 1.2 Varieties
  • 2 Electric water heater
    • 2.1 general information
    • 2.2 The advantages of devices

Electric heaters

Electric heaters are an indispensable component for heating water, oil and gas. The part is removable, which guarantees uninterrupted operation of the device in case of failure of this element.

general characteristics

Water heating elementElectric teng is a specific design that is widely used today. She is capable convert electrical energy in heat. It is very convenient both from a practical point of view and from the side of cost saving.

To the category under consideration can be attributed the standard heaters for water heaters, which can be found in ordinary apartments, and larger, more powerful machines, used mainly in industry. In the first case, 220 V is sufficient, and in the second - 380 V.

In any case, no matter what power to consider the device, it will consist of heating elements, which in the device are located in a particular environment. The body is always manufactured using a special technology, as a rule, carbon steel is used for this, which is not susceptible to corrosion.

Electric heater able to heat the following media:

  • water;
  • streams from gas that are both at rest and in motion;
  • acid, alkali;
  • saltpeter;
  • metals easily meltable;
  • oils.

Depending on what substance is to be heated, electric heaters differ from each other.


Despite the common purpose, electric heaters can vary in design.

There are two types of element:

  • double end;
  • single-ended.

All of them are used for water heaters. The first option is the most common, it is part of most water heaters. The second option is a cartridge tena, it is used in a fairly narrow, professional field. Usually this includes casting plastic products.

Depending on what problem you need to solve an electric water heater, Emit various configurations:

  • flat;
  • tubular;
  • with hose clamp;
  • cartridge case.

Widespread use of flexible teng. It is capable of heating various components of industrial equipment, items of commercial purpose. Water heaters are a great way to profitably convert electrical energy into heat energy. In the process of operation of such a device, a certain amount of water is heated.

Electric water heater

Such a device is also called a tubular water heater. The name is explained by the composition of the device.

general information

How does electric teng work?Electric water heater consists of a tubemade of steel or copper. Inside it is a dielectric that conducts heat and the filament.

The device works due to the fact that the current gradually affects the filament, and the dielectric conducts heat to the tube itself, which distributes heat to its environment.

Tena for water heaters are able to heat water to the required temperature, including up to 100 degrees. It can be both standard household water heaters and heat guns, autoclaves. In order to heat a much larger amount of water or to reach the highest temperature, apply tubular electric heaters. They are more powerful than standard ones.

Water tene can vary depending on the power, its shape and size, as well as the structure of internal parts. For example, the differences may be in the distance between the contacts, in the thread. It is important to know about all the features of the device before purchasing it.

The advantages of devices

In the form of a heating element is most often used a spiral made of wire. The function of the outer shell is played by a tube, it is made of stainless steel. Due to the properties of the shell Teng sealed, protected from all sorts of damage.

The merits of electric water heaters can be called:

  • universality;
  • reliability;
  • security.

The first quality is explained by the fact that the device is able to heat various volumes of liquid to the optimum temperature. The heater is ready to serve for a long time. Sometimes this device works for about 10,000 hours. The operation of the device is completely safe, you only need to adhere to the rules of operation.

Once you have decided on the choice of teng, it is important to pay attention to voltage matching other product parameters. It is power, its shape and location. In order for the device to serve for a long time, it is important to periodically clean it.