Electric boiler heatingThe possibilities of electric heating are increasingly being used by owners of country houses and cottages. The main advantages of such devices are high efficiency, economy and ease of temperature control. To make such an electric heating system as efficient as possible, you need to correctly select the heating boiler. The demand for electric heating contributed to the appearance on the market of a huge selection of electric boilers of various sizes and capacities. What electrical equipment for home heating is best to choose?


  • 1 What types of electric boilers are there?
  • 2 What is included?
  • 3 How is the electrical system installed?
  • 4 Pros and cons of electric boilers
  • 5 Which electric boiler is better to buy?
  • 6 The design of the housing heating system

What types of electric boilers are there?

How to monitor the heating systemNever focus on the appearance of the heating boiler. The best electric boiler is the one that will provide maximum space heating. First you need to pay attention on the way to connect to the network

, boiler power control and internal design. It is important to determine the set of functions that will be performed by the heating system. If, in addition to heating the rooms, you want to supply the house with hot water, then you should look at the models of dual-circuit devices.

The connection may be single phase or three phase. Boilers with the lowest power can be bought from any of several types. The most powerful boilers can only be three-phase. The choice of one or another type of system should be made taking into account the specifics of the local power grid. Before buying an electric boiler for heating a private house, discuss this matter with the electricians.

Electric boilers can be electrode and tenovy. Electrode devices have water purification technology. This is the most progressive version of the system, but has a lot of restrictions on use.

Power control can be smooth or stepped. Systems may have independent heating details. To properly set the temperature and adjust the cost of electrical energy, you can immediately enable or disable some of them. This adjustment can be stepped. Typically, the filling of the boiler has three heating parts, one of which provides half of the maximum power of the boiler system, and the other two - 25% each. However, only available 4 degrees of power - 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%.

If you need a specific adjustment, it is carried out in each room separately using a thermostat. Smooth adjustment is possible if there is a rheostat in the boiler structure. In more budgetary electric boilers that operate with the lowest capacity, there is no adjustment.

What is included?

How do installation of the heating systemThe electric boiler in the most complete set does not need retrofitting, so this equipment is selected as the most profitable and inexpensive option.

Modern manufacturers offer a variety of equipment electric boilers. You can give preference to those systems that have a full range of additional devices. If the system has all the equipment, it will cost more, but such a system is very easy to use.

What should be included? Pump, programmer and tank, various protective parts. Some protect the boiler by preventing water from freezing from the inside, and others from low pressure.

Some models have winter and summer modes of operation, as well as special cleaning filters. Such equipment can be called a mini boiler room. If you permanently live in a private house, then it is better to choose this version of the system.

How is the electrical system installed?

Wall-mounted electric boilers are in great demand than floor standing options, as they save much more free space in the room. Foreign electric boiler systems usually produced in wall form, and domestic can go in a floor complete set. Floor systems are used in heating systems with a larger amount of heat carrier.

Pros and cons of electric boilers

The advantages of electric boilers ahead of the advantages of gas and liquid fuel systems:

  • Low price.
  • Possibility of installation in any room where no permits are required.
  • The ability to leave the boiler turned on unattended.
  • Small size with high power.
  • No noise at work.
  • Use of environmentally friendly materials.

The disadvantages of electric boilers are operating costs, which are related to the high cost of electricity. In order to warm large areas of the premises, it is better not to use such boilers.

Cons of electronic systems heating electrode type:

  • High risk of electric shock.
  • Strong grounding is necessary because it is impossible to use a protective shutdown mechanism in such boilers due to a large leakage current.
  • It is necessary to carefully prepare the heat carrier to ensure the necessary electrical conductivity.
  • The high price of special non-freezing heat carriers and the impossibility of using simple non-freezing liquids.
  • Constant voltage surges cause rapid system wear.
  • Capacity depends on the temperature of the heat carrier in the heating system.
  • It is necessary to constantly monitor the current used.

Which electric boiler is better to buy?

Heating system in a private houseYou are still looking for electric heating boilers, how to choose one that would not consume a lot of energy and be reliable and durable? Electric boiler system can be purchased domestic or foreign manufacturing. Domestic electric boilers have a simple design, manufactured from budget components, making it cheaper to repair and manufacture. Usually they have a stepped adjustment.

Foreign boiler systems are much more complicated, they have smooth adjustment, often there are additional functions for convenient use - for example, you can program the operation of the boiler on week ahead. The power system must be selected on the basis of 1 kilowatt per 10 square meters. m. If you want to buy dual circuit option, then the power should be increased by 25%. It is much better if there is a spare power to compensate for the voltage drop in the network.

If you refer to real professionals, you can quickly and easily install electric boilers for heating a house. It is experienced specialists who will advise you on all possible issues, give advice, make the installation and provide you with a guarantee and quality service. A lot of online stores that offer only high-quality and reliable electrical systems at attractive prices. A wide range of models, competent advice, low prices - all this allows you to make a bargain purchase for your home.

The design of the housing heating system

Professionals draw attention to the fact that it is necessary to choose models that have a closed case. This option is ideal for families who raise young children. The closed design completely protects against unauthorized access to the equipment.

Products on the market divided into very large groups:

  • Boiler systems manufactured in Russia.
  • Boiler systems of foreign manufacture.

Electric heating boilerIf the house is very large, where the heating system needs a significant amount of water, it is better to choose a Russian-made electric boiler. In small rooms it is better to mount flat options. European models look great in apartments. They do not consume much energy, have high efficiency and easy control.

The implementation of heating is an extremely difficult process. The heart of such a system is the boiler, and a lot depends on the right choice.

If suddenly you decide to install a heating system in a private house, then think carefully about electricity costs, and if this does not stop you, then buy an electric boiler for private houses.