Digital TV connection - connection scheme of the set-top box.The whole world has long since switched to digital television. Our country has started the transition process from analogue signal transfer relatively recently. Digital television has contributed to the emergence of digital channels broadcasting throughout the country. TVs supporting DVB-T 2 digital broadcasting have appeared on the market.

It is very convenient, just connect the TV cable to the TV, and no other wires will be needed anymore. But, if TV does not support digital broadcasting, here a digital prefix comes to the rescue. Many, purchasing this device, do not know how to properly connect it to the TV. Therefore, it is necessary to fill this information gap.


  • 1 Required equipment
    • 1.1 How to connect a digital set-top box
    • 1.2 Setting up a digital set-top box
    • 1.3 Connecting a digital device to an old TV
  • 2 Conclusion

Required equipment

For digital TV to broadcast in the apartment, you need the following equipment:

  • television;
  • receiver;
  • antenna or satellite dish.

The TV should have connectors for a digital set-top box, all modern models are equipped with them.The TV should be such that it has an input for the antenna, connectors for "tulips", scart - an input with a video input. Modern TVs have a hdmi - connector, it is also suitable for connecting a receiver.

Before you buy a set-top box, you must familiarize yourself with the list of companies that provide digital television broadcasting services. Can consult with experts selected companies that will advise the required receiver model. Some companies hold promotions that allow you to purchase and install the device for free.

The prefix itself is just an attribute that allows you to receive and adjust for a particular TV channels broadcast in a completely new format and much better quality. To broadcast through the receiver, you should understand the source of the broadcast. It may be:

  • the Internet;
  • satellite dish;
  • other similar items.

However, you should not worry too much about this issue, you just need to contact the service providers, who will explain everything in detail.

How to connect a digital set-top box

The receiver can support multiple TVs at the same time.This console can be connected not only to the TV, but also to dvd - player and monitor. If the receiver is not connected to a TV, you will need a special adapter to connect the cable to the device. This adapter is sold in any electronics store.

Connecting the set-top box to the TV as follows:

  • It is necessary to unpack the set-top box and remove the protective film from it. This is done so that the film during the operation of the console does not heat up.
  • The cable is taken and the protective sheath is cut off from its ends, retreating by 10–15 mm. The shell must be cut in such a way that it does not accidentally damage the shiny film protecting the center conductor. Such a film is shielding.
  • The connectors on the digital console can also be different for different TV models.Carefully bend the film and fasten f-connectors.
  • Then connect the cable set-top box to the TV.
  • After that, connect the wire-tulips to the console and the TV.
  • At the end, an antenna is connected to the TV. Install the antenna is necessary on the outside of the house or on the balcony. At the same time it is necessary to ensure that the antenna does not interfere with the wires of the power lines or tree branches.

After that, it remains only to configure the digital receiver.

Setting up a digital set-top box

Configure the digital set-top box as follows:

  • take the console's remote control and press the "Menu" button;
  • a window will appear in which you need to select the item “Configure channels”;
  • press "OK" and wait until the console automatically tunes the channels;
  • then you must take the detected channels and save them.

Thus, setting up the receiver is quite simple.

Connecting a digital device to an old TV

Adapter cables for different connector options.Many still use the old TV models. If the prefix joins modern models quickly and easily, then old "electrons" do not have a connector for "tulips".

Some older TVs do not have an A / V input, but they do have a SCART connector, some of which connect to component signals. Therefore, you can find the scheme of the adapter "tulips" on the SCART and solder.

In addition, you can purchase an adapter from audio-video to SCART. It is of two types: adapter cable and the adapter itselfTo which connect regular RCA - a cable from a prefix.

The old Soviet “Electron” type TVs are not equipped with any inputs at all, so only the antenna jack should be used where the high-frequency modulated signal is fed. Thus, it will be necessary to find a modulator with RCA inputs.


Digital TV set-top box can have its own convenient remote control.Having connected digital television, you should not forget to pay each month for a certain package of channels. Some providers offer the purchase of digital set-top boxes with a set of digital TV channels.which are already included in the price.

The main thing is from time to time to be distracted from watching your favorite TV shows in order to devote time to your family.