How to use the electricity saving boxAn unusual product appeared on the market of electrical appliances - electricity saving box or economy of electricity. This small box, according to advertising, helps to significantly reduce energy consumption. Such a tempting offer at a very modest price can not leave indifferent. What is this device, what is its principle of operation and what do the reviews of real buyers say?


  • 1 Electricity saving box - divorce or true
    • 1.1 How it works?
    • 1.2 What does logic say?
    • 1.3 What does physics say?
    • 1.4 What is inside the device?
  • 2 Real user reviews
  • 3 Warn parents

Electricity saving box - divorce or true

At first sight device advertising page, which can be easily found on the Internet, is quite informative. The connection scheme of the electricity saving box is described, the principle of operation, tables of efficiency of use at various sites, and certificates of conformity are also available. There are many analogues with a very similar principle of operation.

How it works?

User reviews with the electricity saving boxSo, the principle of this device is concluded in that it extremely stabilizes the flow of energy, evenly distributing it. This is a kind of static converter, bringing order into the electrical chaos of a house filled with a variety of household appliances. It is promised to balance power surges during overload and network drops, because this device is capable

filter and eliminate similar phenomena. This should have a beneficial effect not only on the amount of energy consumed, but also on the duration of operation.

Install this unit in the immediate vicinity of the meter, simply by inserting it into a power outlet. Of course, before operating the electricity saving box, it is recommended that you read the instruction in detail. After that, turning on the device with one touch of a button, you begin to save up to 33% of electricity. Moreover, all these excellent opportunities for saving, according to sellers, are completely legal, because the device stands after the counter.

All of the above sounds fascinating, but let's explore whether this is true or another divorce of a naive buyer.

What does logic say?

Any sane person should guard two things:

  • Too much savings (up to 33%);
  • Low price ≈ 600-700 rubles (on the Internet);
  • Unknown brand.

First, such a large percentage of savings for such small money is already in doubt. And secondly, if this is a truly scientific development that demonstrates such high results, it will be released by a well-known company. The fact is that large corporations react very quickly, buying all the new items. The emergence of such an effective development in a little-known firm should be suspicious. As well as the distribution of the product through the distributor, and not their own representation, as befits a serious organization.

What does physics say?

Advertising slogans promise a lot of bonuses using the device. He plays the role of:

  • Energy Economist;
  • Mains voltage stabilizer;
  • Converter reactive current active.

To evaluate these aspects of this product, we need knowledge in the field of physics. If you investigate information from Internet sites, the effect of the device is checked by measuring the current in the network - before the device is turned on and after. Apparently, the consumption of electricity and the active power of the network is not involved in the measurements. However, any specialist will tell you that the total current in the network may decrease when the power factor fluctuates, while not reducing power consumption.

There are also versions that this unit converts free jet energy in active form. And here a knowledgeable specialist will tell you the fact that reactive energy exists for the functioning of electromagnetic fields, but is not transformed into other types. Active energy, therefore, bears its name, which is converted to other forms of energy for direct use.

Other distributors claim that this device detects a phase shift between the current and the mains voltage, but this is simply not possible with its connection method. Is it worth mentioning that the device simply does not have current sensors, without which it is impossible to determine the phase shift. In addition, in promotional materials, sometimes instead of active power, the full appears, making the efficiency table more “visual”.

What is inside the device?

How to save electricityPromotional photos of the economics electricity saving box are full of images of its appearance, but what is the filling? By opening this small plastic device, you can feel deeply disappointed - a few details instead of what the complex schemes of its internal structure promised. All that can be found in the megapribor: a diode bridge, a power supply, a capacitor and two diode bulbs. Even to the schoolboy it is clear that the flashlight is more like this than a serious device for such a great economy.

All the services that such a device can provide is the light of a tiny diode bulb. It is absolutely useless in everyday life only if you do not decide to use it as a decoration.

Real user reviews

Whatever arguments “for” and “against” are presented, potential buyers are interested in the final result of using this device. Such information can be told only by those who have already purchased the electricity saving box. Real reviews will help to finally figure out whether to take such a device yourself.

A couple of years ago, I also had the so-called electricity saving box. They gave it to me, assuring at the same time that now I will save up to 30% of electricity. I even got a demonstration of his “power” - the tester showed how strongly the current consumption indicator deviates. When demonstrating a miracle device to a familiar electrician, I was explained in a mild form what kind of box it was.

I did not despair, but experienced his work in real conditions, sticking the socket into the first one (according to the instructions). My family consistently consumes a certain amount of kW, the effect of the device did not change this flow even by 5%, not to mention 30%. It is sad that retirees seeking to save will fall for this trick and spend their already meager salaries for this divorce.

Pros: power consumption has not increased ...

Site with reviews of real users

How the electricity saving box worksI will say in support of the members of the forum, who caution against spending too much money on such things. Already more than one hundred people have fallen for this trick, which is not surprising given such an attractive prospect to save up to 30-50% of electricity. Placed a lot of pseudoscientific arguments and all sorts of efficiency tables, just to fool people’s heads.

Even the effect of voltage stabilization requires an expensive expensive and quite large unit, and what can this plastic box weighing 200 grams? Complete nonsense!

Feedback on the forum on "electricity saving box"

Fully aware of the delusional idea of ​​super-economy, I bought this electricity saving box for the sake of experiment. Measure consumption before and after - saving 0%. If I'm not mistaken, even 1 kW was added. When trying to contact them with questions, they hung up. Those who leave rave reviews about the miracle device on the forums could not be found. All this is obvious: full divorce. You can, of course, try, if not sorry for the money!

Feedback on the farm forum

You can also find positive reviews about the electricity saving box, which are strange, most likely purely advertising.

Warn parents

Energy saving deviceThere is a practice when representatives of similar companies selling appliances similar to the electricity saving box go home. Their clients are retired people who are not enlightened by Internet reviews of the wonders of scientific thought in the field of energy saving. They say that they are managers of a certain large energy company that cooperates with a pension fund. Further, it is reported that according to a special program for pensioners it is proposed to purchase an amazing device at a reduced price.

The old men, having heard of such a percentage of savings, are ready to pay, especially since the pension fund allegedly repays the principal amount. A lot of money is being paid from people, despite the fact that it costs much less on the Internet. But whatever the price, as reviews and tests have shown, such a device is absolutely useless.

Distributors of this wonderful device substitution of concepts is applied, incomplete information or half-truth. In fact, acquiring this electricity saving box, you get a pretty box with no less cute LED lights - that's all, about any savings and can be no question. In any case, this device is a pure divorce and fraud!