Electric cooker in the kitchenThe stove is the most important element of any kitchen. Today a large selection of such equipment is on sale, including built-in models. Due to the variety of dimensions, types of structures and design, it can be difficult to determine the necessary device.


  • 1 Main varieties
    • 1.1 Electric cooker with open TEN
    • 1.2 Slabs with a glass ceramic surface
    • 1.3 Induction cookers
  • 2 Advantages and disadvantages of electric stoves
  • 3 Main characteristics
    • 3.1 Sizes and energy class
    • 3.2 Control
    • 3.3 Working surface
    • 3.4 Burners
  • 4 Main functions

Main varieties

Electric cooker with open TEN

Such a small structure can be carried and even transported. It is distinguished by its low cost and compactness, which means that it can be used in a tiny kitchen.

It is important to remember that this technique consumes a lot of electricity, and it will be difficult to clean the structure from dirt. If you use such a device for a long time, then the tray will darken over time, which will negatively affect the reflection of heat.

Slabs with a glass ceramic surface

In most cases, such panels use halogen rings with light bulbs that generate heat. Naturally, the lamps can burn out, which is why the burner will fail. Therefore, in modern models it is customary to use rapid heat burners. Such embedded plates are heated on average in 10 seconds.

A novelty in the modern market of household appliances are Hi-Light burners. Here the heating element is represented by a corrugated tape, which is laid out very tightly. It will take no more than 5 seconds to heat the stove.

Some manufacturers offer electric stoves for the kitchen, in which the presence of Hi-Light and conventional halogen burners. Warming up happens very quickly, because the lamp first starts working, and then the spiral. Naturally, such built-in structures cannot be called inexpensive. Moreover, they consume a lot of energy.

Induction cookers

This home appliances is recognized as the most efficient and economical. Here, the bottom of the dishes is heated, and the burner itself is not highlighted and not heated. This is due to the fact that under the glass-ceramic surface there is a special unit that transmits energy.

It is worth noting that, unlike gas, induction maintains a significant range of temperatures. At the same time heat is not lost, which means that the power consumption will not be too large. If you put the dishes on the hob with a normal bottom, it will not turn on.

The advantage of such embedded kitchen appliances is instant warm-up and ease of care, because spilled food does not burn. This design is very expensive, and its operation is possible only with special dishes.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric stoves

The built-in or usual plate is considered very convenient in use. However, to choose the best option, you need to weigh the pros and cons.

Experts allocate many advantages of electric stoves.

  • What are the advantages of built-in ovens?No need to connect to the pipeline. This is very important for those houses that are not supplied with gas. In this case, the electric stove becomes a necessity.
  • Security. Through the use of such a design, no gas leakage occurs. Also, the burning of oxygen is not observed, which means that with the built-in stove turned on, there will be no headache. In addition, you can use the hood with a minimum capacity that saves money. Separately, it is worth mentioning the absence of an open fire, so you do not need to fear that a child or an elderly person will get burned.
  • Practicality. Modern built-in plates have a wide range of different functions. Moreover, it is very easy to wash such equipment.
  • Temperature mode. In modern models, you can immediately set a certain temperature, after which it will be maintained in automatic mode. This is a very important advantage, because the food will cook evenly. It will not remain raw inside and will not burn outside.

Naturally, like any household appliances, electric stoves have several disadvantages.

  • The need for special dishes. Naturally, this does not apply to all embedded technology. However, choosing an electric stove, it is important to pay attention to this factor. It is also worth noting that it will be possible to save on electricity by using flat-bottomed dishes. This is because the grooved surface will heat up longer.
  • The complexity of the installation. To put built-in or ordinary plate, you must first conduct the wiring. You will also need an outlet designed for heavy loads.
  • Power outages. In this case, there is a high risk of remaining hungry.
  • High cost. This is not about the cost of the embedded plate, but about utility costs. This is because the cost of gas is lower than the cost of electricity.
  • The need to comply with safety regulations. The electric stove is considered a powerful device. If you install it incorrectly, it may cause a fire.

Main characteristics

Sizes and energy class

First of all, it is necessary decide on the size of the built-in plate. It should not be very small or too big.

  • Electric ovens in the kitchenThe width depends on the model and ranges from 18–190 cm. If you like to cook a lot, then choose a design for 5–6 rings.
  • Depth. This parameter averages about 60 cm. However, there are more compact models designed for small spaces. In general, the depth is 20–100 cm.
  • Height. Most modern models have a height of 85 cm, although there are higher and lower designs.

It's no secret that the electric stove consumes a lot of energy, unlike other household appliances. Accordingly, it is necessary to always pay attention to the energy class, which indicates the efficiency of the plate. It is best to give preference to the model belonging to the class A.

It is important to remember that energy efficiency is affected by the bottom surface. If it is uneven, there may be a significant loss of electricity.


All electric cookers divided into 2 groups depending on the type of management.

  • Mechanical. We are talking about most modern embedded plates. In this case, to set various parameters, you must use the appropriate switch.
  • Electronic. These models are less common and are very expensive. For management, a small display is provided, where the selected modes are displayed, as well as several normal or touch buttons. An insignificant disadvantage of such a plate is the need to study management instructions.

Working surface

We are talking about the surface of the plate on which the burners are located. The choice of this parameter may be complicated due to the variety of options.

  • Which slab to chooseEnameled surface. It differs in reasonable price, a variety of shades and durability. However, in the process of leaving you may encounter difficulties. Moreover, chips and small scratches may appear here.
  • Steel surface. Such plates are very popular. It uses a matte or polished type of metal. Maintenance of the structure is not very difficult, but it will be impossible to maintain cleanliness at all times, because fingerprints will remain on the surface. In addition, you must purchase the appropriate detergents.
  • Glass ceramic surface. These plates attract consumers with their original design. They also differ in strength, smooth surface and ease of assembly. Here, the heat is transmitted instantly and evenly, which means that heating the food will take a minimum of time. The disadvantages of this embedded technology is the high cost and the need to use dishes with a flat bottom. Also, glass ceramics, unlike metal, are more susceptible to various mechanical damages.


When choosing a conventional or built-in electric stove, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the size and design, but also to the burners. it the most important part of the technique.

  • FunctionsCast iron or Rapid. They are considered the most common due to the simplicity and affordable price. Heating is carried out for 40 seconds using nichrome steel.
  • Halogen. A high-temperature spiral is used for heating, and the burner itself is highlighted in a red tint and heats up very quickly. Built-in stove with such rings is very convenient to use, but it is quite expensive.
  • Induction Here an induction coil is used, in which vortex fields are formed. This design is recognized as the most secure, because only the dishes are heated, and the heating is carried out instantly. Choosing such a variety, you need to remember about its high cost.

Naturally, there is another classification of burners.

  • Dual circuit. Thanks to them, you can adjust the heating zone, starting from the size of the bottom of the dish.
  • Express burners are notable for faster heating and considerable power. They are used in cooking, in need of instant heating and processing at high temperature.
  • Fry-top ring. It looks like a flat steel surface 1.5 cm thick. Thanks to this structural feature, the hotplate is ideal for cooking fish, meat and vegetables. This part is installed only on wide embedded plates.
  • Hot plate grill. It has a ribbed surface. The design is quite large, so it is installed only on wide surfaces. A feature of the burner is the possibility of cooking with almost no oil.

Main functions

When choosing an electric stove is familiarize yourself with the feature set.

  • The modern look of electric ovensTimer. This is a very important feature that allows you to track the cooking time. Some timers automatically turn off the stove, while others emit a beep when time elapses.
  • Automatic boiling. Thanks to such a function, it is enough for you to determine the required power level, after which the stove will boil water at the maximum level and then return to the indicated power.
  • Residual heat indicator. With this feature you can understand when the surface temperature has decreased and you can touch it. This makes the cooking process really safe.

Today on sale you can find a large selection of electric stoves. They all differ in their design and functionality. When buying a product you should not pay attention only to the shade. The main thing is that the built-in or regular plate should be easy to use and have a basic set of functions.