Own power stationRecently, the problem of providing electricity becomes really urgent. Scientists around the world are making efforts to solve the problem. Thanks to developments, generators are currently being used that produce enough electrical current for the home. Particularly powerful installations can provide electricity for a large cottage or even an enterprise.


  • 1 Principle of operation
  • 2 Advantages of wind farms
  • 3 Disadvantages of wind power plants
  • 4 The use of wind turbines
  • 5 Varieties of wind power plants
  • 6 Choosing a wind generator
  • 7 Is wind turbine profitable?

Principle of operation

Home windmill characterized by simplicity of design. So, on the metal mast is installed a shank with several blades, during the rotation of which the rotor is turned on, which leads to the development of current. It is fed to batteries that supply housing with electricity in the absence of wind. Pre-current is passed through the converter, which makes it not variable, but constant. Electricity enters the inverter, where the voltage becomes 220 V. Due to the presence of batteries, the windmill feeds the dwelling even in light wind or calm.

The principle of operation of the wind generator corresponds to the principle of operation of the car. The only difference is that in the latter case, the rotor rotates the wheels.

It should be noted that for modern wind generators strong wind is not needed. The work of the windmill was made possible by the presence of appropriate metals. This design provides the house with electricity, even if the wind speed is only 4 m / s.

Advantages of wind farms

Wind power plantWindmills for the house are very popular. The price of such a not too powerful installation is about 2 thousand dollarshowever, you will save on electricity throughout life. Naturally, this is not the only advantage of a wind farm.

  • This design is considered the most environmentally friendly. Accordingly, during its operation, the emission of toxic fumes into the atmosphere is not produced. Moreover, there is no harm to the environment.
  • Home wind generators do not need fuel. To be carried out power generationenough wind gusts.
  • Such power plants are considered durable, since for their production they use only modern materials that do not corrode.
  • We should also mention the ease of installation of the wind generator, because it can be done independently using the appropriate generators and several batteries. It must be remembered that homemade products can work worse than factory power plants. Accordingly, it is very important to choose a generator with certain technical parameters, which can actually provide the house with electricity.
  • Another advantage of wind power plants is high efficiency. Naturally, wind turbines are not eternal engines, but they are close to this concept. So, to obtain current additional costs are not needed.
  • Modern models of wind generators are far superior to their predecessors. When functioning, there is no perceptible vibration or strong noise. Despite the huge scope of the blades, there is practically no fluctuation.
  • When installing a simple wind generator does not need to get the appropriate permission. Naturally, this applies only to household devices, in which the mast is low, and the blade span is medium.

Disadvantages of wind power plants

Disadvantages of the generatorAfter examining the benefits of such devices, many people wonder why power plants are not installed everywhere. Naturally this due to a number of important flaws.

  • The main disadvantage is the lack of a guarantee of generating the necessary amount of electricity to heat a house in the winter. Surely this problem can be solved by installing several wind generators or one really powerful structure, but it will be quite expensive, which in the end turns out to be disadvantageous.
  • Another disadvantage concerns the need for a large area. If we are talking about a cottage, which stands on a plot of 30-50 hectare in size, this is not a problem. Not everyone can put a wind generator on a modest summer cottage. Moreover, it is believed that the structure can be installed at least 20 m from the nearest building. Otherwise, due to the electromagnetic field, home appliances will not work well.
  • The spread of wind turbines is constrained by their price. Such a product of average productivity will cost 5-10 thousand. dollars. The cost of the cheapest species starts at 1-2 thousand. Naturally, a high-quality power station is worth it, which means that such a price should not be embarrassing.

The use of wind turbines

Similar installations differ in their power. Accordingly, they are able to provide electricity to one small house or a whole village. It is worth noting that wind generators are installed not only in order to power the dwelling with energy, but also to save. In other words, people use electricity from a common network and the one that is produced by a wind generator.

If we talk about the installation design, then, according to the safety requirements, a mast-type wind generator is mounted at a decent distance from the dwelling. Today on sale there are mini-generators with low power. Such a structure can be put on the roof of a dwelling.

Varieties of wind power plants

  • Types of wind stationsHome Generators are two-or three-bladed. The number of blades does not directly affect the efficiency or overall quality of the power plant. If the design has a lot of blades, then the generator will spin faster, but as a result, due to the number of revolutions, the blades will become an obstacle to the air flow, which means that they will not accelerate faster.
  • Generators are divided into several types depending on the material of the blades. For some models, this part is quite tough, while others have sailing.
  • There is another classification, according to which electrical installations can be horizontal and vertical. The first option is quite common, although the second is more resistant to negative external factors and corrosion.

Choosing a wind generator

When choosing a similar design is necessary pay attention to 3 important factors:

  • average wind speed;
  • the average level of electricity consumption during the month;
  • peak load.

Experts remind that the higher the mast, the lower the wind speed required to spin the turntable. Accordingly, the price of such a design will be very high.

The optimum height should exceed the tallest building located within a radius of 100 m, approximately 10 m.

You can calculate the average electricity consumption per month. To do this, it is enough to prepare a table, indicating there electrical appliances with their energy intensity and operating time.

Is wind turbine profitable?

Wind generator for homeMany people say that when the average wind speed is 4 m / s, the electricity generated by the wind generator will be quite expensive. To be convinced of this or disprove, it is necessary to calculate the production of equipment for the year and 20 years. It should be borne in mind that the cost of the wind generator is at least 150 thousand rubles. Accordingly, the use of a windmill will be really justified in the absence of grid power. If the dwelling is connected to the network, a powerful power plant should not be installed to save money.

If electricity was not supplied, and the average wind speed exceeds 4–5 m / s, you should think about installing a wind generator. This is especially true when taking into account the constant increase in the price of electricity. If you wish, you can unite with your neighbors and buy a really powerful power station. In this case, the cost of installation will not be too high, and you will really provide housing with electricity.

People from ancient times used wind energy. So today, for the production of electricity, special wind installations are used. Such power plants are particularly effective in areas where strong wind is constantly observed.