Spotlights are very diverse.It may sound strange, but lighting fixtures should not only be used as lighting. Competently chosen and tastefully placed, spotlights on a gypsum ceiling emphasize the style, uniqueness, beauty of any home. Moreover, the light is able to perform the collector function in the room or divides it into certain parts. Even the mood of a person depends on the type of lighting: after all, with this you can create a comfortable or working area.

Recessed spotlights: comfort in use. Dot embedded devices in a modern room have become known recently. In the late 1990s, they gained their popularity when, at that time, a renovation was considered something large-scale, expensive, unusual. In use were only the most unpretentious options for lamps, so-called, fisheye. They used mirrored incandescent bulbs. The colors were basic: white, gold, silver.

In catalogs with images of manufacturers of precision instruments, one can see a huge range that allows consumers to purchase what they like and will be combined with the interior of the house.


  • 1 Types of modern fixtures
  • 2 Features of the installation of spotlights on drywall
    • 2.1 Point devices: how to embed them in drywall?
  • 3 How to make lighting with LED strips?
    • 3.1 Unique LED lighting suspended structure
    • 3.2 How to choose fixtures for drywall products?
    • 3.3 How to choose the right spotlights?

Types of modern fixtures

Everyone knows that there are only a few options for ceilings:

  • Figured spotlights can be an ornament to any room.Plasterboard;
  • Stretch;
  • Suspended;
  • Traditional concrete.

The use of point devices in suspended, plasterboard and concrete ceilings is very common. They mounted without any damage and do not spoil the technical design of the ceiling. It is necessary to focus on stretch ceilings, because they consist of a material that damages the film from heating. Therefore, if you are installing a tensioning structure and you want to install point devices, then Choose LED lamps that do not generate heat at all and are safe for such designs.

Features of the installation of spotlights on drywall

Spotlights often installed on suspended ceilings.Modern lighting allows you to use opportunities in terms of light. You can make the light brighter, brighter, softer, darker or even change the shade. Even a monotonous single-level ceiling can be made so that it was nice to watch, if you correctly approach the installation of devices. So, what are the fixtures for drywall? How to install them correctly?

With regard to the installation of ceiling devices, you need to ask this question even at the stage of mounting the gypsum ceiling: above the frame electrical wiring is installed, supplied to the dislocation zone of each lighting device; holes are made in the drywall to install fixtures. A very painstaking process that requires the smallest care and accuracy. This method of installation of the installation of lighting in principle, but the main disadvantage is the lack of space for wiring. This makes it difficult to repair and rework the lighting system without removing the drywall. That is, if the bulb fails, you will have to first remove the ceiling, get close to the wiring and only then repair something there.

Therefore, if you install fixtures in a plasterboard ceiling, you need to think in advance about the type of lighting.

Rotary lamp - this is an option in which you can adjust the direction of light.If you doubt your choice, you can always ask for help from the designers. They will prompt you exactly the right way to install the lamps in the ceiling and how to do the wiring. As an installation for some types of lighting - installation of LED strips - the drywall should have a multi-level design with open part between levels.

Lighting options for hanging structures: chandeliers and how to install them?

Ceiling fixtures are embedded in drywall or another type of ceiling.The basic method, which used to allow rooms to be light and airy, is considered ceiling lighting. It was made with the help of ceiling products. Choose the right chandelier, which is installed in the middle of the ceiling, often talks about the method of its installation: neat chandeliers are fixed through drywall to special profiles. Fixture to drywall is better to prevent, because even the average volume can not stand and one day fall directly on you.

If you still need to make such fasteners, then it is better to buy a chandelier of the smallest size and weight, and fasteners to carry out the dowel-butterfly, which distributes the weight of the device over a certain area designs.

If the room is quite a lot of space, then the installation of a volume chandelier will do. Fix it to the concrete base.. Gypsum plating is drilled, a blind hole is made in it. Further the anchor is introduced and fixes a long hairpin, and only then the chandelier is fixed with the help of this hairpin.

Point devices: how to embed them in drywall?

Precision fixtures for drywall are so ingrained in every home and loved by users that they are ready to install suspended ceilings. Based on this method of lighting, the light sources are located on the ceiling in different directions. It already depends on the designer’s own ideas. With the help of such devices you can visually divide the area into functional places. - some make light, others - darken. A large number of devices on the design makes lighting flexible. Spotlights can be divided into the following groups:

  1. Crystal are not only traditional chandeliers, but also spotlights.Swivel. A distinctive feature of this type is the ability to change the direction of the light with your own hands, illuminating only those areas that need it.
  2. Pivotal. Such devices are mounted very firmly. You can not turn them.

Choosing bulbs for spot lighting, it is better to use incandescent bulbs, LED, halogen, fluorescent.

How to make lighting with LED strips?

Illumination of the ceiling structure using LED strips is considered to be a very modern solution, which is used by many consumers. You can get the most beautiful, interesting and unusual effects. when using LEDs. LED lighting is used to illuminate suspended structures. They work for a long time and have a lot of color effects. For example, you can make the highlight of the ceiling of the same color, you can make a multi-colored one, you can make the light move in waves on the ceiling. Everything is possible.

Unique LED lighting suspended structure

Spotlights can be very different, it all depends on the designer's imagination.LED lighting, which is used behind the ceiling, makes the glow from the inside. For the visual effect to attract the eye, the distance from the tape must be 14 cm. Then the light will be even. If you place the lamps close to each other, then the light will be spotted. This is not a very pleasant feeling. Monochrome LED ceiling devices built into plasterboard are aimed at highlighting the same color, although you can adjust the level of illumination. The greater the density of LEDs on the tape, the brighter the lighting and more expensive.

To install such a system, you need to buy a transformer. There are also multi-color RGB tapes, with which you can create different multicolour effects. In the controller, you need to put a function, and then the tape will sparkle with the multicolored colors of the world. As you can see, it is very beautiful and intriguing.

How to choose fixtures for drywall products?

Point equipment for plasterboard products are actively used to create the desired degree of illumination and to give the appearance of some zest. Suspended construction conceals the wires that are held to each object of lighting. Due to what you can make in advance the lighting plan, because, as mentioned earlier, all the wires firmly closed in the ceiling. You can purchase overhead or recessed devices for lamps that have different base. With the help of ceiling point devices, you can solve utilitarian tasks in one second. You can also divide the room. You can decorate the room by making accents at the right places.

Drywall is considered a reliable material that allows you to cut the landing hole under the lighting device of the desired size and shape. This gives complete freedom to choose the point devices for drywall.

There are no requirements for lighting fixtures installed on drywall. Lamps can be aluminum or metal. The only condition that is set by the suspended structure when choosing a specific model of the lighting device is proper selection of the height of the ceiling space. with an invisible part of the device. Some devices need to be lowered by 9 cm, while others need only 3 cm so that there is a normal place for wiring behind the ceiling product. Point devices are most used in offices. They are great for office environments where suspended ceiling structures are usually installed.

How to choose the right spotlights?

If you choose a point device, evaluate its appearance. - it's not so bad. It is necessary to understand how the lamp will look at the time of its work. How bright will illuminate the room where the light will be sent, whether it will be diffused. Some lighting devices create light patterns on the ceiling structure. It is extremely important to choose the right lamp, if you already know the style of your room.

  • For spotlights apply a variety of accessories.Classic interior involves the use of precision instruments. You need to choose a calm, strict lamps, something like bronze. You can buy lamps with patterns. Another option for lighting in classic style are crystal lamps.
  • If your room can withstand the style of country, romance, Provence, then it is better to buy point instruments oval-shaped golden color. Such lamps can be embedded or purchased overhead.
  • If your interior is in a minimalist style, it is better to buy appliances round or square. You can also use LED strips to create carefully thought-out lighting from all angles. Advantages of the interior will immediately be evident.

In the building stores, in the markets, exhibitions there is a huge range of embedded spotlights for plasterboard ceilings that are sure to give you the opportunity to dream and create beautiful interiors.