Electric water heatersIn order to smoothly provide your home with hot water, it is often a question of buying electric water heater. As there are many different designs and models on the modern market that can confuse even specialists, we will consider their designs in more detail.

Among them stands out and draws the attention of the incomprehensible name of water heaters with a dry heater. What is it, and what are their advantages over other water heaters, let's try to figure it out.


  • 1 Distinctive qualities of water heaters
  • 2 The design of dry PETN and what determines the power
  • 3 Advantages of a water heater with a dry heater
  • 4 Electric water heaters
  • 5 What determines the volume of the tank
  • 6 Types of installation of a water-heating boiler
  • 7 Service of a boiler with a dry teng
  • 8 Water tank cover

Distinctive qualities of water heaters

Most water heaters, including storage ones, are currently equipped with immersion heating elements. This suggests that the ten works on the boiler system, heats the water in which it is immersed. The most terrible consequence that the breakdown of such a heating element can face is the shock of a person who is using it at that moment. After all, everyone knows that the aquatic environment is a good conductor of current.

Also in the submersible tene from the interaction with hard water on its surface is formed scum. The larger it is, the worse the heat exchange process takes place. A large layer of scale also delays the process of heating water by itself, increasing the heating time, causing additional power consumption, which is very undesirable and wasteful.

Immersion heaters are at risk of burning if the water heater is accidentally turned on, and water will not be collected in sufficient quantity so that the water heating element is completely immersed

The design of dry PETN and what determines the power

Dry teng is also called closed, because it does not have access to water, which it heats, like in the case of submersible elements. Dry heat electric heater is not a very complex structure. On the block of ceramics spiral woundmade of nichrome alloy.

This design is placed in flasks of two types of metal or ceramic, which is hermetically sealed. This tightness and provides all the benefits from the use of manufacturers of dry PETN.

In order for the water heater to give as much recoil as possible, there are models equipped with two dry heaters. This immediately increases the productivity of equipment by half. And in the event of a breakdown of one heating element, the equipment itself continues to operate, albeit with less power.

Advantages of a water heater with a dry heater

Pluses water heaterTeng itself is in the flask and does not directly contact with water. So the designers closed a lot of questions that arise when an element is submerged in water.

  • Teng is unable to damage the health of the consumer in case of breakage.
  • Tan is not scaled, saving time and money for heating water.
  • In case of failure of the heating element, it is easy to replace.
  • The efficiency of the heater will not affect the inclusion of the water heater without filling it with water.

Electric water heaters

Water heaters are divided into two types, it is flow and accumulative. Flowing heat water in the process of passing water through the boiler. They are small in size, so there is always a place for them to install. But such water heating with powerful heaters requires a large supply of electricity, so the wiring must be in good condition to withstand this process.

Storage boilers heat the water that has already accumulated in them and they, as a rule, should be impressive in size to ensure that all family members can use hot water.

In most cases, it is cumulative boilers equipped with such currently relevant dry fuel heaters, which allow to save at all stages of its use and not to pay attention to the quality of water.

What determines the volume of the tank

What is the volume of the tankTo choose the right amount of electric storage tank, you need to know how many people will use hot water from it. Tank volumes start with fifteen liters and increase to two hundred liters. A family of four must rely on an electrical storage tank of eighty to one hundred twenty liters per family. If the area where the water heater is to be installed does not limit the dimensions of the structure, then you need to take the maximum tank size. This is due to the fact that manufacturers made such models economically most profitable.

The heating process of the storage tank with dry ten is constructed in such a way that the electricity is activated as little as possible. Having warmed up water once in a large volume, the boiler does not need to re-turn on electricity for reheating, as is the case with tanks with a small volume.

Types of installation of a water-heating boiler

If all the questions on the choice of water heater with a dry heater are already passed and the best option has been found, then now you should pay attention to the installation of the device. This electric water heater can be mounted both horizontally and vertically. It can also be mounted and stationary, so there is plenty to choose from.

Service of a boiler with a dry teng

Another advantage of a closed heating element in an electric water heater will be its easy maintenance. Routine inspection of this equipment must be performed twice as rare as tanks with submersible elements.

If a failure of the heating element is detected, then in this construction, to replace it, it is not necessary to drain the water. The damaged element itself can be removed and replaced through a special hole called “flange”.

Water tank cover

What is the coating of the tankAn important role in choosing the ideal electric water heater will be played by the coating of the tank and the thickness of the sheet from which the tank is made. The thicker the sheet, the longer the construction will serve. Internal coating It is customary to do in two versions.

  • The enameled sheeting.
  • Stainless steel.

Manufacturers use both enamel and more quality material is stainless steel. But for the stainless steel and will have to pay more, since such coverage increases the cost of the boiler.

The electric accumulative boiler equipped with a dry ten, at the moment - the most economic device. All its advantages over other models of electric water heaters are obvious and designed for a wide audience of consumers. Although he at first glance and it seems more expensive analogs with submersible heating elements, when calculating the cost of electricity, maintenance and service life, the purchase of an electric storage tank with a dry heating element will be more profitable.