LED bath lightingWhen choosing a luminaire in a bath or sauna, it should be understood that for a steam room it is not only a source of illumination, but also a way to create a relaxing atmosphere typical of this room. Therefore, when buying conventional or LED lights in a sauna or bath, you need to pay attention not only to their technical characteristics, but also to the appearance, but also to the brightness of the stream of light. Remember that too bright light will not allow you to relax properly, and too darkened can cause trouble. Ideally, the device should give a warm light with a slight yellow tint.

Today we will tell about LED and not only lamps for baths and saunas, about the features of the placement, you will also learn how to make Stylish lamp with your own hands and see photos of models of lighting devices for baths.


  • 1 Basic safety requirements
  • 2 Classification of lamps for saunas
    • 2.1 Features of lighting baths and saunas with incandescent lamps
    • 2.2 LED lamps for lighting devices in the bath and sauna
    • 2.3 Description of fiber-optic lighting systems for saunas and baths
  • 3 How to place lights in the bath
    • 3.1 How to install lighting in the steam room
    • 3.2 Installation of fixtures in the car wash
  • 4 How to make a lamp for a bath with your own hands

Basic safety requirements

To ensure their safety during the reception of saunas and baths, as well as to protect others, lamps in the bath and sauna should be reliably protected from moistureFor this they are equipped with shades and made of stainless material. Of course, in terms of aesthetics, it will not look very nice, but you will be calm in terms of security. As a decor, you can use wooden gratings for lamps. The main characteristics that should have any lighting device, both LED and ordinary, used in the bath or sauna, such as:

  • high quality products;
  • resistance to high temperatures over 100-120 degrees;
  • resistance to high humidity.

Installed in the baths and saunas lighting devices, as a rule, under the ceiling, so remember that the higher the temperature they can withstand, the better.

Classification of lamps for saunas

For baths and saunas are suitable tWhat types of lamps:

  • devices equipped with incandescent lamps;
  • LED lights;
  • fiber optic lighting systems.

Now let's look at each of these types in more detail.

Features of lighting baths and saunas with incandescent lamps

Remember that in such luminaires the housing should carry well Property fixtureshigh temperature loads and high levels of humidity. To protect the lamp itself from moisture, you can use seals with which you need to seal the space between the canopy and the instrument housing. When choosing a light fixture in a bath or sauna operating on an incandescent lamp, remember that it must have at least IP56 safety class.

For baths and saunas, incandescent bulbs of no more than 60 W should be used, and lamps with higher power heat up strongly and present a danger. Consider that in the sauna and the bath wooden walls are so well heated from the stove, and too hot a lamp can cause a fire.

LED lamps for lighting devices in the bath and sauna

LED lamp in the steam roomUnlike conventional lamps, LED differ by these advantages:

  • reliability;
  • security;
  • also LED lamps are more economical;
  • resistant to moisture.

Some LED bulbs will be safe even in case of water. However, LED lights have a disadvantage - it is too bright light. But if you install LED devices correctly and correctly pick them up, but nothing terrible in such brightness will not.

Some models of LED lighting can change the brightness of the stream of light and even its shade and equipped with a special remote control. This will make the reception of the sauna or bath even more memorable. In addition, you can set the effect of the starry sky and other color effects.

Another disadvantage of LED lamps - is quite a high cost.

Description of fiber-optic lighting systems for saunas and baths

Fiber optic lighting systems perfectly safe regardless of the application environment. Their peculiarity is that the optical fiber is capable of conducting only waves of light, and not an electrician. Thanks to these characteristics, they can be installed anywhere, for example, at the bottom of the pool in the sauna, and thereby create an unusual light effect during bathing.

The key characteristics of fiber optic systems are:

  • ability to withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees;
  • unsharp light that allows to relax as much as possible;
  • profitability;
  • durability;
  • ease of installation.

If you choose between the classic lighting, LED and fiber optic, then the last option will be the most ideal, the first - the most economical.

How to place lights in the bath

Once you have decided on the type of fixture, you need to install it. In each of the rooms of the sauna or bath installation must be done differently. Let's find out exactly how.

How to install lighting in the steam room

Light in the steam roomThe most important rule when installing lighting in the sauna room is not to put the lighting device in not laid together, that is, near the stove, regardless of heat resistance and ability to withstand high temperature

In other places you can put lamps, it all depends on your imagination. The most optimal option is the lamps above the ceiling, but they should be installed in such a way that none of the people sitting on the shelves of the bath and sauna hit their heads.

Sometimes lamps put in the corner, because they are rarely used, this place is also suitable. You can also put a horizontal device at the junction of the ceiling and the wall. You can also make a corner decorative screen and stick LED strip on a non-flammable base.

Appliances equipped with a ceramic base are suitable for the Finnish sauna, while others can quickly break them down. But for a classic Russian bath, you can take any device made of heat-resistant material, and the base should be sufficient for use in high humidity, best of all, when it is made of the following materials:

  • stainless steel;
  • aluminum;
  • heat-resistant plastic.

Installation of fixtures in the car wash

In this part of the sauna and bath is not as hot as in the steam room, but there is a sufficiently high level of humidity, which in combination with electrical appliances can be dangerous. Therefore, choose appliances of the same protection class as for the bathroom. Washing room divided into three zones on the use of lamps of different protection class:

  • The first zone is the close proximity to the water source, so water can reach the device in unlimited quantities. The devices must have a power of 12 V and a protection class of at least fifth;
  • the second zone - 60 cm from a water source, the class of protection of the device - from 4 and above;
  • the third zone is relatively dry. Required class - 1 and above.

Some saunas and baths are equipped with facilities such as a lounge. Sometimes the humidity level rises here, so the lighting devices that you put here should have at least the minimum class of protection from moisture.

Now let's find out what should be the light itself in this or that room baths or saunas:

  • in the steam room, the light must be diffused; LEDs will do for this and led strip diffused light. The devices themselves should be placed on the ceiling, on the backside and lower shelves;
  • in the wash light should be quite pronounced, but not harsh;
  • it is advisable to install devices with different light intensity and directivity in the rest room and place them on the principle of zoning.

How to make a lamp for a bath with your own hands

How to install lights in the bathProbably everyone wants every thing in the interior of a sauna or a bath to be unique and exclusive. Of course, it is possible to find something original and unique on sale, but such pleasure will be very expensive.

Therefore, if you dream of an exclusive model of a bath lamp, but are not ready to lay out huge money for it, make it with your own hands.

The work will require the following materials:

  • wood remaining from the interior of the bath;
  • glass;
  • plywood;
  • PET film with a temperature range of at least 120 degrees;
  • LEDs;
  • insulating material Getinaks;
  • aluminum tape;
  • construction adhesive;
  • Super glue.

Now we get to work:

  • Bath accessoriesmake templates of parts of fiberboard, for them, make frame parts of wood, from it make vertical strips with rounded edges of different sizes. In one of the rails make a groove under the glass;
  • fasten the parts with the strips, and treat the joints with mounting glue, then tighten them with 70 mm self-tapping screws;
  • To stop the glass, attach the special strips, and cut the glass and wrap it in PET film;
  • cut and try on slats, thread them with mounting glue and pull off with self-tapping screws;
  • take one rail and mark on it the place of drilling the hole, with the help of two rails the glass will be fixed. External vertical slats are fixed with screws from the inside;
  • print a 3 x 3 cm spreadsheet on a sheet of paper and paste it onto a Getinax sheet, then Drill the intersection of the lines, and the diameter of the holes should correspond to the diameter of the LED - about 5 mm. Then with a big drill make recesses of the conical shape for the directivity of the light of the LEDs. Wash the paper with water;
  • From the back of the panel, glue the LEDs with superglue. A total of 80, they are soldered on 4 pieces. You should end up with 20 LEDs of 4 at one point per 12 volts. Take aluminum tape as a reflector;
  • set Power Supply similar to the halogen lamp unit and place it outside the steam room, passing the cable to the device through the wall;
  • attach all the slats to the frame with self-tapping screws, and wrap the PET itself with a film and fasten it.

If you make lighting for a sauna or a bath yourself it will be difficult, choose products of famous brandsproven positive on the market. For example, manufacturers of heat-resistant lamps from Finland Tylo and Harvia guarantee excellent quality. They are expensive, but it will be the best solution for a steam room.

But for other bath rooms, you can choose lamps more modest in terms of cost and performance. There are many companies that offer good products at affordable prices, many of them are domestic manufacturers. But when choosing, focus primarily not on the brand, but on the product specifications. So you can choose the best lighting for your sauna.

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