Instrumentation sensors help determine the technical parameters of the production processAny modern enterprise engaged in production activities must use certain instruments and sensors. Ordinary citizens also need them, because they can be used to control the flow of water, heat and electricity. In this case, there are specialists who are engaged in ensuring the normal operation of all these devices.


  • 1 Definition of instrumentation and automation
    • 1.1 What is instrumentation and automation?
    • 1.2 Types of instrumentation and automation
  • 2 What does the instrumentation mechanic do?
  • 3 Where do device experts come from
  • 4 What can the instrumentation department
  • 5 Who is the main specialist in the department

Definition of instrumentation and automation

The main purpose of instrumentation and automation, which include special measuring devices and automation, is to determine the exact physical quantities. With the help of these devices, you can get an idea of ​​the current water consumption, determine how effectively this equipment functions, etc.

What is instrumentation and automation?

A field engineer is a highly qualified specialist.The decoding of this term is quite simple and consists of the following: Instrumentation and automation is nothing more than instrumentation and automation. In turn the department of instrumentation and automation should be understood as a special servicewhich is responsible for ensuring the operability of the system of various sensors and instruments throughout the enterprise. Specialists of this department monitor the condition of a large number of various instruments, which include automatic valves, flow meters, etc.

Types of instrumentation and automation

The basis of the instrumentation is formed by a wide variety of instruments and devices, often used in various fields. it can be both home appliances, and mechanisms that are common in the construction industryheavy industry. Moreover, within each direction, separate subgroups of measuring devices are distinguished.

Electric meters, ammeters and voltmeters have become widespread for monitoring power consumption. These devices are of different types, which affects on what objects they are used: in the residential, industrial sector or in the public utilities. Most often, the installation of these devices are specialists. For this reason, these Instrumentation must have exceptional characteristics. in terms of quality, accuracy of measurements.

A special group of instrumentation is formed by instruments used to measure pressure. These should be considered as various models of pressure gauges, vacuum gauges, pressure gauges, etc. These devices have become widespread in various fields, such as industry, boiler systems, and refining.

Mention should also be made of measuring devices, by means of which they measure the volume of solids and liquids. Besides them there are other instrumentation subgroups, which include devices used to determine the switching costs, protection devices, etc.

Although these devices exist quite a lot, most often use thermostats, auto drives, as well as frequency converters.

In the production of actively used electroautomatics.As already mentioned, the main the purpose of instrumentation and automation is to measure certain quantities. These data are obtained, focusing on the scale and pointer. They can be classified into two types: one-sided and two-sided. For one-sided instruments, the location of the scale is such that its values ​​begin on the left side, and the data obtained is limited to one direction. As for bilateral devices, there is a place strictly for the center for the zero mark. The values ​​of the measurements can be located on the right or left side relative to the central axis.

What does the instrumentation mechanic do?

The main duties of a Kipovtz specialist are related to the repair of various electronic metering and control devices. These employees must also be electricians, as they have to apply the laws of physics in practice. After all, often to help start production in the state only engineer of instrumentation and automation.

Where do device experts come from

The staff of the I & C department is formed only of those specialists who not only have specialized education, but also have experience. Such an employee can easily read the instrumentation data of any enterprise and get an idea of ​​the nature of the use of electricity. But when one device fails, it leads to serious problems, including the temporary cessation of activity of the entire enterprise.

If a young man chose the direction associated with instrumentation and automation when he entered college, then after graduation he has the opportunity to find work in any of the industries. Today, automated systems can be found in railway facilities, oil refineries, heavy machinery, as well as those that produce food.

The professionalism of the instrumentation and control department often decides How long will it take for the enterprise to recover after an emergency?. These workers monitor the condition of pumps, conveyors, electric motors, ensuring their smooth operation.

What can the instrumentation department

Employees of the service of instrumentation and automation equipment are designed to introduce modern technologies in the enterprise. They can easily understand the various complex circuits, troubleshoot any system. The basis of their work is the implementation of operations that relate to the following areas:

  • Automation of electric drives;
  • Creation of software ACS for employees working with systems;
  • Automation technology.

The I & C service is obliged to carry out maintenance and monitor the operation of control devices and systems. All specialists know the functioning of the devices under their jurisdiction. Besides it’s easy for them to restore any sensor and gauge.

Who is the main specialist in the department

For any enterprise it is very important that the department that responsible for debugging, tuning and launching control and control systems, represented by a specialist with extensive experience. In order to effectively cope with the responsibilities of an instrumentation engineer, a specialist is required to know the main principles of cybernetics and computer technology, be able to apply methods and controls, have a clear understanding of the functional and production divisions.

This specialist is required to perform the following functions:

  • Development and use of ACS for computer equipment, carried out with the help of high-tech means of communication and communications.
  • Collection of necessary information, on the basis of which will be created working and technical projects.
  • Task definition for workers of service of instrumentation and automated control systems, an explanation of all the nuances specified in the job descriptions;
  • Creation of technological schemesdetermining the work of the automated control system, in accordance with the requirements of the organizational and technical support of all subsystems.
  • Development of technical documentation, instructions and manuals, which set out the points relating to work with management information systems.

In the process of repair used measuring devices.For any company it is very important to have automatic measuring devices that will take over some of the work. And the instrumentation and control services do an excellent job with their functions, as their staff consists of qualified specialists who are able to maintain the long-term uninterrupted operation of key systems enterprises.