Customer ReviewsHousewives who want to buy a new fridge, in our time is not easy. Modern markets offer equipment of different models and brands from manufacturers in different countries. These can be single or double-chamber units, large or small, with antibacterial protection, rapid freezing and a zone of freshness. In addition, two refrigerators from different companies may have approximately the same functions, but a big difference in price. Therefore, those who have not yet made their choice are interested in the logical question - which brand of refrigerator is better to choose and which company?


  • 1 Refrigerator Constructions and Materials
    • 1.1 What are refrigerators made of?
    • 1.2 Choosing a refrigerator by the number of chambers
    • 1.3 What to choose: freestanding or built-in refrigerator?
    • 1.4 Choice of management
  • 2 Which firm fridge is better?
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Refrigerator Constructions and Materials

Modern refrigerators can be made of various materials and have the most diverse design.

What are refrigerators made of?

Which firm fridge is betterMost often, household appliances are produced from carbon steel polymer coated. This is a relatively cheap material that does not require special care. As it gets dirty, it is enough to simply wipe the fridge with a rag. The disadvantage of this material is that scratches easily form on it.

Technique from expensive of stainless steel produce reputable European elite firms Electric, Amana, Bosh and others. Such material serves for a long time and does not leave scratches on it. However, the surface technology, made of stainless steel, requires special care. About once every three months, it should be washed with special products. And besides, fingerprints are clearly visible on the surface of this material, so it requires frequent rubbing.

Plastic in refrigerators it is used as a material for shelves. When choosing a technique you need to pay attention to the marking, which indicates certification. On the shelves should be indicated: PS, PP, ABS or GPPS.

Choosing a refrigerator by the number of chambers

The choice of the refrigerator on the material of manufactureIn the shops you can see the units with one, two or three cameras.

  1. Single chamber refrigerators are equipped with a small freezer and a large refrigerator compartment. This type of technology can be suitable for giving or for a small family.

  2. Two-compartment aggregates are the most popular. Their refrigerating and freezing chambers are located separately from each other. The freezer can be built in both above and below. If the refrigerator is high, it will be more convenient to use the freezer located below. The number of boxes in it most often from two to four. Therefore, it is very convenient to store various products in such a freezer.

  3. AT three-chamber the equipment has an additional zero zone, where products are not frozen, but are very well stored.

What to choose: freestanding or built-in refrigerator?

In the market of home appliances, built-in refrigerators, which are easy to hide, are becoming more and more popular without spoiling the interior of the room.

Choice of the refrigerator according to the control systemAdvantages of embedded technology:

  1. Space saving. Such a unit will be a good choice for small kitchens. It can be combined with a kitchen table or a washing machine.
  2. The low noise level of the equipment is created due to its walls, which serve as sound insulation.
  3. Ergonomic.

Choosing the built-in equipment, the most important thing is to choose the right dimensions and take into account all the rules of operation.

Free-standing refrigerators benefit from the following parameters:

  • the unit can be moved to any convenient place at the moment;
  • equipment can choose any model, colors, with or without integrated electronic panel;
  • the cost of separate refrigerators, compared with built-in, is much less.

Choice of management

We determine the criteria for choosing refrigerators: functional, design, newModern technology can be controlled with electromechanical or electronic devices.

The simplest is electromechanical controlwhich consists of an ordinary thermostat. With it, manually set the temperature, which is currently required for storage of products. Such control is very reliable and protected from power surges. The only drawback of the semi-automatic is that with its help it is impossible to set the exact temperature.

Via electronic control You can set a more accurate temperature and adjust the humidity. When the doors of equipment are open or when the temperature rises, an alarm is triggered

All control in these refrigerators is on the built-in panel on its doors. On this panel there are control buttons and a dial that shows the operating temperature.

Since the electronic control is characterized by the complexity of the design, which consists of various touch buttons and LEDs, there are special requirements for the equipment equipped with it. So, for example, voltage drops can lead to its breakdown and rather expensive repairs.

Which firm fridge is better?

Having decided on the necessary size and design of equipment, it remains to choose only the brand of the unit and its manufacturer.

Among the units economy class there are several manufacturers that produce high-quality but inexpensive refrigerators:

  1. Choosing a refrigerator by the number of chambersManufacturing firm Stinol produces reliable and silent units of different colors. At the height and level of warranty service.

  2. Belarusian Atlanta reliable and inexpensive.

  3. Turkish company Eyelid produces high-quality and silent technology with an expanded set of functions. Every year the network of their warranty workshops is becoming wider.

The brand aggregates have long been known on the Russian market. Saratov, Biryusa, Norddeserved good reviews from buyers.

In the middle price segment, the most popular are:

  1. Refrigerator production materialsFirm Samsung. Her technique is of high quality, ergonomic and thoughtful design. Numerous service centers of the company are distinguished by good service and timely repair work.

  2. South korean LG They are famous for high reliability. However, not very good reviews about the service of this company.

  3. Firm Indezit produces reliable products that are trusted by customers. The only drawback of this brand of refrigerators is the meager variety of design solutions.

  4. Aggregates AEG - the optimal combination of price and product quality. But the warranty workshops at this company is not very much, especially in the periphery.

Equipment premium class produced by very famous brands that have been on the market for more than a dozen years. Buying a refrigerator of this company, you can be confident in its quality. However, the price is quite high. Among the companies producing units of this class include:

  1. Refrigerator designsLiebherr - German company whose products are famous for their reliability and long warranty.

  2. BOSCN - German company well known to consumers, producing high-quality equipment with excellent design. However, the high cost of refrigerators of this brand is due to the greater fame of the company.

  3. SHARP - Japanese company, which is famous for high-quality products with a variety of design solutions. This technique has various colors, texture and is equipped with a large set of additional functions.

Satisfied consumers and units of the Swedish brand ZANUSSI, although the price of these refrigerators could be lower. Not forest reviews leave buyers about not very reliable and noisy technology company ELECTROLUX.

When choosing a brand-name refrigerator you need to remember that even it can break. Therefore, before buying, you should ask about the availability of warranty workshops in your area.

Customer Reviews

My review will be about the BOCSH refrigerator, which was bought just over a year ago. Its freezer has three large drawers and a volume of 94 liters. The boxes are made of durable plastic. In the door there is a tray for eggs and shelves that can be removed and washed. Refrigerator with a capacity of 221 liters. Touch control, if the door is kept open for a long time, then a nasty squeak begins. It freezes the refrigerator perfectly, so I don’t expose the high temperature. In principle, I am very pleased with it, but there is one drawback - it dries the products very much. Therefore, everything must be kept under closed lids.

Isolde, Moscow

My husband and I bought an elegant and high two-chamber refrigerator Electrolux. It is very roomy and has a freshness zone. The 92-liter freezer is equipped with three plastic drawers. Glass shelves can be adjusted. In addition, there is a bottle rack and two separate containers for vegetables. For me, their presence was very important, since in winter, when there are no fresh vegetables and fruits, instead of one container, you can put preservation. The refrigerator has a combined defrosting system, which I like very much, as the products do not deflate and do not need to defrost anything. But there is a drawback - the lack of an audible alarm open the door, which was announced.

Julia, St. Petersburg

The Beko refrigerator was bought two years ago, and now the refrigerator stopped working. We called their service center, where we were told that the master would call back in three days. I've been waiting for a call for a week now. Service center is one big disadvantage of this company!

Mikhail Savitsky, Nizhny Novgorod

We have two years Samsung refrigerator. There are no complaints about his work, but the volume is small. Although the purchase seemed to be more. Of the shortcomings - the doors are made of very thin material. Even after a small finger press, a dent remains, which is very visible on the silver model. Align it is impossible.

Ivan Mikhailov, Norilsk

Three months ago, we needed a new fridge. We wanted a two-chamber, so that in both cameras it was with No Frost and cost up to twenty thousand rubles. We were looking for a long time for shopping and on the Internet, and finally found the Indezit with the lower refrigerator compartment. It was cheap, because there was some kind of advertising campaign. The design of our purchase is calm, so it blends seamlessly into our interior. Control of the refrigerator mechanical. It is not fashionable, but very reliable and subject to repair. I also like the fact that when turning off the power supply, the products are guaranteed to last for thirteen hours. Compared to the sophisticated expensive counterparts, the fridge is noisy, but maybe this is because we didn't set it up according to the instructions.

Irina, Rostov-on-Don