Self-made welding semiautomatic devicesA person who has certain knowledge and experience in the field of electronics is quite capable of coping with such a task as making a welding machine with his own hands or repairing it. It is enough to prepare a specific set of elements and accessories. If we compare the inverter semi-automatic with similar welding equipment, the first stand out, above all, a lighter weight, so that there are no particular difficulties in working with them. In addition, there is no need to resort to special devices to move them to another place.


  • 1 The device homemade welding machine
    • 1.1 Semiautomatic device
  • 2 Features of welding semi-automatic
    • 2.1 Materials
  • 3 Features of the preparation of the transformer
  • 4 Housing selection, coil alignment and mounting
  • 5 Device wire feed speed
  • 6 Conclusion

The device homemade welding machine

How does the welding machineBriefly describe the operation of the inverter apparatus, the essence of it is as follows: after entering the rectifier a pulsating voltage occurs, due to which the filter is smoothed, as a result, a constant current is created at the output quantities. Transistors allow you to create from a DC alternating current having

frequency indicator from 20 Hz and above.

Due to the drop in voltage, its function may be in the range of 70-90 V, while the current exhibited by the current can reach 200 A.

Such features allow homemade welding machine to demonstrate similar qualities as most of the equipment.

However, in the repair of these devices, there may be certain difficulties, given the presence in the system of complex electrical circuits.

Remembering that the inverter is working by changing the alternating current instead of using EMF frequency converterThis provides the device with small dimensions and light weight.

However, for the repair of such equipment, the owner must have certain knowledge in electrical engineering.

Semiautomatic device

According to the scheme, the mass of conventional electric welding equipment, which provides a current of 160 A, makes no more than 19 kg. Against it, an inverter with similar technical characteristics weighs 2 times less, and its current strength can reach 250 A.

In addition, each of these devices for welding can be made by hand. According to the scheme in the equipment of the welding inverter semiautomatic device, not only the power source is presented, but also a number of other mandatory elements:

  • burner;
  • wire feed device;
  • flexible hose through which the wire and gas under pressure.

Features of welding semi-automatic

Making an inverter-type semi-automatic device is rather difficult to implement, since the owner will be required to create wire feeder.


Features homemade manufacturing welding machineIf the owner is determined to achieve his goal, then in addition to the scheme, it is necessary to prepare tools and materials, the full list of which includes the following:

  • transformer providing current from 150 A;
  • wire feed mechanism;
  • flexible hose through which gas is supplied;
  • wire spool;
  • control device.

Feed mechanism It is a very important component of welding equipment, since it is thanks to him that the wire will be supplied to the welding zone with a sleeve.

Particularly noteworthy is the wire feed speed for welding, which should be supplied at the same pace as the consumables melting process. It is the wire feed speed that largely influences how well the joint will be created. For this reason, it is desirable to include a device such as a speed controller in the system for welding. Thanks to him, it will be possible to weld from any wire, regardless of the material of manufacture and diameter.

Most often, wire with a diameter of 0.8 to 1.6 mm is used to create a weld. It should be placed on a reel, after which the inverter is charged for welding. It is desirable to make the electrode wire to the torch in automatic mode. This can speed up the welding process.

The device that controls the operation of the semiautomatic inverter is equipped regulator to stabilize the current. To provide the required amount of current in the system, an electric chip is provided, represented by a microcontroller operating in a pulse-width modulator mode. An important parameter is the duty factor, which affects the voltage generated on the capacitor plates. At the same time, the latter determines the electric force exhibited by the welding arc.

Features of the preparation of the transformer

Welding machine assemblyTo get an idea about the features of the preparation of the transformer for the manufacture of home-made welding semi-automatic It is important to consider the following point: in its performance, this device is no different from that used in a microwave ovens.

In the design of this device there are two reelscontaining insulated copper wire. They perform the role of the primary and secondary windings. It is on this product will be assigned a key role in creating a homemade inverter.

Due to the mismatch of the number of turns of the wire, the first current is fed to the primary bobbin, and then due to effect of induction in the secondary reel there is a decrease in voltage, which leads to an increase in strength current. If it was decided to create an inverter semi-automatic welding machine based on a transformer that was used in a microwave oven, then certain changes will have to be made to its design.

Such a need is due to the fact that the voltage supplied by this device exceeds the required valueat which normal operation of the welding machine will be provided. For this reason, the main task will be to increase the current and simultaneously reduce the voltage characteristic. One important point should be mentioned: an increase in the strength of the current can cause the electrode to ignite and damage metal billet, if the current is too weak, then during welding work it will be impossible to ensure that the seam is sufficient reliability.

At this stage, it is important to perform the correct calculations, otherwise the welding machine created will soon need to be repaired. If you go back to the necessary changes in the design of the system, then this implies the alteration of the secondary winding: first you need remove the old winding, gently screw it with a new one, as which one should use a wire with enamel-based protection. All coils must be placed very tightly, repairs should be carried out as carefully as possible, otherwise there will be a danger damage the primary winding.

On such parameters as the thickness of the wire used and the number of turns you can not stop, because their choice will be determined by the type of transformer being repaired. However, to calculate the optimal performance, you can contact the online calculator. After creating the necessary number of turns, the winding should be protected with a current-insulating substance.

Housing selection, coil alignment and mounting

Before proceeding with the self-assembly of the welding machine, it is necessary to resolve the issue with a suitable housing variant. Alternatively, you can consider the box, having the necessary dimensions of sheet metal or plastic mass. The selected housing will serve as a place where the transformers will be installed, after which it is necessary connect their primary and secondary reels.

  • What to make body welding machineThe connection of the primary windings is carried out according to the parallel circuit, and the secondary - through the serial. An inverter semiautomatic device manufactured with a similar case can receive a current of 60 A, while providing an output voltage of 40 V. Thanks to similar performance characteristics, you can create a comfortable environment for welding at home.
  • The main task of the self-made semi-automatic cooling system is to protect the inverter from overheating during operation. To solve this problem, it is necessary to adhere to the following device layouts: first, in the case, install fans for which areas on both sides of it are located opposite the converters electricity.
  • The problem with the fans is solved by purchasing them in the store or by borrowing from the old computer system unit. Before installation, make sure that they are able to provide air flow to the hood.

For effective removal of heated air and cold air should be provided in the body of the created semi-automatic with your own hands several dozen through holes. You can purchase welding cable holders in a specialty store. Self-made welding machine can not be created without a gas cylinder: it can also be purchased in the store or borrowed from the old fire extinguisher. When the investor is connected to the network, the microcontroller will immediately turn on the work and configure the optimal characteristics for welding. If there is a voltage on the cable that is not 100 V, it can be concluded that the device is faulty. In this case, you will need to diagnose and eliminate the cause.

Device wire feed speed

Refinement welding machineAlthough manufacturers position welding machines as ultra-reliable devices, quite often they fail due to the wire feed regulator, which forces the owner to repair it frequently. If problems arise in the operation of this element, then in the future this may adversely affect the work of the welding machine itself.

With a positive outcome, the owner will only need to spend more time on welding and replace the electronic wire. Considering that at the moment of filing the nozzle of the welding unit the wire is fixed, for repair the owner will have to remove the nozzle and clean the contact area.

If the wire feed control regulator malfunctions, then this leads to the conclusion that the welding wire arrival rate is not optimal.

Failure of a control regulator may be due to faults in its mechanical part. The scheme used in it provides for a pressure roller, which is equipped with a wire pressure level controller, as well as a wire feed roller. The latter is characterized by the presence of two grooves, from which the welding wire comes to a diameter of 1 mm.

After the regulator is a solenoid, the main function of which is to control the gas supply. Considering that the regulator is a rather massive element, and its attachment to the panel of the apparatus provide only a few bolts, it is correct to assume that the feed regulator does not have a reliable support. This feature can lead to skewing of the structure of the semiautomatic device, which can also cause its failure.


Despite the fact that the sale offers a large selection of different welding units, each owner can save money on its acquisitionif decides to make such equipment with their own hands. Such an idea is simple to implement because it is possible to use materials and tools that are not difficult to find. At the same time you should not be afraid that the self-made welding unit will quickly fail. The main thing is to follow the scheme for creating such equipment, and then its work will proceed with optimal performance characteristics, which will allow you to create reliable welding joints.