Trimmer selectionMany gardeners do not know what a trimmer is, but there is still a need to choose a quality tool for gardening. Basically, a trimmer is synonymous with a lawnmower. This is such a long device with which you can mow the grass. The device really has a great length, almost human height.

Trimmer intended for mowing grass. Actually, in the people it is often called the lawn mower. The advantage of a trimmer with proper operation is that the grass is mowed out quite smoothly. As a cutting tool, a fishing line is used, which wraps around the head of the lawn mower with great speed. She can even hurt her leg, so you should be extremely careful.


  • 1 Types of trimmers to give
    • 1.1 Lower Engine Trimmer
    • 1.2 Top Engine Trimmer
  • 2 Trimmer operating rules
  • 3 Choosing a trimmer
    • 3.1 Depending on the size of the territory
    • 3.2 Ideal trimmer power
  • 4 findings

Types of trimmers to give

There are a large number of trimmers designed for grass, having a very different design and which are best suited for different tasks. In this section, we will consider which main types of trimmers exist and for what purposes they are best suited. Based on this information, you can independently answer the question: how

choose trimmer for giving.

Well, let's take a closer look. advantages and disadvantages of different types trimmers to give, and determine their purpose, which they equip manufacturers.

Lower Engine Trimmer

Not very durable type trimmer, which is perfect for performing delicate cosmetic work in hard-to-reach areas of your lawn. For this type of trimmers characteristic operating ruleswhich should be followed to this type of lawn mower does not break ahead of time.

  • Scope of the trimmerNever use this device immediately after rain or when there is dew on the grass. After all, if the engine is at the bottom, then it can easily burn out from contact with water. This is understandable, because any electricity does not like moisture.
  • Trimmers with a lower engine position require even more attention to the observance of use cycles. More about them will be discussed below.

As you can see, the rules are quite simple. Well, if you have only one model of this device, then in this case there may be some difficulties. But the advantage of "low-engine" devices is that they can mow down the most diverse parts of the dacha lawn, even the most difficult to reach.

Top Engine Trimmer

If we take by analogy with the lower type of location, then this type of trimmers can not get access to difficult areas of grass. But at the same time it has another advantage - it can be used even during the rain, at least in the morning when the dew fell. Also for top engine devices characterized by high durability. But this does not exempt from the need to observe the cycles of use, which can be viewed in the instructions or technical data sheet to the device.

What are the disadvantages of a trimmer with a top engine?

  • More weight. In principle, the disadvantage is doubtful, but if you need to mow a large area, it may suddenly be relevant. The hand gets tired in this case, and this is quite unpleasant.
  • Less opportunity to mow. Now it will be more clear. Devices with a top engine location are good when you need to mow in difficult areas (for example, near trees). With regard to this type of trimmers, they can only be used if the area with grass is open. Only in this case can effective work be ensured.

These are the types of devices for mowing grass in the country. Which of the trimmers to choose is up to you. You should think about what goals you are pursuing, and on the basis of these data already build conclusions about how to choose a trimmer. But the choice is only the first step, the second is proper use. In this case, the device will last much longer, and you will be safe.

Trimmer operating rules

If you want the device to serve as long as possible, you should follow operating rules this device. Grass mowers also have such requirements. Well, let's look at them in more detail.

  • How to use a trimmerBe sure to follow the cycles of use as they are indicated in the data sheet. What it is? Use cycles are the sequence of episodes of using the device and its rest. Most often, you can work with the trimmer only twenty minutes, after which the same amount of time should be spent on rest. In this case, not only will you relax, but also the device. If you do not comply with this item, the engine may simply burn out. And this can lead to unnecessary expenses. This is especially true of engines that are located at the bottom of the unit.
  • Be sure to follow the requirements for the operation of your particular device. What is described here are universal rules. But at the same time, a part can be generally irrelevant specifically to your model, but somewhere you need to add. So do not forget to read the instructions for use, which will describe all the points that you should consider.
  • In no case do not remove the protective case with trimmer. Some people do this in the hope that the mowing area will increase. But at the same time, a leg is put at risk, which may be the victim of a suddenly unwound fishing line. Even the most durable pants will not help you in this trouble.
  • Use gloves and safety glasses. This rule is important to use to protect your eyesight from the grass that gets into your eyes. It is also important to bear in mind that the temperature of the flying grass is quite high. Therefore, to avoid discomfort, you should also use gloves.

These are standard rules for operating any trimmer, regardless of its characteristics. And now let's directly choose the trimmer. After all, a type is a type, but it is important to take into account other characteristics that can significantly affect the mowing process grass

Choosing a trimmer

Country special equipmentFrom the very beginning you need to decide on your needs. First, how often will you use this device. If the number is small enough, that is, you plan to use it quite rarely, then in this In this case, you can safely buy a trimmer with a lower engine position because of its greater functionality.

Secondly, you need determine the number of hard to reach places in the country. If there are a lot of them, then in this case you also need to buy a trimmer with a lower engine position. It is also worth determining the budget. Not always a cheap device is good. Perhaps you should choose a bit more expensive, but which one will last longer.

Here we also rely on frequency of use. If you plan to use such a unit often, then you should buy models more expensive. In the same case, if the grass mows only a few times a year, then you need to buy cheaper. But when choosing a trimmer should proceed from the calculation that it should be enough for at least five years.

Depending on the size of the territory

Which trimmer to buyIf the area that is used for mowing the grass is small (only 2-3 weave), then you can do with a small trimmer with a lower engine location. Can choose low power engine - only 200-300 watts. This device should be enough to mow the grass near the house or on a bed.

By the way, if the grass is squinting on a bed, then you should also use trimmers of this type. In this case, the line has a very small cutting diameter, so you can selectively mow the vegetation. This is very necessary if you do not touch the flowers in the flowerbed, but the grass must be perfectly mowed.

Ideal trimmer power

If you need to mow on a large enough area, then you should buy trimmers with not less than 600 watts. By the way, there is an interesting correlation between power and service life. It is also important to ensure that the trimmer is not strongly pressed to the ground, as in this case, even at high power, the head can break, which holds the fishing line and turns around.

In this case, you may need to connect the services of a repairman, which obviously will not be signs of saving the person who turned to them. Well, it will have to do. So if saving is important to you, then you should consider not only the trimmer power, but also follow the rules of operation.


The choice of electric trimmer for giving is a fairly simple process. This relatively short article is enough for you to choose quality goods. If you follow all the tips given here (use in the right weather, wearing goggles, slightly pressing the trimmer to the ground, and so on), it will be much easier for you to save facilities. It is important to remember that any large purchase should be made on the basis that it will be used for many years.