Fanless fanMore recently, no one could have imagined that achievements in science would reach so far the limits of perfection. This is especially true of new products in the field of home appliances. The product range is so large that the consumer does not have to be content with something ordinary. Everyone tries to choose the most modern model of technology, especially if it has an updated design.

The most popular novelty in the modern market of household appliances can be considered a bladeless fan. This invention not only helps to refresh the room, but is also considered an economical type of equipment for the consumption of electricity. What is the principle of operation of such a device?


  • 1 How to create a flawless fan
  • 2 How a fanless fan works
  • 3 Advantages of a Bladeless Fan

How to create a flawless fan

This kind of device, like a flawless fan, was coined by famous English by the scholar james dyson. His goal was to invent such a device that could work without blades and exclude any vibration. In addition, the scientist was able to develop a technology that could increase the blown air up to 15 times. Creating a device without blades went a very difficult way, and the technology was able to be perfect only after a long work of engineers led by Dyson. On the miracle of the invention was spent about 4 years. As a result of developments, innovators still managed to optimize the ventilation ring.

The fan is driven by a simple electric motor, which has a power of 40 watts and is located on the bottom of the device. The engine is equipped with powerful neodymium magnets that prevent the formation of dust. The speed of the air flow is easily adjusted using a rheostatic switch, which is impossible to achieve in conventional blade devices.

Dyson managed to create a safe fan without blades, which was able to supplant conventional fans. After all, this type of device is very convenient and unpretentious to use.

How a fanless fan works

Bladeless Fan DeviceThe flawless device works almost like jet engine. The special turbine which carries out air circulation is also built in it. This element is built into the leg of the fan itself. It ensures silent operation of the device.

On the very leg of the flapless device there are many small holes. They provide not only the cooling of the device, but also filter the air itself. This turbine pump is able to pump up to 20 cubic meters of air per secondthat is virtually impossible for a regular fan.

The air mass passes through the distribution ring and turns into a dense contour with the middle inside. The ring is equipped with an empty cavity, and a gap through which air passes under pressure. The speed of the air coming out of the ring is 90 km / h. At this speed, one stream of air is encountered with another, which creates an element of compensation for air streams. Such a process allows to increase the outgoing air tenfold with its uniform movement.

Advantages of a Bladeless Fan

Bladeless fans, of course, have many advantages over conventional fan models. Their stylish design can serve as decoration for any modern interior both in the house and in the office. Having huge power and high safety, the device without blades also has an acceptable cost compared to even cheap models of air conditioners. In addition, such a device is very refreshing room and almost works without noise, which makes it simply irreplaceable.

Strikes the safety of a flapless device. In such a device there are completely no moving parts in the form of blades, which allows it to be freely used even close to small children. In addition, the device has an amazing power, thanks to which the air is blown out more intensively, and the room is cooled faster. The operation of a fanless fan is easy to regulate using the control panel, which creates even greater comfort.

The fan without blades conveniently rotates in different directions, so the cool spreads throughout the free space. Models of such devices have a powerful platform that ensures their stability. Even the control panel is attached to the body in order to avoid losing it.

In a nutshell, flawless fans have the following advantages over conventional models of such devices:

  • Advantages of a Bladeless Fansufficient power;
  • absolute safety;
  • extraordinary stability;
  • smooth regulation of the speed of air masses;
  • blowing out large amounts of fresh air;
  • remote and manual control;
  • automatic turning in all directions;
  • highly resistant;
  • ease of care and the absence of unnecessary protective elements.

In addition to most advantages, bezlopastnye devices have some, though not very significantlimitations:

  1. The presence of noise and vibration. With silent operation of the turbine, the emission of air flow is accompanied by a strong roar.
  2. High cost in comparison with ordinary bladed fans.

So, fanless fans are notable for their efficiency in work, modern design and practicality. That is why, they are many times superior to traditional models and have already begun to enjoy a certain demand in the market of household appliances.