Which service to callOften, a sudden power outage brings discomfort to all users. Extinguished light can slow down the course of important affairs and events. It is especially unpleasant when the lights are extinguished frequently and without warning. In order to deal with this problem, it is necessary to examine all possible reasons for which the light is turned off, and to find out where to call for help in resolving this issue. The information below will answer the main question of interest: turn off the light - where to call?


  • 1 Technical reasons
  • 2 Economic reasons
  • 3 What to do and where to call if there is no light
    • 3.1 Where to call if the light turned off?

Technical reasons

  1. Planned overhaul or regular minor repairs of the entire electrical equipment of the house or some of its partial objects.
  2. Emergency failure of power supply systems.
  3. The limitation of energy supply can be caused by the fact that the state of electrical equipment of the consumer has an unsatisfactory appearance.

Now for each section in more detail. As for the planned repair, the duration and time of the scheduled power outages during the execution of works

prescribed in the act of electricitywhich is between the tenant and the supplier of last resort. In such power supply contracts, the restriction of the supply of electricity for a period of not more than 3 days a year and not more than 24 hours without a break is mainly indicated.

As for emergency situations, no one is insured against them. The time for elimination of emergency faults is not regulated by law. However, for the smallest occurrence of faulty situations, the electricity supplier is obliged to carry out preventive measures and scheduled repairs on time.

In the case of the unsatisfactory condition of the consumer’s home, emergency percentage and accidents increase dramatically, so the representative of the housing inspection decides to cut off the power supply to the emergency room. After the decision is presented, the representative of the utility provider is obliged to notify the homeowner about the power outage and actually disconnect it.

Economic reasons

  1. The reasons for which there is no light in the houseThe main reason for the blackout is large payment arrears for electricity. For example, if the consumer’s debt is equal to or more than three times the monthly payment.
  2. The second reason for a possible blackout is the use of electricity without an installed counter, because the unauthorized use of energy is considered theft.

Nevertheless, the electricity outage should not occur without prior notice to residents. A warning notice must be provided to the consumer in writing, one month prior to the alleged outage. Exceptions can only be clearly recorded facts of theft of electricity or emergency situationsunder which a corresponding document must be drawn up - an act.

There are other causes of blackouts. For example, if a shutdown occurred in an apartment or a private residential building, then you should pay attention to traffic jams in the meter, perhaps they were knocked out and you just need to screw back the embossed part. If there are no problems with the meter, then most likely it’s time to call an employee of the grid to check the condition of the wiring.

What to do and where to call if there is no light

  1. Where to turn when turning off the lightLook out the window to make sure that the electricity is turned off not only in your apartment or house.
  2. Check electric meter. In the event of a sharp drop in energy, a lamp burning or a blown out of any other electrical equipment, a traffic jam could occur. Also pay attention to the emergency switch, it should be raised up.
  3. Check with friends, did not let anyone of them about the upcoming light.
  4. Call the special services dealing with your questions. Describe the situation in as much detail as possible and ask how soon the problem will be fixed.

Where to call if the light turned off?

  • Make a call to technical service - 01.
  • Dial the number of MES - 112.
  • For residents of Moscow, you can make a call to the Mosenergosbyt OJSC hotline: 8 (495) 981-981-9 or 8 (800) 550-00-55.
  • If you turn off electricity, you can call the emergency dispatch service that serves your home. The number can be found on the receipt for utility services.
  • You can ask the question to the district electricity service, the number can be found in the telephone directory.
  • If the light is turned off throughout the house, then you should call the LCD dispatcher serving your home.
  • If you are a resident of Moscow and your house is left without electricity, then we call the Moscow United Electric Grid Company (MOESK). The phone works around the clock. Tel: 8-800-700-40-70.

No matter how complex and unpredictable the problem of turning off the light, most importantly - do not panic and stock up on additional non-networked lights in advance.