When buying and installing a dishwasher, it is important to learn as much as possible about a particular model, its capabilities and features. It does not hurt to clarify what exactly can not be washed in the dishwasher. Experts are sure that the correct operation will significantly prolong the life of household appliances and improve the quality of its work.


  • 1 What dishes can not be washed in the dishwasher
  • 2 Causes and consequences
  • 3 Basic rules for the operation of the appliance

What dishes can not be washed in the dishwasher

dishes in the dishwasher

For silver, contact with stainless steel products is undesirable.

A good dishwasher gently handles dishes, does not damage it, effectively removing even the most persistent soiling. However, some items cannot be cleaned this way, they will have to be washed by hand. This list includes:

  • dishes from aluminum (pots, ladles, pans, spoons, garlic presses);
  • utensils made of wood (cutting boards, shovels, merry pestles, decorative dishes);
  • disposable plastic tableware (cups, plates, containers, cutlery);
  • fine porcelain dinner sets;
  • cast iron frying pans, roaster, cauldrons;
  • crystal;
  • dishes with vacuum lids (cups, pots, containers);
  • thermoses and thermomugs;
  • copper utensils;
  • kitchen knives.

Before you wash a new dish, you need to carefully read the instructions for it. If there is a clarification regarding the prohibition of the use of dishwasher, it is worth listening to it - in the process of washing the car, most likely, will not suffer, but the new dishes may deteriorate.

Causes and consequences

crystal in the dishwasher

Crystal should be washed in water at a temperature not higher than +50 degrees

The ban on washing this or that dish is associated with the principle of the dishwasher. Objects getting inside are treated with aggressive detergents, hot water and steam. This impact can not withstand the fragile utensils (crystal glasses, porcelain cups, dishes with gold leaf or painted).

Wooden objects also do not always tolerate contact with hot water and steam. Cast iron pans are subject to corrosion, copper is covered with scratches and dull spots, aluminum darkens. Sharply sharpened professional knives are quickly blunted. Wooden utensils should not be in contact with water at all for a long time, while hand washing it is immediately rubbed with a sponge, rinsed and cleaned to dry. Washing for several hours with a long soak softens the fibers of the wood, when drying with hot steam, they shrink dramatically, forming cracks.

Basic rules for the operation of the appliance

clean dishes from the dishwasher

If you need to wash thin tableware from glass, it is better to use a special washing program - delicate mode

In order for the machine to last as long as possible, it is important to follow the rules for loading it.

Bulky items are placed in the lower compartment, turning them upside down. In the upper part place cups, saucers, plates, devices are placed in a special tray.

The mode is selected depending on the degree of contamination of the dishes. To improve the quality of washing will help powders and tablets (one portion per cycle). A prerequisite is the use of a special salt that protects the mechanism from lime deposits.

Proper operation of the machine will help to avoid breakage and costly replacement. Dishes that can not be placed in the dishwasher will have to be washed by hand. The alternative is to buy only those products that are allowed regular machine washing.