Gasoline generator to giveDespite the comfort that is available to every apartment owner, most of us occasionally experience the desire to go on holiday out of town or to the country, where a person has the opportunity to feel oneness with by nature. At the same time, the inability to enjoy the benefits of civilization is strongly felt already on the first day. And it becomes very unpleasant when there is no power supply nearby.

To avoid problems associated with the lack of electricity or its disconnection, it makes sense to take care of the presence of a generator. Today consumer devices are available, running on gasoline, diesel and gas. Although each of them is able to provide electricity to a person, it is still best if the choice is stopped on the first option. At the same time, it is necessary to decide on which model of gasoline generators should be preferred so that it meets the needs as effectively as possible.


  • 1 Is it easy to do without a source of electricity?
  • 2 For tents and cottages
  • 3 How to choose the perfect model?
    • 3.1 Matching electrical wiring
    • 3.2 Cooling
    • 3.3 engine's type
    • 3.4 Noise isolation
    • 3.5 Startup type
    • 3.6 For high power consumers
    • 3.7 What is the brand talking about?
  • 4 Conclusion

Is it easy to do without a source of electricity?

Power tools for home and gardenGoing out of town, each of us must be prepared for unexpected interruptions in electricity supply and sudden surges in the network. For some, this situation is fraught with only minor troubles, when, say, we could not watch your favorite TV show. However, others may find themselves in a very difficult situation if something like this happens to them. This means that because of such events, baby food in the refrigerator may disappear, a person will not be able to cook dinner on the electric stove, perform procedures for a person who is sick.

In winter, this creates a threat that it will be cold in the house for some time because it is impossible to turn on the heating. And there are a lot of such consequences. For this reason you need think about buying a spare source electricity even when the owner of the suburban area will build a country house.

Today, the market offers a variety of options for such devices with a variety of operating parameters. But before making a final decision as to which variant of the generator is better to give preference, you should understand for what purposes you plan to use it. Acting in this way, you will be sure that you will not overpay for such a generator and will be able to create the most comfortable conditions at the cottage.

For tents and cottages

Getting to the choice of the gas generator, you should first consider a characteristic such as power.

  • Generator as a source of energyModels whose power does not exceed 1 kW, will be an excellent choice for hiking, fishing trips. Due to the small size you will not have difficulties with the transportation of this device, for which you can use an ordinary backpack or trolley.
  • Models with a capacity of 2-5 kW will be able to effectively perform the functions assigned to them at the cottage of small sizes.
  • Models with a capacity of 6-10 kW are capable of solving all the tasks that the owner of a medium-sized country house will set for them.
  • Models with a capacity of more than 10 kW, designed for a large load, which allows them to be used as a stationary energy source.

The above parameters allow you to get only a rough idea of ​​the device, which is best suited for questioning. To more accurately calculate this parameter, you should sum up the power of all the devices that you will use at the cottage, and then the resulting value multiply by a factor of 1.2-1.5It is not worth thinking that you are doing wrong if you choose a device with such high power. It should be remembered that during operation, individual devices operate with increased power.

  • Pumps, compressors, transformers, welding machines - during operation, their actual capacity may be 3-4 times higher than the initial one.
  • Drill, jigsaw, TV, fridge, computer - these devices require almost the same power as at the time of launch.
  • Soldering iron, iron, electric stove - when using this technique there are no differences in power.

Keep in mind that for petrol generators power is in kVA. Therefore, in order to obtain a value in kW, it is necessary to multiply the indicated indicator by 0.8.

It will be helpful for you to know that alternators are of different types.

  • Synchronous - their capabilities make it easy to cope with short increased loads.
  • Asynchronous - although they are offered at a lower price, they are not able to cope with sharp jumps. If we talk about their merits, then we should mention the ability to maintain voltage with high accuracy. In other words, these generators are perfect for ensuring the operation of electronic equipment, which is very sensitive to the exhibited voltage.

It is important to remember that equipment can be seriously damaged in the event of a voltage drop. And it can cause minor malfunctions or force the owner to replace key work items. For this reason, generators should be used exclusively in conjunction with a voltage regulator.

How to choose the perfect model?

Although it has not yet been possible to create a generator that does not have flaws, yet each owner is able to select a model that best suits his needs. To do this, pay attention to the following points:

Matching electrical wiring

Gasoline generator for tents and cottagesWhen choosing a gas generator, make sure that there are no discrepancies between the phase of the household appliances and the gasoline generator. If a electrical wiring is single phase, then, respectively, should choose a spare source with a single phase. Keep in mind that when you buy a three-phase device, the load will be distributed in such a way so that phase imbalance does not exceed 20%. As a rule, in such models there is an output for single-phase voltage.

If in the house there is wiring with three phases, and you plan to buy a single-phase apparatus, then the connection of devices of paramount importance should be made to one phase.


A feature of low power generators is air cooling. Their advantage is compactness, so that during transportation there are no problems. Such devices can be used in continuous operation for 8 hours. However, after this time, they must be turned off, because without rest they will not be able to perform their functions effectively either. Although if they are used in the winter, then such advice can be neglected.

If you are interested in a gas generator with water heating, then you should remember that it can only be transported by truck. But, despite a similar minus, during its operation there is no need to arrange technical breaks. You can find similar models among the installations belonging to the category of medium and high power.

engine's type

Electricity sourceOne of the hallmarks of the classification of gasoline generators to give is the type of engine that can be push-pull or four-stroke. The first is often equipped with an aluminum block and has a small capacity. At the same time, its operational life allows using this device for 500 hours. Moreover, during the operation of this installation it is necessary to take breaks quite often, since it can work in continuous mode for no more than 3 hours. Also on the market are models with cast iron cylinder liners, whose operational life is 1500 hours.

Among the advantages that this model has, should be highlighted compact size and the ability to use for frequent trips. This generator will perfectly cope with the role of a reserve source of energy at the dacha in situations where power outages last for a short time. A special feature of the four-stroke V-twin engine is that it is able to work for a very long time and withstand a very significant load.

Among the models of this class, devices that are equipped with an OHV engine have the greatest power. Execution of such a generator provides for the possibility of supplying oil under pressure, an automatic shutdown system, which is triggered in the event of a decrease in the oil level. Also, this model has a significant operational resource, reaching 4000 hours. During operation, the engine creates a small amount of noise and demonstrates high efficiency.

Noise isolation

How to choose a gasoline generatorYou can watch the device during the first launch characteristic noise. Although it does not deliver great inconvenience, provided that you install this device under the window. The presence in the design of a metal casing allows to reduce the noise of the device, but its use will lead to rapid heating of the engine. Because of this, there will be a need to take breaks much more often: every 8 hours, not 3 hours.

Among the advantages of low-speed generators, it should be noted a small level of noise, high operating life, equal to 500 hours. They have only one minus - a higher price. If the consumer needs a model that can work longer, then it makes sense to consider the option of buying a high-speed station.

Startup type

This indicator can be perceived differently. If the weather is fine, the owner is able to run a small generator without extras. The greatest difficulties will arise when he arrives at the dacha on one of the frosty winter days. To simplify the work, high-power generators are equipped with a special key, without which the user would have to spend a lot of time and effort to start the installation.

For high power consumers

The choice of a gasoline generator should be made taking into account electrical appliances, which the owner plans to use to solve certain problems during his stay at the cottage. If, as a result of calculations, it became clear that the power of the device should be from 20 kW and above, then it is best to buy diesel plants. Despite their higher price, these generators demonstrate high reliability and efficiency in work.

Moreover, the choice of a diesel generator is done in a similar way. The fact is that their parameters are completely similar to petrol models. Although it should be remembered that individual owners will consider devices that are not only very powerful, but also run on more affordable fuel.

What is the brand talking about?

Which generator is betterConsidering the generators of different manufacturers, first of all you need to take into account such factors as the availability of spare parts and availability of service. It is on their basis and should choose the device. It is also important to find out if the representative has a certificate. No less important is the parameter such as the warranty period. Most often, manufacturers give 5 year warranty.

Do not think that buying foreign-made generators, you can not go wrong. It should be remembered that these devices will operate on Russian fuel, which has a different quality level than the purchased device is designed for. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that the gasoline generator will work less than the period that was promised by the manufacturer. Although in some cases an exception is possible.


Of course, the key parameters when choosing a gasoline generator to give should be the tasks that the owner plans to solve with the help of such an installation. Therefore, it is necessary to proceed to the selection, performing preliminary calculations at optimum power. Taking the final decision in favor of a particular model, you should not rely on the brand, since the conditions of use of the purchased gasoline generator will differ from the actual ones. Therefore, you should always make a discount on a similar difference.

However, in case of malfunctions, you should find out in advance if there is a possibility of service maintenance for the generator you are interested in. Considering all these points, then even in the event of force majeure, you will be able to recover the generator in a short time and continue to use it to solve your problems.